20 Amazingly Bizarre Sea Creatures This Russian Fisherman Caught


weird-deep-sea-creaturesThe ocean is the least explored mystery in our home planet. It can be easy to forget that an alien world lives right beneath us. The mysterious ecosystem of the great deep ocean is still full of bizarre creatures lurking far below the surface.

Creatures that seems only to exist in our nightmares. The deep sea is still waiting to be explored.

But it seems like Russian fisherman Roman Fedorstov have gotten a headstart. He has caught several types of bizarre sea creatures that most of us knew even existed. And they’re terrifying.

He regularly tweets his bizarre catch of the day and his followers couldn’t contain themselves and it’s going viral. It’s like watching a sci-fi movie or special effects, only it’s real. Let’s take a look at these alien sea creatures.

20. Dinosaur Fish


Is this a fish or a dinosaur? Seriously, what is this creature? If you had nothing left to eat and this was all that’s left, would you still it eat? Just the look of it makes you lose your appetite.

Or maybe it was exposed to too much radiation that it looked mutated. Well, whatever it is, Fedorstov definitely caught a weird sea creature. But that’s just the start, there are still more weird and monstrous looking sea creatures.

19. Mad Fish



Looks like this fish or whatever it is, isn’t happy being caught at all. Just look at those glaring eyes. It’s slimy-looking with spikes everywhere. It looks so weird it looks like it doesn’t even have a mouth.

How brave is Fedorstov for even touching this thing? We’re just hoping it’s not poisonous or something.

18. Rhino Fish



If a rhino and a fish had a baby, this would probably be it. It’s spiny and slimy at the same time. But we must admit, it has a wonderful color. Just like the blue ocean, it lives in. But it still doesn’t look like something you would want to eat.

We wonder what Fedorstov plans to do with this one? It actually doesn’t look bad as the other creatures he’s caught.

17. Small But Terrible


This fish is just as big as the fisherman’s palm but it’s teeth are sharp and massive. What it lacked in size, it made up in the size of its teeth. Now no one would want to mess with this deep sea monster fish. It looks like it’s ready to bite anytime.