21 Reasons this Photographer has the Best Job in the World


Terry Richardson the notorious fashion photographer is renowned for his shocking and risque photography style. Aside from creating campaigns for top high-end brands, he also shoots fine-looking women with barely anything on, day in and day out. What a lucky guy. I bet he’s always motivated to come to work every day. You’ve got to see some of the gorgeous women who ended up in his camera lens.

21. Going Japanese


These pretty Asian women seem to have a good time with the photog and I’m pretty sure he did too.

20. Simplicity is Beauty

This model’s natural beauty shines through even in black and white. And Terry has no complaints.

19. Hairscapade4

I’m shocked too. Who would have thought Terry would look decent with hair.

18. Double Thumbs Up7

Looks like celeb Elle Fanning had a blast shooting with Terry.

17. The Kylie Effect17

Let’s all bask in Kylie Jenner’s magnificence as captured by Terry’s lens.

16. Double Trouble

It’s as if Miley needed Terry’s help to take mind-blowing photos. I bet this collaboration created some unforgettable photos.

15. Socialites Galore9

From models, celebrities, to socialites, Terry’s got them all covered. And the Hilton sisters’ are on the top off his list.

14. The Hotel Heiress9a

Paris Hilton doing what she does best, strutting her stuff in front of the camera.

13. Ageless Diva14

The songstress strikes a pose effortlessly while enjoying a glass of champagne.

12. The Vampire Diaries 12

Kat Graham or Bonnie Bennett, for Vampire fans, drops by Terry’s studio to shoot some interesting photos.

11. The Vampire Diaries Sequel

12aThe photos get juicier as it progresses. Click next to see the following photo.

10. The Vampire Diaries Finale12b

See what I mean? But given Terry’s standard, this is considered ‘conservative’.

9. The Selfie Queen6b

What’s a list without Kim Kardashian on it? Right? The Selfie Queen + infamous photographer = epic photos.

8. The Selfie Queen 26a

Now, here as a blonde and looking more glammed up.

7. The Selfie Queen 36

Despite having a million selfies and photo shoots, it looks like the reality star is not slowing down anytime soon.

6. Bodacious Nerd1

Model Emily Ratajkowski had one of the juiciest photo shoot with Terry, something he is well-known for.

5. Anonymous Beauty20

She may not be famous but she sure is pretty. I bet modelling for Terry has its perks.

4. On Cloud Nine2

Who wouldn’t be on cloud nine when you’re beside Kate Upton in her swimwear. Lucky guy.

3. Slice of Heaven5

Here’s another shot of Terry with Kate and still as happy as can be. Although we can’t say the same for Kate.

2. The French Dame21

Anouchka Alsif had a risque photoshoot for a men’s magazine. Guess who enjoyed more?

1. The Best Muse


I guess Kate is Terry’s favorite muse. We all can see why.

What gorgeous women this guy gets to work with. This lucky photographer really does have the best job in the world.