21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals

The life of a celebrity is a powerful thing for many fans. It can go from admiration to complete obsession of their personal lives as well as their numerous romantic relationships. Keeping a balanced relationship in front of the cameras while keeping a low profile may not be easy since cheating scandals tend to scatter the internet and tabloids like wildfire. Infidelity in Hollywood can make huge headlines and sell papers in today’s media outlets. Here are just some juicy galleries of celebrities who should’ve kept their hands off the cookie jar or at least tried to curb an embarrassing scandal.

1. Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Odom-Kardashian

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s relationship has been rocky the past few years with some of it being attributed to Lamar’s affairs with female celebrities. One way or another, a Kardashian gossip will always make headlines.

2. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
 Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Jesse James captured one of Hollywood’s sizzling sweethearts in Sandra Bullock. But he went on to break the relationship when he was caught cheating with Michelle McGee. Talk about a celebrity bombshell!

3. Stephon Marbury

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Stephon Marbury

Stephon’s scandal had a bit of bribery throw in the mix. It all started with an affair with Thurayyah Mitchell. He offered over a million dollars to keep their affair under wraps. In the world of celebrities, nothing is ever kept secret. And soon, Stephon was smack dab in the middle of a nasty scandal.

4. Swizz Beatz/Mashonda/Alicia Keys

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Swizz Beatz-Mashonda-Alicia Keys

This is one three-way scandal that no one saw coming. It’s been rumored that Swizz Beatz cheated on his ex-wife, Mashonda, for Alicia Keys (current wife). But one twist involved Swizz back cheating on Alicia for Mashonda. This is a definite head spinner for sure!

5. Tiger Woods

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Tiger Woods

Back in 2009, Tiger gained worldwide headlines when a massive cheating scandal erupted. Tabloids accused the pro golfer to have had numerous affairs behind his wife’s back. It’s been reported that several came out of the spotlight for a tell-all.

6. Tony Parker/Eva Longoria

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Tony Parker-Eva Longoria

You might feel it’s a bad idea to be cheating on a sizzling starlet like Eva Longoria, but rumor has it that Tony Parker sent never ending text messages to another woman Eva had no idea about. Talk about a spoiler in the early stages of marriage.

7. Uma Thurman/Ethan Hawke

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Uma Thurman-Ethan Hawke

You know things will come to an end whenever a nanny gets into a relationship. Ethan was bad enough to do Uma wrong when he staged a scandal with their nanny. Talk about having hired help at home!

8. Heidi Klum/Seal/Martin Kirsten

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Heidi Klum-Seal-Martin Kirsten

Heidi may have been over that smooch from a rose or whatever it is that Seal does for someone else. Apparently, she opted to settle a lip lock with her bodyguard. It’s like re-living the Costner-Houston moment all over again.

9. Hugh Grant

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Hugh Grant

Going the cheating escapade route and getting caught in the process will never be a good thing. But for Hugh, it came with a massive dose of embarrassment when he was spotted clinging with another prostitute one evening.

10. Jason Aldean/Jessica Ussery/Brittany Kerr

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Jason Aldean-Jessica Ussery-Brittany Kerr

American Idol may not be family friendly like you might think. Jason was actually married when he was a contestant on the reality TV contest, but that didn’t prevent him cheating with Idol contestant, Brittany.

11. Jude Law/Sienna Miller

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Jude Law-Sienna Miller

This is an example of revolving celebrity-cheat door. First off, Jude had an affair with the nanny (seems to be a typical thing these days). And Sienna, hell bent on revenge, cheated on Jude for Daniel Craig. When you go for someone like James Bond, expect a little-to-no recovery.

12. Kanye West/Leyla Ghobadi

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Kanye West-Leyla Ghobadi

This may just be a candid celebrity rumor, but when Kanye’s wife, Kim, got pregnant with North, Leyla Ghodabi stepped into the spotlight and told the tabloids of her fling with Yeezue himself.But in the end, Kanye’s camp denied everything.

13. Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson

These two were the hottest onscreen couple favorites since the introduction of the Twilight series. Fans who wanted nothing but hate for Kristen’s dislikes on just about everything were shocked when she cheated on Robert for Rupert Saunders.

14. Arnold Scwarzenegger/Maria Shriver

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Arnold Scwarzenegger-Maria Shriver

A salacious cheating scandal that’s both political and less glamorous.  Everyone hopped into the bandwagon when Arnold revealed to the world that he cheated on his wife, Maria, long time ago with an employee whom he impregnated.

15. Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore

Both Ashton and Demi may have been scandalous to begin with because of their age differences as well as society’s stance on gender behavior. The couple managed to weather the Hollywood backlash for quite some time until Ashton decided to skimp out for a weight crushing affair.

16. Billy Bob Thorton/Laura Dern/Angelina Jolie

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Billy Bob Thorton-Laura Dern-Angelina Jolie

Before finally landing with Brad Pitt, Angelina came out of nowhere to elope with Billy. Laura never saw it coming — let alone be given an advanced notice. From that point on, Billy and Angelina distanced themselves from Laura.

17. Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston-Angelina Jolie

It’s the battle between good girl versus bad girl. In the end, however, Angelina managed to snatch Brad right out of Jennifer’s loving arms. Up until today, it’s still not confirmed whether Angelina did have anything to do Jennifer’s split with Brad.

18. Carmelo Anthony/LaLa Vasquez

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Carmelo Anthony-LaLa Vasquez

Carmelo may be all too familiar having his way on the court. But apparently, he also has his way with the ladies. Rumor has it that he had sizzling liaison behind Lala’s back with Asia Monroe, a model. Asia claims she has text messages to prove that something did happen with Carmelo. So far, such evidence never made it to the limelight.

19. Chad Ochocinco Johnson

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Chad Ochocinco Johnson

Chad felt the pain and impact when his wife, Evelyn, saw receipts of condoms in the trash — condoms he used with another woman. Turns out his cheating was never kept secret as it spread like wildfire in the media right after.

20. Dwayne Wade

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- Dwayne Wade

Apparently, Dwayne took his driving skills up a notch and brought talent with him under the sheets. With so many cheating allegations made against him, we tend to wonder if they’re really on board to his him and his wifee, Gabriella, off, or they happen to be true.

21. LeBron James/Carmen Ortega

Batch 2- 21 Outrageous Celebrity Cheating Scandals- LeBron James-Carmen Ortega

LeBron pushed the pedal and went on to marry his long time sweetheart, Savannah Brinson. But alleged cheat-accuser Carmen took matters on his own hands and said that he did have something going on with LeBron. Up until this day, no one knows if the cheating did take place.

It can be difficult sometimes to remain faithful even if you’re celebrity. Constantly being studied from the public eye and followed by fans online (and offline), it’s hard to your life if you’re constantly being looked at. A lot of celebrities have been caught with their pants down (no pun intended) through cheating scandals and side romances. While a majority are too obvious to ignore, the celebrities shown before you are clear indicatives at how Hollywood will portray you once you hook up with a famous face. It’s a little ironic how celebrities consistently get exposed to doing bad things when they can actually curb or get around them with the money they have. But who knows? They could just be in it for a publicity stunt from the beginning.


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