22 Celebrity and Adult Star Twinnies You Need to Check Out


We have here 22 beautiful pairs of celebrities and adult star twinnies who have so much in common. These are gorgeous ladies who excel in giving the desires of its audience. Both are in the spotlight of a make-believe world of happy endings and deepest fantasies. Funny thing is, when these celebrities attend various awards events, they wear sheers and almost naked dress. Far from the girl-next-door OOTD’s they wear on their films. While these adult stars attend their awards night wrapped around elegant dresses covering most of their sexy bodies, very ironic from the usual bikini to no dress at all we see on their films and sites. You’ll be the judge if they look twinnies according to your own standards.

1. Olivia Wilde and Sophie Lynx

Olivia Wilde and Sophie Lynx - Celebrity Twinnies

Olivia and Sophie’s pictures here looks like a with and without makeup picture of a celebrity. Olivia has a beautiful face with well-contoured cheek bones and nose. While Sophie has the same facial shape but with usually no makeup look on her pictures. Both are gorgeous and wild in their respective fields.

2. Taylor Swift and Jana Jordan

Taylor Swift and Jana Jordan - Celebrity Twinnies

At the age of 14, T-Swift pursued her career in country music. Years after, the beautiful Taytay has become one of the best singer-songwriters of her generation, gaining more and more solid Swifties who support her all the way. Since Taytay is not ready to shave off her sweet and conservative public image, you may click on Jana’s tempting vids as she not just “Shake It Off” but let you linger in the best shots of her voluptuous body.

3. Shakira and Carmel Moore

Shakira and Carmel Moore - Celebrity Twinnies


Lovely face, check. Wavy blonde hair, check. Sexy body, check. Oozing with sex appeal, check. Wow. Shakira and Carmel really pass as twinnies. Aside from those mentioned, they are both award-winning artists in their respective fields. Shakira has numerous awards for her music while Carmel was awarded as the Best Female Actress at the 2007 UK Adult Film and Television Awards.

4. Scarlett Johansson and Amanda from X-Art

Scarlett Johansson and Amanda from X-Art - Celebrity Twinnies


Scarlett, aside from being a critically acclaimed Hollywood actress, is considered as Hollywood’s sex symbol and has been named the Sexiest Female by various men’s magazines in different years. That makes it a huge shoe to fill if you are ScarJo’s look-alike, just like Amanda from X-Art. People are expecting for at least ScarJo’s level of sexiness while on a steamy shower on those photographs back in 2011. Can Amanda beat that?

5. Zooey Deschanel and Ellie Idol

Zooey Deschanel and Ellie Idol - Celebrity Twinnies

We have loved (or even hated) Zooey as Summer Finn of the movie (500) Days of Summer where she ditched an innocent guy who loves her so much. But here’s a lady named Ellie, with the same round blue eyes and facial features, who is willing to satisfy a man and his desires.

6. Anna Kendrick and Abigaile Johnson

Anna Kendrick and Abigaile Johnson Celebrity Twinnies

2016 will be such a busy year for Anna. She has confirmed that we will see her often as she stars in four Hollywood films of various genres (coming-of-age film, action- thriller and two comedy films). But if you already miss her on the big screen, you can always opt to open your incognito tab and click on Abigaile Johnson. I bet you already know what genre she performs on.

7. Elizabeth Hurley and Jenna Presley

Elizabeth Hurley and Jenna Presley - Celebrity Twinnies

Elizabeth has been the face of elegance and class as she signed contracts with the famous brands of beauty and fashion. Though their ages are decades apart, her look-alike, Jenna has the same facial features and irresistible charm that attracts deserving men like the type of Hugh Grant.

8. Emma Stone and Sadie West

Emma Stone and Sadie West - Celebrity Twinnies


Even the amazing Spiderman was captivated by the beauty and charm of Emma Stone. And why not, she has these deep green eyes and a perfect smile that can hypnotize anyone who sees her. But if you think that Spiderman is a tough rival to beat, you may opt for Sadie who has the same mesmerizing features plus a tattoo on her left hip.

9. Britney Spears and Teagan Presley

Britney Spears and Teagan Presley - Celebrity Twinnies


The world has been a witness of Britney’s life, its success, and failures, music, and marriage. We may also witness how this Femme Fatale Brit might have found her twin sister by the name of Teagan. They really look alike. Well, Teagan might willingly say yes to be a “slave 4 u” as you request for “Baby, One More Time”.

10. Jenna Marbles and Brooke Marks

Jenna Marbles and Brooke Marks - Celebrity Twinnies

Jenna is probably one of the reasons why you check out Youtube regularly. This vlogger spills out her wit on various topics that many people can relate to. While there’s this another blonde babe you might encounter online. Her name is Brooke Marks and just starting out her career in adult films. Who knows, Brooke may be the reason why you will use your incognito tab more often.

