20 Cosplayers Who Forced Comic-Con to Change Rules to Accommodate Them


When we think about cosplay, we think it’s just a bunch of geeks geeking out about anime, video games or comics. Nothing really interesting. But these girls took cosplaying to the next level. Too much to the next level. They dress up as their favorite characters in video games, comics, anime, cartoon characters, you name it. But unlike the guys, these girls really play the character and show too much skin for the Comic-Con committees liking. They were warned and asked to tone it down a bit as it was too much for them to handle. The committee may be complaining but they’re the reason why people flock to Comic-Con conventions. Let’s take a look at the 20 Female Cosplayers Who Showed a Little Too Much Skin.

20. SuperMaryFacesupermaryface

SuperMaryFace is a model, cosplayer and YouTuber from Australia but she is currently located in the United States. She is best known for her modelling stints but became the talk of the town within the gaming community when she got engaged to fellow YouTuber CinnamonToastKen. On her YouTube channel, she shows tutorials on how she creates her cosplay costumes.

19. Azulette 

Azulette is a Mexican cosplayer of Asian descent. She is also a photographer and graphic designer. With her good looks and curvy physique, she also does modelling on the side. She does cosplay flawlessly and because of that, she has snatched quite a number of fans adoring her.

18. Anna “Ormeli” MolevaAnna “Ormeli” Moleva

Anna “Ormeli” Moleva is a Russian cosplayer. She works as a costume designer, model, actor and also voice acting. In an interview with World of Fantasy, she said, “Cosplay is sometimes compared to acting. It is believed that not only making a costume and learning a few racks is enough to fit your image on an emotional and spiritual level.” That’s how passionate she is.

17. Adami Langley adami langley2

Adami Langley is an artist and cosplay enthusiast. Her name’s actually Carolina but she prefers to be called Adami. She hails from Brazil and has been doing cosplay for quite some time. She’s already played a lot of characters and continues to do so passionately. 

16. Crystal Grazianocrystal graziano

Crystal Graziano is a freelance artist and veteran cosplayer from Southern California. She started going to San Diego Comic-Con when she was just 10-years-old and her first cosplay character was Aerith from Final Fantasy VII. She’s all grown up now and is now sponsored by Firefall.

15. Misa Chiang

misa chiang1Taiwanese cosplayer Jia Ju Jiang goes by the name Misa Chiang online. She is considered as one of the best and most talented cosplayers because of her amazing costumes and makeup for League of Legends champions and other anime characters. She has quite a number of fans is continuing to grow.
14. Enji Knightenji night (1)

Enji Knight is a cosplayer, model, and gamer from Budapest, Hungary. She is voted as being better looking than the original characters she portrays. She said that she spends a lot of time creating a mess in her room before nailing down her cosplay costumes. Her fans love them too.

13. Joanie Brosasjoanie brosas (1)

Joanie Brosas is an American cosplayer and glamour model from Utah. She calls dubbed herself as the “nerd-next- door”. She is a very outgoing and friendly person who’s signature trademark would be wearing itsy, bitsy to almost none cosplay costumes.

12. Yaya Han yaya han

Yaya Han is an American cosplayer, model and costume designer. She is a world-renowned professional cosplayer and a regular judge at cosplay competition. She hand makes all of her costumes and is considered to be one of the best in the industry. She has more than 2 million fans on her facebook page.

11. Jessica Drujessica dru

Jessica Dru is a full-time 3D artist, after hours costume designer, sculptor, and occasional model. She’s from California and does cosplay modelling on the side. She uses ZBrush and other digital software programs to make her costumes stand out on a whole new level.

10. Tali XoXotali XoXo

This Canadian designer, cosplayer, model and fitness enthusiast is an avid gamer. She also recently started doing Youtube videos more regularly. If you want to see her out of character then check her channel out. Here she is channeling Cammy from Street Fighter.

9. Tasha tasha

Tasha or Oh Go-Eun has been cosplaying since 1999. She’s a native South Korean and started cosplaying as a hobby. She got introduced to Japanese culture through manga and anime. When she was young her parents took her to a cosplay event and wanted to do the same thing. She is now doing cosplay for a living.

8. Jessica Nigrijessica nigri

Jessica Nigri is an American cosplay celebrity, promotional model, YouTuber, voice actress and fan convention interview correspondent. Her other hobbies aside from cosplaying are running, hiking, gaming, anime, and comics. She is a well-known cosplayer in the United States.

7. Hane Amehane ame

Hane Ame is a Japanese cosplayer who as won numerous awards for her cosplay in several competitions. But she appears to be one massive League of Legends fan as most of her cosplay costumes are based on the League of Legends champions: Ahri and Katari.

6. Nonsummerjacknonsummerjack

This veteran cosplayer has been enticing viewers with her alluring interpretation of costumes instead of the usual cute, childish costumes. Thanks to her curvy physique she pulls them off perfectly. I guess that’s why the Comic-Con committee is having a migraine now.

5. Nicole Marie Jeannicole marie jean2

Nicole Marie Jean is a well-known cosplayer from California. She discovered cosplay in 2011 and immediately fell in love with it because it combined her to combine her love for comics and costume. She is popular for her Red Sonja costume (shown in photo) and is proud of it because it’s made with real metal scales.

4. Ani-Miaani-mia (2)

Ani-Mia is an international cosplayer, model, and writer. She has been cosplaying since 2008 and is a self-confessed hardcore cosplay geek. She is an avid gamer, comic book, and anime lover. She has been featured in Downshift Magazine Otaku USA and has a huge number of fans.

3. Lindsay Elyse lindsay elyse

Lindsay Elise is a professional cosplayer from Arizona and has been cosplaying for over 10 years. She’s always travelling all over the world attending gaming and comic conventions to show off her costumes that she makes herself. She is also a favorite live stream artist on Twitch.

2. Marie-Claude BourbonnaisMarie-Claude Bourbonnais

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a Canadian glamour model, designer, and cosplay model. She is well-known for her oversized chest enhancement which became her trademark. Her huge asset helped catapult her career when she was 23-years-old. As a fashion designer, she is heavily influenced by both American and Japanese superheroes. We wonder how her designs look like.

1. Jacqueline GoehnerJacqueline Goehner

Jacqueline Goehner is an actress, costume designer, FX makeup artist, and writer from California. She is well-known for her video game cosplay. Her popular Witchblade (worn in the photo) cosplay costume was blocked on YouTube for being too revealing. And another time, she was asked to leave a cosplay exhibition event for showing too much skin.

Now who said that cosplay is just for nerds? Cosplay is definitely so much more exciting with these ladies around. We couldn’t help how creative and bold these ladies are to be able to wear such skimpy and revealing costumes. I guess that’s why the Comic-Con committee is having headaches with these kinds of costumes. But that’s one reason why people are flocking over to these events. To see these ladies’ in action. What do you think of these 20 Female Cosplayers Who Showed a Little Too Much Skin? Do you have a favorite?