18 Women Confess Their Sexual Fantasies That They Would Never Tell Their Partners

Women are expected to have healthy and “normal” sex drives. While some men like women who are adventurous in bed, most men are not up for that. Given that we are in the modern times, it’s still not easy for women to open up about their sexual fantasies.

They’re afraid that they might get shamed or judged for sharing their fantasies. So instead of sharing it with their partners, they opted to remain anonymous and confess their sexual fantasies. Women are human too, right?

18. Too Hot To Handle
17. Older And Wiser
16. So Good Yet So Bad
15. The Squirt
14. Curious As A Cat
13. The Hit List
12. Your Wish Is My Command
11. Only For The Internet
10. Semi-Public Excitement
9. Swing With Another Couple
8. Taken Advantage
7. For Girls Only
6. Watch Me
5. Two At A Time
4. Animal Instincts
3. Three’s A Party
2. Take By Force
1. Off Limits

Were you able to handle that? I don’t think so. So you thought women are always on the safe side. But not these women.

How about you? Would you confess your sexual fantasies to your partner? If not, feel free to share. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.


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