21 Beautiful Girl Surfers


The smell of the summer breeze is almost upon us. I mean, who doesn’t love the sun, sand, and the beach? Everything about it is perfect and it blows all our stress away. Nothing like the memories and scenery summer brings.

Speaking of scenery, the view gets more interesting especially when beautiful women are around. These 20 beautiful girl surfers will make you wish that it’s summer all year round. Whether they are cruising the waves or just chilling on the beach they definitely make summer more fun. Surfing lessons anyone?

21. Carissa Moore

Carissa Moore

This professional surfer is from Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. She is 2011, 2013 and 2016 WSL Women’s World Tour Champion. She has won 6 ASP Women’s World Tour events, 2 ASP WQS 6-Star events and NSSA Titles. Beat that!

20. Malia Manuel

malia manuel

She is a professional surfer from Kauai, Hawaii. She ranked 5th on the 2014 ASP World Tour and ranked 5th on the 2014 ASP World Tour. On her surfboards, you’ll find an inscription saying “Kaunu” meaning passion.

19. Laura Eneverlaura enever

This Australian surfer was ASP Women’s World Junior champion in 2009. She made her professional debut in 2011. She believes that trials can turn into triumphs, and takes that with her as she rides the waves and competes.

18. Anastasia Ashley

anastasia ashley


This stunning surfer from San Clemente, CA has won more than 200 amateur events by age 16. She began surfing at the age of 5.  Her last win was on 2013 Women’s Pipeline Pro placing 2nd. She is also an occasional fashion model.

17. Stephanie Gilmore

stephanie gilmore

This 6 time APS World Tour Champ is from Coolangatta, Australia. She won her first championship at age 17 on a day off from high school. But despite all the titles, the 6-time champ admits that she still gets nervous when competing.

16. Maud Le Car
maud le car

 This gorgeous surfer is from Capbreton, France.This French professional surfer slash artist has a radical and engaged surfing style that sometimes becomes a little aggressive.

15. Coco Ho

coco ho

Coco Malia Camille Hapaikekoa Ho is from Sunset Beach Oahu, Hawaii. She began surfing at 7-years-old, following in the footsteps of her family and earned her first sponsor at the tender age of 8. She likes to keep things natural and graceful when surfing.

14. Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbons


This all-around Australian athlete is always armed with a smile and was 2011’s ASP Surfer’s Surfer. Not to mention a long list of wins and top 2 contender for this year’s ASP World Championship Tour.

13. Tyler Wrighttyler wright

This beauty is from Lennox Head, NSW, Australia. She is definitely a fierce competitor and is standing strong in this year’s ASP World Tour. She is the younger sister of professional surfer Owen Wright.

12. Catherine ClarkCatherine Clark

This svelte beauty is  from Ventura, CA and is also a former model from Billabong and currently a Reef model. Athletic and talented as she’s also an artist and a singer.

11. Bree Kleintop

bree kleintop

This stunner from San Clemente, California is an outdoor girl. During her down time, she does yoga and loves doing fun outdoor activities whether it be hiking, paddleboarding or a basketball game with the boys.

10. Courtney ConlogueCourtney Conlogue

Hailing from Santa Ana, CA this disciplined athlete often puts in six-hour marathon surf session. Her hard work has paid off when she entered in the top 10 in her first year. When not surfing, she spends her time painting, going to the gym, and doing other outdoor activities.

9. Bruna Schmitz

bruna schmitz

This blonde beauty from Brazil is also a Roxy ambassador and loves travelling. In a Roxy interview, she said that she is living her dreams.

8. Alessa Quizonalessa quizon

Another beautiful surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii. She ranked #14 in the World Tour surfer rookie and proves that she is a force to be reckoned with.

7. Ellie-Jean Coffey

ellie-jean coffey

From Coolangatta, Australia, this selfie-loving surfer girl recently became controversial for her Instagram posts. But this athlete doesn’t mind showing some skin.

6. Kelia Monizkelia moniz

This pretty professional surfer from Oahu, Hawaii is making a name for herself as she won the ASP Women’s Longboard Champion two years in a row. That’s minus one off her bucket list.

5. Erica Hosseinierica hosseini

This goofy surfer is from Newport Beach, California. She is an all-around athlete and has tried every sport imaginable from surf to snow. She got her own surfboard at the age 11 and started surfing regularly since then. In 2012, she won the WCT title.

4. Maya Gabeiramaya gabeira

This beauty from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil may not have earned any ranking but proves that no setbacks can hold her down even after an unpleasant big wave wipeout at Nazarene, Portugal. She’s one tough girl.

3. Quincy Davisquincy davis

She is from Montauk, New York. This professional surfer and Volcom fashion designer hope to one day qualify for the Women’s WCT World Tour. In the meantime, she divides her time between surfing and fashion design.

2. Sage Ericksonsage erickson

She is from Ventura, California and is definitely a fighter. Despite not earning a ranking and a rocky 2013 season she’s determined to get back on her feet. Aside from surfing, she also loves graphic design and the outdoors.

1. Alana Blanchard

alana blanchard

She is an American professional surfer and model. Even though she hasn’t nabbed an ASP World Tour title yet, she’s still in the top 20 in the world. She may even be the world’s most popular girl surfer.

There you go. The 21 beautiful surfer girls. Who says surfing is only for guys. These ladies’ have definitely proven otherwise. Now there’s more reason to watch surfing and for summer to stay all year round.