24 People Spill What They Love In Bed But Are Too Embarrassed To Tell Their Partner

Sharing your desired fantasies in bed can be embarrassing. What if your partner freaks out? Or runs away and never to be seen again? These could be just some of the possible reactions from your partner. So, to save yourself from embarrassment, you’d rather keep these things to yourself.

That, or you could share it to the internet. It’s where you could say anything and be anything without revealing your identity. Who doesn’t want that? Just like these people who shared their deepest desires in bed but are too scared to tell their partner. Enjoy.

24. Boyish Dreams
23. Around The Hole
22. Push The Limits
21. Too Nice
20. Gotta Love Piss
19. Mighty Bush
18. Ego Booster
17. Turn Him On
16. The Talker
15. Watch Me
14. Play With Me
13. Bloody Murder
12. Grab Me
11. Dress Down
10. Oral Is Best
9. All Dressed Up
8. Choking Desire
7. Bum Play
6. Tiger Woman
5. Slap Here
4. Rough Girl
3. Watch And Learn
2. Three Way
1. 7 Years In The Making

How about you? Do you have any fantasies you want to be fulfilled by your partner? Were you able to tell it to them or are you too embarrassed to tell just like these people?

Why not try telling them? You might just get surprised. Don’t wait until it’s seven years before telling your partner. You might just regret it.


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