23 Ladies Confess Why They Love Giving Head

There are infinite reasons why women love sucking. And for those who enjoy going down, there’s nothing better than hearing a man moan and whimper in pleasure.

For these women, there is absolutely no hesitation when it comes to giving oral. Lucky for their partners of these blowjob queens, will take it anytime and anywhere with a royal service. Just read their reasons why love giving head.

23. Fun And Fuss Free
22. Love Every Bit Of It
21. Dominating And Submissive
20. Tease And Play
19. Princess For A Day
18. Pleasing And Understanding


17. Show Some Skills
16. Do It All Day
15. Power
14. Intimate And Deeply Satisfying
13. Addictive 
12. Empowering
11. Totally Worth It


10. Number One Desire
9. Absolutely Wonderful
8. Dominant Even For A While
7. Vocal Is Good
6. Girl Power
5. Be The Best At Everything
4. Give And Take
3. Who Run The World?
2. Blows His Mind
1. Unleash The Animal 

These women love it so much more than guys do. We’re pretty sure these ladies have the skills to give a five-star performance. These guys are lucky to get a blowjob from the blowjob queens. It’s all about power, pleasure, and satisfaction.


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