24 Funny Kids Answers That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Looking at these funny kids answers, I remembered my own childhood. There were times we all were tempted to give funny answers like these but never dared to do so. Who knows, when the teacher might be hot-tempered and we end up in the Principal’s office. Nobody wants that, do we? But I guess these were some daring children who took the risk and gave these brilliantly funny answers. I would love to know what happened next. Did the teacher who marked the papers find them funny and let it go or did they take action against these students who meant nothing but good humor? If I was marking these papers, I would have shared it with all my other students and we would all have had a good laugh in the class. That’s all!
Take a look at these hilarious kids answers and have a good time!

1- Brilliantly Funny
Funny answers
Funny answers

Well, this is really clever. The teacher would have had a good laugh about it. I wonder how the kid managed to do all these writings in Chinese. Since I have no idea about the language, I can’t say whether this is just rubbish or real Chinese.

2- Now, He Sure Has a Point
Funny answers
Funny answers

Oh, that’s so true and such a fair answer. I don’t think the teacher would have marked it wrong because it’s arguably correct. Of course, you need to be supportive of communism to appreciate the child’s wisdom and cleverness here.

3- It’s Right, Isn’t It?
Funny answers
Funny answers

This was the first answer that came in my mind when I read the question. However, thinking about it, I realized that it’s not about liquid or solid rather about the calcium content in water that makes the water hard or soft. But the child isn’t really wrong, is he?


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