$2,000 Gets You Into This Wild, Secret Sex Party—Would You Attend?

It’s easy to fantasize about money—earning it, having it, spending it.

Where would you go and what would you do if you could afford anything? Perhaps you’d be interested in Snctm, one of Los Angeles’s hottest nightclubs that puts on the wiiildest sex parties this side of the globe. Read on for the details…

10. Welcome To An Exclusive Erotic Theater

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This exclusive erotic theater opened as Sanctum Club in 2013 in Beverly Hills. By 2015, it rebranded into Snctm, a private club that hosts the kinds of events that most of us simply dream about.

9. It’s An Environment Of Consensual Utopia

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“The golden rule at Snctm is consensuality,” so says their website. “This axiom creates an environment of exalted adult freedoms, a bona fide sensual utiopia.”

Sign me up.

8. The Masters Of The Universe


Lawner is a divorced father of two and he describes the people who attend his parties as the “masters of the universe.” Sounds about right.

7. Ten Percent Admission Rate


While any given party might see over 1,000 applicants who would die to get in, Lawner only admits around 100.

“It is erotic theater,” Lawner says. “We have performances. Some just watch while others want to indulge.”

6. The $75,000 Annual Membership

New York Post

Men pay anywhere from $1,500 to $1,875 to attend a party. Some opt for a VIP membership that costs $75,000 per year and grants admission to all parties.

 If you’ve got it, spend it…

5. Celebrity Attendees On The List


Do you want to rub elbows with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and, um, Bill Maher? Page Six swears that they’re among the rich and famous who attend Lawner’s sexual soireés.

4. Exploration And Realizations

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This experience has never been about sex, there are sex parties out there and I’ve honestly never been to one, nor desire to. Snctm is a place to get turned on, to explore, to hold hands, to realize that sex doesn’t have to be hidden away. It can be open and celebrated, and that’s all right.”

3. More Affordable Beginnings

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If you were among the first people to take an interest in these parties, you were much luckier than today’s attendees. When Lawner began hosting Masquerade parties in 2013, tickets cost $50. Lifetime membership was a sweet $1,500.

2. Living His Truth, Then

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“Damon’s grown a lot from this,” his ex-wife told Esquire. “He’s gotten sober. But he still has those young girls over there and he’s still a kind of playboy, tooling around in his new sports car, driving way too fast in residential areas. And you know what? That’s how he is, that’s just Damon. He’s living his truth.”

1. Why Wait, Though?


If you’re curious, sexy, interesting, or any combination of the three, why not throw your own kinky party? Masquerade and burlesque themes are timeless, after all.

Just kidding—most social circles won’t survive this sort of thing.


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