18 Think You WON’T BELIEVE Zayn Said About 1D

FeaturedZayneEarlier this year, singer/songwriter Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving his longtime band, One Direction, in favor of a career as a solo artist. His fans were, of course, devasted, but he seems happier than ever!

We sat down with Zayn to chat about life in 1D, the struggles of being on tour, and some of the juiciest secrets from the band. Some of these facts shocked us, some made us laugh, and others made us a bit sad, but they were all, without a doubt, super interesting!

Without further ado, here are the eighteen most unbelievable things Zayn said!

#18 An R&B Artist

001--18-an-r-b-artist-368427Zayn has said that the main reason he left One Direction was to explore music that was more his “style.” Apparently, the other four members of the band liked performing pop music, but he was more of an R&B guy himself. At least it sounds like they had a pretty peaceful split for artistic reasons! Or did they? The answer is on slide 12!

#17 Pride Issues

002--17-pride-issues-370157Apparently, the other performers in One Direction have some “pride issues.” That’s according to Zayn, at least! He said he thinks that he hurt the boy’s pride when left the band, but that he wishes they would be willing to move past the split to maintain their friendship. Awww!

#16 A Hard Life

003--16-a-hard-life-370181Even though life in the band seems glamorous, Zayn claims that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! He said that they kept long hours, didn’t get to go home often, and were constantly being followed around by fans.

But, he still loved his time as a member! For more information, keep reading to slide 6!

#15 Back Off!

004--15-back-off--368498Apparently, Zayn’s fan have been all over him since he left the band! He says that they won’t leave him alone and that they’re dying to know when more of his solo music will be released. He promises that it’s on the way, but he won’t give an exact date. We’re sure there will be plenty of happy fans when it happens!

#14 Breaking Free

005--14-breaking-free-368504Another reason Zayn gave for leaving One Direction was that he felt like the band’s producers were “too controlling” over his creative process. He reportedly wanted to have a bit more say in the kind of music he was making.

Is he happy with his decision, though? The answer to that is on slide 1!

#13 A Pre-Show Ritual

006--13-a-pre-show-ritual-370165Zayn also shared a fun little tidbit about One Direction’s pre-show rituals! Apparently, all the band members get together before each show to eat lollipops and get excited to go on stage. We think this is sweet! It’s refreshing to see that the boys have found a way to have a little fun while on tour.

Another fun fact about his touring habits is on slide 10!

#12 Not Friends Anymore

007--12-not-friends-anymore--368465Despite splitting off from the band due to “artistic differences,” Zayn says he has hardly heard from the other band members since he left. He claims to have tried to reach out to them, but that they don’t answer his calls anymore. He even thinks they may have changed their phone numbers!

But, he and another 1D member were best friends. Are they still? We’ll explore that on slide 4!

#11 Not “Real” Enough

008--11-not-real-enough-370108Though One Direction’s lyrics are positive and sweet, Zayn said they weren’t “real” enough for him. He prefers making his own music now, especially because he can choose what to sing about. His new songs have certainly been more seductive, but it seems like that’s what he was aiming for.

#10 Harry Potter

009--10-harry-potter-370171Zayn said that the worst part of touring is all the down time on the bus! So, he kept busy with books. Apparently, he and all the other band members really enjoy the Harry Potter series. They all read the books and talked about them in between stops on tour.

#9 No Album For Him

010--9-no-album-for-him-368280Zayn didn’t buy his band’s first album! He often told members of the press that Made in the A.M. was a “cool set of music,” but he admits to never actually forking out the ten Euros (or twenty dollars) to get his hands on a copy. That doesn’t sound like a vote of confidence to us.

#8 Homesickness

011--8-homesickness-368347Zayn said that he loved his time in One Direction, but that he struggled with homesickness the whole way through. He claims he even struggled with this at the very beginning while he and the other boys were on “X-Factor”. He did great to stick it out for so long despite having these feelings!

#7 A Message To Fans

012--7-a-message-to-fans-370179Zayn has an important message to all of his fans! “Don’t take sides between me and One Direction! Please!” It sounds like he really does still support the boys and doesn’t want there to be any bad feelings between the fans and his former bandmates. That’s a great attitude to have!

#6 Still Happy

013--6-still-happy-370177Even though he had some issues while performing in One Direction, Zayn says he still “absolutely loved” his time in the band. We don’t blame him… getting to travel the world and perform concerts with four of your best friends has to be pretty great. We’re glad he enjoyed his time, even if it ended unexpectedly.

#5 A Status Symbol

014--5-a-status-symbol-370153When asked what the best thing he got from his 1D experience, Zayn’s answer is simple: status. He says that the status and name recognition he received from being a member of the pop group has been tremendously important to his musical career. One thing’s for sure… he’s talented with or without his band.

#4 Liam Payne

015--4-liam-payne-368479Zayn and Liam were best friends back when Zayn was in the band. Zayn said that Liam was the “most encouraging” of his vocal talent and that they got along very well! It must’ve been nice for them to have such a strong partnership. We really hope this friendship isn’t over forever.

#3 Learning Bit By Bit

016--3-learning-bit-by-bit-368325Zayn said that being in One Direction taught him a lot about himself and his personality. He realized that he was much stronger than he thought he was, and that he could accomplish anything if he “set his mind to it.”

Who didn’t he learn from, though? Keep reading to find out!

#2 No Life Lessons Here

017--2-no-life-lessons-here-368300Even though Zayn reports learning a lot about himself during his time in the band, he doesn’t give any credit to his millions of fangirls! He said that they were all “very nice and charming,” but that they didn’t teach him anything he didn’t already know. Yikes!

#1 Freedom

018--1-freedom-368584Zayn reports being “very happy” since leaving the band. He feels like he has more freedom over his lyric choices and recording schedule, and that he is happy to be a solo artist. Even though we loved having him in One Direction, we are THRILLED that he is so happy.

We all miss having Zayn Malik as a member of One Direction, but it seems like he’s really enjoying life as a solo artist! We can’t wait to see what comes next from him.

We’re holding onto hope that he and the rest of the band can repair their friendship, but even if they don’t, we can keep enjoying their artistic talents for years to come.

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