weird-deep-sea-creaturesThe ocean is the least explored mystery in our home planet. It can be easy to forget that an alien world lives right beneath us. The mysterious ecosystem of the great deep ocean is still full of bizarre creatures lurking far below the surface.

Creatures that seems only to exist in our nightmares. The deep sea is still waiting to be explored.

But it seems like Russian fisherman Roman Fedorstov have gotten a headstart. He has caught several types of bizarre sea creatures that most of us knew even existed. And they’re terrifying.

He regularly tweets his bizarre catch of the day and his followers couldn’t contain themselves and it’s going viral. It’s like watching a sci-fi movie or special effects, only it’s real. Let’s take a look at these alien sea creatures.

20. Dinosaur Fish


Is this a fish or a dinosaur? Seriously, what is this creature? If you had nothing left to eat and this was all that’s left, would you still it eat? Just the look of it makes you lose your appetite.

Or maybe it was exposed to too much radiation that it looked mutated. Well, whatever it is, Fedorstov definitely caught a weird sea creature. But that’s just the start, there are still more weird and monstrous looking sea creatures.

19. Mad Fish



Looks like this fish or whatever it is, isn’t happy being caught at all. Just look at those glaring eyes. It’s slimy-looking with spikes everywhere. It looks so weird it looks like it doesn’t even have a mouth.

How brave is Fedorstov for even touching this thing? We’re just hoping it’s not poisonous or something.

18. Rhino Fish



If a rhino and a fish had a baby, this would probably be it. It’s spiny and slimy at the same time. But we must admit, it has a wonderful color. Just like the blue ocean, it lives in. But it still doesn’t look like something you would want to eat.

We wonder what Fedorstov plans to do with this one? It actually doesn’t look bad as the other creatures he’s caught.

17. Small But Terrible


This fish is just as big as the fisherman’s palm but it’s teeth are sharp and massive. What it lacked in size, it made up in the size of its teeth. Now no one would want to mess with this deep sea monster fish. It looks like it’s ready to bite anytime.

16. Glowing Eyes


This creature sure looks like a fish but with some unusual characteristics. I’m you see it. The eyes are a bright, screaming yellow. We’re not sure if the fish can actually see but when you live in the deep, dark part of the ocean seeing is probably not as important. It’s pretty much pitch black down there. But this fish sure does look interesting.

15. Pucker Up


This fish is probably their version of Angelina Jolie. Just look at those lips. We wonder what this fish eats. The mouth is so long it almost looks like a snout. It looks like a sea horse with a fish of a body. This catch is definitely a keeper.

14. Ancient Shark



Yes, this is an actual sea creature. It’s actually a shark. An ancient shark. Who knows how long these creatures have been living in the deep sea? Even it’s teeth looks ancient. It looks like a trident. Don’t you agree? Those teeth may look small compared to the great white but they are just as sharp. So keep your hands off!

13. Squeeze Me



This creature looks like a sea cucumber only with a crown. This one is bigger than the previous one and has a different color. It doesn’t look as intimidating as the other weird sea creatures. In fact, it looks so squishy to touch. It looks like a giant mutated cucumber.

12. Monster Fish


This creepy looking fish with huge ugly teeth definitely belongs to the deep sea. I mean, who would want to see this creature while taking a dip? According to the fisherman, this is a catfish. A scary catfish. It looks so old and wrinkly who knows how long this creature has been alive. You wouldn’t want to go near that mouth.

11. Spiky Blobsstone-fish-weird-sea-creatures

These creatures look like a spiky blob with eyes. They actually look kind of sad. If you notice, this time the fisherman isn’t the creatures. Maybe these spiky blobs are poisonous? Or maybe they’re just too slimy to touch. But these creatures are another fascinating catch from Fedorstov.

10. Devil Fish


This creature looks like an underdeveloped fish. It has a see-through skin and something that looks like horns. The teeth are small but very sharp. The intestines even look like it’s oozing out. You definitely don’t want to touch that creature.

9. Sea Cucumber

sea-cucumber-weird-sea-creaturesSea Cucumbers aren’t unusual sea creatures. But they do look weird. This one looks like a squisht stress thingy. But don’t squeeze those things because you do not want its guts to splatter all over you. In some countries, it is even considered a delicacy. Would you dare to try one?

8. Deep Sea Star


This is one looks like a starfish only with more arms and they’re also flexible. Maybe it’s Patrick’s mutated cousin? Deep sea creatures are truly out of this world. Now we know how important sunlight is. Only weird and bizarre creatures thrive in the dark.

7. Deep Sea Shrimp


This deep sea shrimp looks like a thousand years old. It’s hairy compared to the typical shrimp that we see and the shell looks tough to break. It doesn’t look as appetizing as the typical shrimp but we’ll keep this one as a souvenir.

6. Flying Monster Fish


If there was a yellow-eyed fish then there is also a green-eyed fish. And it has wings. Who knew you needed wings in the deep sea. Plus maybe those eyes are glow in the dark which would be very useful in the deep sea. This fish is probably a fast swimmer but it still ended up in the fisherman’s net.

5. Puffy Eyes


This monster deep sea fish looks like a rat with huge eyes. The mouth is so weird it looks like it’s going to fall off. It’s disgusting. The fisherman even says that its scales are like sandpaper. This may be the most unlovable deep sea creature we’ve seen.

4. Deep Sea Alien


Now this creature definitely looks like an alien. It doesn’t look like a sea creature at all. It looks like an evil spawn from an unknown world. It’s so creepy it looks like a prop from a sci-fi movie. But this is a real and actual deep sea creature. Who knows how this one survives down there.

3. Deep Sea Spider


Spiders are creepy enough even on land but when they can swim it’s a different story. This vibrant colored deep-sea spider will definitely give you the creeps when you see it in the ocean. Just when we thought we were already safe from spiders on water.

2. Deep Sea Fish


This deep sea fish has some serious chompers. We wonder what this fish eats that it has teeth as sharp as these. The teeth even look translucent. Whatever it eats, we don’t want to get our hands near that mouth.

1. Ugliest Of Them All


This creature has a snout like a shark but the teeth are too small for a shark. It even has nostrils. Or whatever they are. This deep sea creature looks so weird that it looks like it swam through a radiation-filled part of the ocean. Who knows what this creature is and what it eats.

Now that we’ve had a glimpse of the weird and bizarre deep sea creatures these fisherman caught, would you still go for a swim? Maybe. But you’ll be extra careful because you’ll never know what’s lurking underneath the waters.

This was an interesting list. Who knew these creatures even existed. These creatures are even scarier than what we see in sci-fi movies and these are real creatures. Thanks to this fisherman for sharing his catch, we’ll never look at the ocean the same again.