17 Women On Whether They Actually Like The Taste Of ..

Here is another steamy bedroom confession from different women. We’re not sure where the trend of swallowing semen came from but to some people, it has been a staple in the bedroom.

But how do women really feel about swallowing? Do they love it or are just forced to do it for show? Let’s find out how they feel about doing the deed.

18. Especially For You
17. Not Like Coffee
16. Obsessed 
15. A Girl’s Opinion
14. Just Like Salt
13. Don’t Judge
12. No Spitting Here
11. Not That Bad
10. Finally Over
9. Smell Is Gross
8. It Depends
7. Neither Of The Above
6. Win-Win Situation
5. Not Too Much
4. His’ Tastes Better
3. Too Sour For My Taste
2. Something To Remember
1. Just For Show 

So guys, the next time you ask your girl to swallow ask her how she feels about it. It may look sexy but you’ll never know if she loves it or hate it unless you ask her.

Research may say that semen has health benefits but is she willing to take it to reap the health benefits? It’s not everybody’s cup of tea.


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