21 Girls Reveal The Dumb Things Guys Do In Bed

When it comes to sex, guys can sometimes do dumb things. What they think might be sexy can be irritating to their partner. Not everyone has the same fantasies in the bed. So the net time you do or say something ask your partner if it’s okay with them.

These girls drop the bomb on some of the dumb things their partner does during sex. It definitely kills the mood for them. So learn from these guys and use your coconut next time.

21. Top Five No-No’s


20. Hurts The Lady
19. No Stabbing Here


18. Things To Remember
17. Copycat


16. That Circle Thing
15. No Fencing Allowed


14. No Sharp Objects Allowed
13. Biggest Turn Off
12. The Blaming Game


11. Sleeping Beauty


10. Pamper The Pooper
9. No Spitting Allowed


8. No Name Calling
7. Personal Hygiene First


6. No Pressure


5. Cheer Me On
4. Always Ask Permission


3. Creepy Much
2. No To Slobbery


1. Warm Me Up Like The Oven 

Why do guys have to be dumb sometimes? The bedroom is definitely not the place for that. It kills the mood. Just act normal and everything will be fine.

Of course, you want your partner to enjoy too so be considerate and ask her next time. You’ll save your face from embarrassment and both of you will have a good time.


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