11. Jennifer Connelly and Kety Pearl

Jennifer Connelly and Kety Pearl - Celebrity Twinnies

Jennifer has that timeless beauty that keeps on captivating us on every role that she portrays, along with her remarkable acting skills. No doubt many men of the various generations have drooled over her and women have envied her. Then came Kety who was born more than a decade after her but effortlessly got her looks. Try to show your dad’s or grandpa’s a vid of Kety and for sure, they will be enticed.

12. Jaime Pressly and Jesse Jane

Jaime Pressly and Jesse Jane - Celebrity Twinnies

Jaime looks like Jesse Jane in this picture. Jesse is said to be one of the most popular in her field. No doubt about that. She has been in the industry for more than a decade now. Like Jaime who has aged beautifully, I bet that will also happen to Jesse. They are living proofs that age is just a number. And through time, they just gained valuable experience in their crafts.

13. Kate Beckinsale and Crystal Klein

Kate Beckinsale and Crystal Klein - Celebrity Twinnies

Many ladies (and even men) believed in destiny with a sense of humor after seeing Kate and John Cusack found love in each other’s arms in the movie Serendipity. But if you believe that we make our own fate, start doing yours by going for the most attainable love of Crystal Klein. Though Kate and Crystal have different hair colors, they have the same facial features and appealing charm.

14. Kristen Bell and Kenzi Marie

Kristen Bell and Kenzi Marie - Celebrity Twinnies

By just looking at these pictures, you might think that it is the same lady on different angles. No. They are Kristen and Kenzi. But they really have so much in common. Their names both start with K, both blonde bombshells with fair complexion and same facial features. Kristen is a vegan and an animal lover while Kenzi loves giving you good vids to watch.

15. Kari Byron and Brittany O’Connell

Kari Byron and Brittany O'Connell - Celebrity Twinnies

These two redheads, Kari, and Brittany are both artists in their own rights. Kari starred in Mythbusters that reveals more of her preferences and fears in life. She is also an artist doing art projects in South Asia. While Brittany artfully busted “bed myths” on her movies on the years she was active.

16. Katy Perry and Natasha Nice

Katy Perry and Natasha Nice - Celebrity Twinnies

We have danced and sang along with various hits of Katy. But her twinnie, Natasha, is pretty much gonna fulfill your “Teenage Dream”, bathe with you in “Hot n Cold” water, probably confess that “I (she) Kissed A Girl” and will keep you “Wide Awake” all night til you reach your “Firework”.

17. Kate Hudson and Alexis Texas

Kate Hudson and Alexis Texas - Celebrity Twinnies

As Kate Hudson’s character successfully found love in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, she also captured the hearts of many people because of her beauty, talent, and wit. You can also see the same lovely face of Kate in blonde hottie Alexis Texas. Alexis is also a notable star in her field because of her award-winning behind.

18. Leighton Meester and Tori Black

Leighton Meester and Tori Black - Celebrity Twinnies

Leighton fabulously portrayed Blair Wardolf in Gossip Girl. But if you can’t sustain a high-maintenance lady from the Upper East Side, you can still have Queen B look-alike, Tori. They have the same gorgeous facial features but have a slight difference in skin tone, Tori’s is a bit sun-kissed.

19. Lindsay Lohan and Danie Jensen

Lindsay Lohan and Danie Jensen - Celebrity Twinnies

Mean Girls star Lindsay has been a teen icon of her generation. She was so famous and well-loved because of her pretty Mean Girl face. Well, that was before all the controversies that she went through. On the other hand, you may also want to view a Dani, a more innocent-looking version of Lindsay but may be liberated in some sense.

20. Lyndsy Fonseca and Faith Leon

Lyndsy Fonseca and Faith Leon - Celebrity Twinnies

Are these two different persons? It looks no but the answer is yes. Lyndsy and Faith really can pass as identical twins. Just look. Both have those blue eyes that seem to be speaking to your souls and a mesmerizing beauty you would want to stare all day long.

21. Nicki Minaj and Alicia Smiles

Nicki Minaj and Alicia Smiles - Celebrity Twinnies

In the world of hip-hop, a beautiful lady with a voluptuous body dominated the scene. And that is Nicki who makes our Pink Fridays the most looked forward day of the week. You might also like to check out Alicia Smiles whose vids are selling like hotcakes since she got the looks and body of Nicki Minaj, perfect to view on midnights.

22. Natalia Dormer and Indi

Natalia Dormer and Indi - Celebrity Twinnies

Natalia has already been a household face throughout the world because of the hit TV Series Game of Thrones where she plays Margaery Tyrell and this sci-fi adventure films The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1&2) as Cressida. But guys might think of Indi from the adult film channel they’ve been subscribed to. Be sure not to get confused.

What can you say? They look like twinnies, right? It is a really a great scientific wonder how people from different races and places can come up and look synonymous to each other. It is even more wonderful how these 22 lovely pairs choose the two worlds that caters and satisfies one’s imagination.

Are there some more celebrity twinnies that we missed? Feel free to write it down.