19 Couples Went Too Far Showing Public Affection


Love is a beautiful feeling enjoyed by many people, especially couples. Just like these 20 couples who have interpreted love and affection as something bold and loud. It sometimes went to the extent of being touchy, crazy and impulsive even in public places. Forgetting that there are things shared worthy to share in public and there are much much more to be kept private, for the couples ONLY.

1. Love is Ageless

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 16

This is an inspiring photo of what we wish for in a relationship – a love that’s ageless, something that never ends. Look at them, it is not just that love that keeps on burning, even the attraction that did continue throughout those years.

2. Problem or Advantage

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 10

Guys love to “own up” their girls by holding on to their waists.  But what if there is a huge height difference like in this picture. His hand, which is supposed to be on her waist, goes a little higher. Our hashtag suggestions for this picture are #shortgirlproblems and #tallguyproblems (or better yet a #tallguyadvantage).

3. Bike On

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 5


It is refreshing to see people who care for the environment by using bicycles on their way to school and/or work. In this way, you can spare Mother Nature from harmful emulsion plus you and your special someone can have cherished moments on your bike. How sweet is that!

4. Not Now

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 18


Whenever asked by a motivational speaker, “when is the best time for *insert activity*?”, the answer is usually “Now is a perfect time!’. But no, this activity is not included. At least, not now. But looks like this couple did not realize that. They can’t wait to get home and started doing it right there and then.

5. Stop and Shop

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 19

Short trips to the supermarket or grocery store can provide the simplest couple’s “Us Time”. Couples who are deeply in love maximize this by showing their affection to each other, usually with loving gestures. But this one is too much, right? For now, they should stop and just shop.

6. Just You and Me

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA

There is something with happily in love couples that make the rest of the world disappear, leaving only a just-you-and-me world. Just like this couple who starts forgetting that they are in a public transportation. The other passengers willfully got themselves out of the picture by turning their backs on what’s happening.

7. Sneaking Scene

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 11This couple has taken literally the “under the table” phrase to do their prohibited transactions. They seem to be in a room full of a decent crowd walking around the place then they managed to sneak under and do their stuff. They better get a room so they can more comfortably continue what they are doing in this small space. 

8. Theory and Practice

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 4


Theory and practice should always go hand in hand to produce a higher theory, then a higher practice. Looks like this couple have encountered the theory that kissing has numerous health benefits. Maybe they got convinced and started to turn it into practice. No wonder they will do higher theory and practice soon.

9. Both Worlds

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 3


We have here a lucky man who is enjoying the best of both worlds. His eyes are looking on the whatever happened on their right side while his hand are unmoved and still touching Jessica Alba’s curvaceous body. Can’t blame him, her body is truly irresistible.

10. Restroom Romance

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 17

Guys, why on earth would you bring your lady in a Men’s Washroom? Do you want her to see those urinals or what?This place is used to excrete human wastes. No matter how clean it is, there will still be thousands of germs multiplying as you kiss. This is totally unhygienic. Unless, it is just a scene for a toilet cleaning product.

11. Club Love

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 6

While the rest of the crowd is focused on the main stage and partying hard that night, the couple here seems to be loving harder on a side stage. So intense that they forgot that they are in a club and with friends. Hope their good friends can drive them to the nearest place to get a room before they start doing their (supposedly) private acts.

12. Waiting

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 15

Our order can take some time to be served depending on its difficulty to cook. But as the good cooks say, if you want to eat good food, be patient in waiting. It is a good thing this lovely couple has learned the value of patience. Look at the man, he already mastered it and just kept himself busy doing other stuff.

13. You Lift Me Up

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 12

Couples share the happiness and contentment to their partner’s life. During the dark moments, one must be ready to lift each other’s spirit whenever he/she is down. And look like this couple has taken this seriously and literally as she was lifted not only emotionally but also physically.

14. RealiTV

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 7

You might have seen Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s passion for each other in their reality show before, so this picture, when they were still a couple, may be tolerable to you. This paparazzi shot caught Scott intensely grabbing Kourtney’s body on a parking lot. We know how the Kardashians love publicity. Maybe they didn’t mind doing this at all.

15. Warm Up

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 1

Have you ever wonder why lovers go to the park when the sun is about to set? Maybe because of the cold sweet breeze that makes them wanna cuddle as they watch the how everything changes. In this case, there might be a really cold wind that blew that they need to warm things up.

16. Party fever

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 14

Yes, you read it right. This picture can really give you a fever. Imagine seeing two people, not sure if a couple or just random people, who seems to seduce one another and starts kissing on a corner. Then there’s this girl who throws up everything she had for dinner. We’re not even sure if it is because of what the lovers are doing or because of too much alcohol intake.

17. Over You

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 13

Are these questions, “Has UFC transferred to a park now?” or “Is that Ronda Rousey on top of her opponent?”, come to your mind when you saw this picture? The answers are both no. But looks like this couple are so avid UFC fans that they brought their own version of intense UFC fight on to this park.

18. First Date

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 8

They are like a new couple deeply in love with each other, right? Just look at how close their heads are. It is like they are starting to look for the same thing from afar, a common goal in life that they want to reach together. Did you also notice where the hand of the guy going? Is he trying to reach his first base?

19. Grappling Match

Couples Caught Doing Too Much PDA 9

Here is another picture of a couple with UFC-like stunts on a grass field. This may be an eyebrow-raising moment because of the way they act on under the scorching sun. It is a good thing this duo presented what they caught on cam in a humorous manner.

What these couples have missed is that love can also be sweet, gentle and quiet. It can be beautifully shown in a private place like the comfort of your own room or home. It is also not limited to intense acts of smooching and touching those should-not-be-touched parts. Love can also be felt with the warm hugs, holding hands and even with the simplest gestures like a pat on the back or the way you look your bae. Don’t get me wrong, we are not limiting you with what you enjoy doing together. Feel free to enjoy all the freedom you want. But also bear in mind that freedom comes with responsibility and the genuine love goes along with faith, hope and respect to your partner and also to mankind.