19 International Cheerleaders More Entertaining than the Sport

Cheerleading used to be a wholesome activity where fans would yell chants to inspire the players. Surprisingly, it has now changed to a much-awaited halftime activity in various sports all over the world. It’s the cheerleaders now who would motivate the team players, boost morales and entertain the crowd. But truth be told, it does more than that. When the game is a bit dull, cheerleaders jazz up the scene and when the game is electrifying, expect a more hair-raising performance from these lively cheerleaders. While these gorgeous cheerleaders perform their routines on the field or court, it can’t be helped but attract more people to watch them more rather than the game itself. So here are some of the cheerleaders who are more entertaining than the sport.

1. Sail with Us19

Not everybody enjoys sailing. But these volleyball cheerleaders may just be the cure to your sea sickness. Just one look and you’ll definitely have a change of heart sailing.

2. Squad Goals18

These Latina cheerleaders definitely know how to strut their stuff. And I bet the guys in the audience would agree to that. These ladies have definitely got us watching.

3. Amazon Warriors17

Ukraine may be on the other side of the globe but these warrior-like cheerleaders have definitely caught our attention. Those spears may look intimidating but we can’t take our eyes off that smile.

4. Moves Like Jagger16

These talented ladies have got us grooving to their moves. The football game may not be that exciting but these cheerleaders have got it covered.

5. Genie in a Bottle15

What are your three wishes? I bet these FIBA cheerleaders have already granted them all and even more. Now all you have to do is find that magic carpet and fly away with these beautiful creatures.

6. #Throwback 90’s14

These Russian cheerleaders have got us going like, ‘can’t touch this!’ These parachute pants bring us down memory lane that it makes our hearts smile. And they are surely working those pants!

7. Bend and Snap13

It’s that move that makes all the guys sit at the edge of their chairs and lean forward. Always a crowd pleaser.

8. Perfection12

This is what we call a perfectly timed shot. Everything looks so perfect. From her hair to her smile down to her pose. Such an angelic face. Now we have more reasons to watch beach volleyball.

9. Practice Makes Perfect11

We absolutely agree with that popular adage. Here’re six lovely cheerleaders practicing their routine in their knickers. We sure can’t wait to see their performance during the game.

10. Corporate Chic10

Who would have thought that long sleeves and tie would look good as a costume? Only these fab cheerleaders can totally pull this off.

11. The Finale9

The game is dull and your team is losing so you stand and get ready to leave then suddenly these cheerleaders do a routine that makes you stop and stare. Cheerleaders, what do we do without them?

12. Slam Dunk8

You can tell that the game is getting crazy when you see a cheerleader on the basketball ring. We’ll never know why she did that but she has certainly gotten our attention.

13. Shiny, Shimmery, Splendid7

These cheerleaders made the right choice by wearing this eye-catching mini red dress. They’ve got the crowd’s attention and so as ours.

14. Bomb Diggity Trio6

The FIBA is one of the most anticipated game around the world. Let’s not forget the beautiful cheerleaders we get to see from different countries. These Lithuanian cheerleaders entertained and wowed the crowd with their amazing moves.

15. Stop and Stare5

Who wouldn’t when these Russian head turners look this good. Good-looking and talented, that’s a recipe for an awesome show.

16. Fur-tastic4

It may be freezing but these ladies just raised the temperature. Even this player can’t help but join in the photo. Now soccer just got more exciting.

17. Flashes of Neon3

There’s no better way to grab a crowd’s attention by wearing everything neon. Even from afar these ladies stand out. Now that’s a great way to enjoy halftime.

18. Splash and Wave2

Swimming and cheerleaders? They may not seem to go together but these swamped athletes definitely need some motivation.

19. Pretty in Pink1

Soccer on the beach? A lot of people were also skeptical but add in some angelic faced cheerleaders then we’re good to go. No one’s complaining here.

There you have it. The 19 International Cheerleaders More Entertaining than the Sport. Now, do you agree?


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