23 People Who Got Cheated On And Totally Lost It

If you’ve ever been cheated on, you know that it totally sucks. The person you loved and trusted did some side hustle and left you broken and confused. Love is such a complicated thing.

While some people handle these situations well, others completely sink with the boat. It’s like their sanity has escaped them and all hell has gone lose. Just like the stories of these people who got cheated on and totally lost it.

23. Bipolar Tendencies


22. No Memory Capsules


21. Hole In The Wall
20. Double Jeopardy


19. Mr. Sneezy
18. Stronger Than You Think


17. Daddy’s Girl
16. Best Mate And Boss


15. Before I Let You Go


14. Too Painful
13. Trust Issues


12. Karma Times Two


11. On Autopilot
10. Passing The Blame


9. The Worst Loser


8. A Good Laugh
7. A Piss To Remember


6. No Second Chances


5. Hard Evidence


4. Instant Weight Loss
3. It Was Dramatic


2. Ungrateful Woman


1. Closing The Door 

Being cheated on is one of the worst things that could happen to anybody. The pain cuts so deep that it feels impossible to recover. But life goes on. The cheater will eventually get what they deserved.


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