18 Terrifying Pictures Captured By Trail Cameras

FeaturedScaryTrail cameras are used primarily by hunters and researchers to study animals and wildlife. The cameras are usually hidden from view so as not to disturb nature, and often times are able to capture things that don’t want to be seen. This is especially terrifying because trail cams have the ability to capture things that would normally hide from the outside world. Desolate forests are terrifying enough, but adding night time darkness and mysterious creatures to it makes it 3 times as chilling. If you’re brave enough, here are 18 of the most chilling things ever caught on a trail camera.

#18 Girl With A Deer

001--18-girl-with-a-deer-227036This photograph was taken in Big Spring, Texas. At first glance, you might think this is just a normal picture capturing some wildlife, but unfortunately, it is not. There is something much more frightening that appeared. Once you notice the little girl all alone and the deer staring suspiciously at her, you’ll get chills down your spine.


#17 Bigfoot?

002--17-bigfoot--227033This mysterious creature was captured on a trail cam earlier in the day in 2011. It speeds through the forest fast, so it’s hard to get a look at it. Many people who have seen the photo speculate that it is, in fact, Bigfoot. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem normal. It also isn’t alone, as there are much more speedy beasts throughout the list. Click through to see what else hides in the forests!

#16 The Rake

003--16-the-rake-227031This image is supposedly proof of the creature known as “The Rake.” This creature is a mythological being that is known to be seen around the New York area. Regardless of what the creature might actually be, it definitely doesn’t look like something we’d want to run into at night. This next slide is guaranteed to keep you up at night…


#15 Another Mysterious Figure With A Deer

004--15-another-mysterious-figure-with-a-dee-227029Do deer have some sort of special power to have mysterious figures follow them around? Whatever the reason deer are commonly spotted with creepy figures, this picture is absolutely chilling. It’s not quite clear what exactly the figure is, but is certain that it doesn’t look happy and we are sure that there is definitely a not normal face in the woods.


#14 What Is This?

005--14-what-is-this--227027This terrifying image is scary in that it could be any number of things. It has a fuzzy outline, making it look like a ghostly figure. The figure also has a drapey look to it, making it possible that it could be a ghost with a long hair or a long cape. Some have even speculated that it could be a skinless monster. Hopefully, it’s just a regular old person in a hoodie of some sort. The next slide reveals something even creepier about the image.

#13 He’s Not Alone

006--13-he-s-not-alone-227071In this image, it can be seen that there are not just one of the creatures, but three. This image also makes it look more so like it’s wearing a type of clothing as it stretches between leg to leg. One of the scariest parts is that you can’t really get any sort of facial recognition.


#12 Another Ghost

007--12-another-ghost-e79b79f429e955c7671606272473c8a1This image looks like it was taken straight from a horror movie. The figure is obviously wearing either a really long coat or a gown. It’s also hard to tell if you can make out a face or if it’s just the leaves creating a pattern. The figure is rather tall as well, making it extra terrifying thinking about the potential that you could run into this in the woods.


#11 Is That An Old Woman?

008--11-is-that-an-old-woman--227077This picture is one of the clearest on the list, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. WE can easily make out from this picture that this is either a creature wearing a nightgown or an old woman walking around outside alone at night in her pajamas. Either way, it isn’t good and is rather unsettling for anyone planning on traveling in the woods anytime soon.

#10 Help That Deer!

009--10-help-that-deer--b2dcc63539e1bbf41784c4afeb07676aIt appears another deer has fallen victim to the presence of something supernatural. Seeing this beast is absolutely horrifying. Not only is it unlike anything else we’ve seen, but it appears to be dangerous as it’s chasing an innocent deer. Imagine seeing this winged and horned beast in your backyard! This isn’t the only beast that gives us chills on the list! Click through to see more strange beings.


#9 What Are They Running From?

010--9-what-are-they-running-from--227015This image doesn’t necessarily have anything terrifying in it, but the implications are enough to chill us to the bone. The deer, as well as the squirrel, appear to be running pretty frantically from something. Whatever it is, we don’t really want to know what it could be.


#8 Scary Moose

011--8-scary-moose-2802395d112b7d048281a0962c059b34This moose may seem like a normal moose, but looking into its eyes you can see is much more terrifying. He looks as though he’s either possessed or just very, very, angry. Either way, this photo reminds us just how much we don’t want to run into a moose while walking around alone in the woods at night.

#7 What Is This Bear Staring At?

012--7-what-is-this-bear-staring-at--227081This picture of a bear is actually pretty scary if you really think about it. Not only is it sitting in a strange upright position, but it also seems to be super mesmerized off camera. This isn’t the only animal on the last that gives us a strange feeling seeing.


#6 Clowning Around

013--6-clowning-around-227087There has been some pretty creepy stuff on the list, but a clown is probably up there with the last things we’d want to see in a forest. Not only is it just completely out of place, but it also has a rather sinister grin on its face. It also appears to know there’s a camera there, reminding us that he’s watching us.


#5 Up Close

014--5-up-close-227085Whoever these eyes might belong to is a rather creepy thing to think about. The creature looks as though it knows that there is a camera there and that it might be pleading for help as it seems rather terrified. It’s probably another innocent deer, running from a terrifying supernatural being.

#4 This Deer Has No Idea

015--4-this-deer-has-no-idea-227089For what reason a squirrel felt the need to attack a deer is unknown, but either way, this is a perfectly timed photograph. The deer doesn’t completely appear to know what is about to happen to him. Is the squirrel possessed by a demon? Does it have rabies? And why does another deer have to be a victim again?


#3 Another Deer?!

016--3-another-deer--227091If you’re a big fan of deer, you probably hate this list by now. It seems that they get the most abuse from threatening animals and creatures in the forest. Why can’t they attack spiders or other gross bugs and animals? It’s almost as if the wolves wanted you to see them eat it as a reminder of just how cruel the forest is to deer.


#2 Walking Dead?

017--2-walking-dead--227094We really hope that whoever placed this trail cam just accidentally placed it on the set of a zombie movie or show. If not, this is absolutely terrifying to think about. Is it a ghost of someone who was brutally murdered? Is there a real zombie in the woods somewhere just waiting to infect someone? And who is walking behind it?

#1 What Could This Possibly Be?

018--1-what-could-this-possibly-be--227102This picture is absolutely heart stopping. It is very unclear as to what this creature could possibly be. At first, you might just assume it’s a bear cub, but the arms appear much too long, and the lack of the rest of the bear cubs around it suggest otherwise. Whatever it may be, we don’t want to know.

Some of these photos might be explainable if we had been there to get a good look at the original setting. Instead, we’re left wondering what these terrifying images could possibly be. They are all absolutely terrifying and give us chills thinking about what possible demons and creatures could be lurking through our forests. If this is just what we were able to capture in more popular areas capable of having a trail cam around, what other possible mysterious beings are lurking in the world that we may never, hopefully, run into? Hopefully, we’ll never find out as we will probably just avoid the forest at night as much as possible now.

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