18 Terrifying Pictures Captured By Trail Cameras

#10 Help That Deer!

009--10-help-that-deer--b2dcc63539e1bbf41784c4afeb07676aIt appears another deer has fallen victim to the presence of something supernatural. Seeing this beast is absolutely horrifying. Not only is it unlike anything else we’ve seen, but it appears to be dangerous as it’s chasing an innocent deer. Imagine seeing this winged and horned beast in your backyard! This isn’t the only beast that gives us chills on the list! Click through to see more strange beings.


#9 What Are They Running From?

010--9-what-are-they-running-from--227015This image doesn’t necessarily have anything terrifying in it, but the implications are enough to chill us to the bone. The deer, as well as the squirrel, appear to be running pretty frantically from something. Whatever it is, we don’t really want to know what it could be.


#8 Scary Moose

011--8-scary-moose-2802395d112b7d048281a0962c059b34This moose may seem like a normal moose, but looking into its eyes you can see is much more terrifying. He looks as though he’s either possessed or just very, very, angry. Either way, this photo reminds us just how much we don’t want to run into a moose while walking around alone in the woods at night.

#7 What Is This Bear Staring At?

012--7-what-is-this-bear-staring-at--227081This picture of a bear is actually pretty scary if you really think about it. Not only is it sitting in a strange upright position, but it also seems to be super mesmerized off camera. This isn’t the only animal on the last that gives us a strange feeling seeing.



#6 Clowning Around

013--6-clowning-around-227087There has been some pretty creepy stuff on the list, but a clown is probably up there with the last things we’d want to see in a forest. Not only is it just completely out of place, but it also has a rather sinister grin on its face. It also appears to know there’s a camera there, reminding us that he’s watching us.


#5 Up Close

014--5-up-close-227085Whoever these eyes might belong to is a rather creepy thing to think about. The creature looks as though it knows that there is a camera there and that it might be pleading for help as it seems rather terrified. It’s probably another innocent deer, running from a terrifying supernatural being.
#4 This Deer Has No Idea

015--4-this-deer-has-no-idea-227089For what reason a squirrel felt the need to attack a deer is unknown, but either way, this is a perfectly timed photograph. The deer doesn’t completely appear to know what is about to happen to him. Is the squirrel possessed by a demon? Does it have rabies? And why does another deer have to be a victim again?


#3 Another Deer?!

016--3-another-deer--227091If you’re a big fan of deer, you probably hate this list by now. It seems that they get the most abuse from threatening animals and creatures in the forest. Why can’t they attack spiders or other gross bugs and animals? It’s almost as if the wolves wanted you to see them eat it as a reminder of just how cruel the forest is to deer.



#2 Walking Dead?

017--2-walking-dead--227094We really hope that whoever placed this trail cam just accidentally placed it on the set of a zombie movie or show. If not, this is absolutely terrifying to think about. Is it a ghost of someone who was brutally murdered? Is there a real zombie in the woods somewhere just waiting to infect someone? And who is walking behind it?


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