18 Surprising Stars That Are Actually Big Jerks In Real Life


FeaturedJerksPeople idolize stars, and that usually means they idealize them too. They love to think our favorite celebrities are great people who they’d be friends with in real life, but the truth is, the stars are just like everyone else. Yes, just like everyone else, stars can be real jerks sometimes.

It’s easy to put on a show during late night talk show appearances or meetings with fans, but it’s tough to act like a decent person 24/7 if you’re not one. That means that even the stars best at hiding their jerkiness slip up from time-to-time and show their real colors.

Curious to know if some of your favorite stars made the list of jerks? Check out who we’ve included!

#18 Kim Kardashian

001--18-kim-kardashian-202599This one might not be too much of a surprise for Kim Kardashian’s many haters (and she has a lot), but on top of that, she’s a bit of a snob. Back in 2014, Kim apparently refused to take a picture with Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s girlfriend at the time, because she was too “lowbrow.”
#17 Jennifer Lopez

002--17-jennifer-lopez-202273“Jenny From the Block” is a beloved pop star by most, but her numerous chart-topping singles and time as a lovable American Idol judge hasn’t spared her from making the jerk list. The media has reported that Lopez is less than gracious during interviews, to say the least. This next celebrity may shock you that she’s on the list…

#16 Julia Roberts

003--16-julia-roberts-6d2be8f9115d0722d76ec237f98db128How could the woman considered by many as America’s sweetheart make the jerk list? Even though she’s had many memorable roles in films like “Pretty Woman” and “Ocean’s Eleven,” she’s also well-known by her assistants for being a terror. On one occasion, it was reported that Roberts threw a dress across the room and then ordered her assistant to fetch it for her.

#15 Jared Leto

004--15-jared-leto-a53ae7f4586b6c267b145b7b1a98528dFor anyone who’s seen Jared Leto in his recent role of “The Joker” in “Suicide Squad,” it’s not hard to believe that he can be a creepy dude. Apparently, that’s exactly how a lot of women find him as he’s known to flirt quite aggressively and in a rather creepy manner. He also flipped off one of his fans that didn’t know the lyrics to a song at one of his 30 Seconds to Mars concerts.

#14 Christina Aguilera

005--14-christina-aguilera-202443If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Voice then it likely won’t surprise you that Christina Aguilera has some major attitude, but it might surprise you that she made the list. What earned her a spot was the fact that she shut down an entire store on Sunset Boulevard and trapped other shoppers inside against their will simply so that she could shop in peace.
#13 Michael Jordan

006--13-michael-jordan-202631Before you hate on us for listing one of the all-time basketball greats, hear us out! As much as Michael Jordan’s fans love him, he apparently doesn’t feel quite the same. It’s reported that Jordan refuses to take any pictures with fans or sign autographs. While we’re sure it’s inconvenient to constantly get swarmed by fans, that just seems rude.

#12 Ariana Grande

007--12-ariana-grande-202525On the surface, it’s tough to find something not to love about Ariana Grande. She’s small, cute, and relatively non-threatening. As much as her fans might adore her, they likely don’t appreciate the fact that she reportedly said all of her fans should “f*cking die” while backstage at one of her shows. Not exactly what you want to hear from your idol.

#11 Josh Duhamel

008--11-josh-duhamel-0ef38f471a81b2cd8ab62c4d2f1eb9efSometimes the one’s that seem the nicest are surprisingly not! As cool as Josh Duhamel seems in film and the media, it’s widely reported that he’s extremely controlling and jealous when it comes to his wife Fergie. We can’t blame him for being protective, but that’s just next level! I thought this next celebrity was supposed to be a sweetheart!

#10 Carrie Underwood

009--10-carrie-underwood-b21974aee43c4889be31e6238129ed23Something about country stars makes us think that they’re all sweethearts, but apparently, that whole image for Carrie Underwood is just a facade. She’s reportedly only a darling when she’s on camera, and the rest of the time many consider her to be arrogant, rude, and generally standoffish. That comes from the mouths of her longtime fans, so we tend to believe them!

#9 Jay Z

010--9-jay-z-16bf23ece9a5704778b8268130a197a0Perhaps the fame paired with having one of the most gorgeous wives of all time in Beyonce has gone to Jay Z’s head, because apparently, he ignored multiple phone calls from the great Robert DeNiro. It got so bad that DeNiro actually confronted him about it at a party, and that’s one guy you do not want to get in trouble with.

#8 Lea Michele

011--8-lea-michele-bc512bd5cb0dfcbebb6550444916e20dHow could anyone from “Glee” make the jerk list? Apparently, Lea Michele was a huge diva while on the set of the popular television show, and reportedly, the reason she was giving so much attitude to everyone was to emphasize that she was the most important star of the show. The fact that this next celebrity is on the jerk list is probably not much of a surprise.

#7 Kiefer Sutherland

012--7-kiefer-sutherland-202748Kiefer Sutherland is no stranger to bad press. The Hollywood bad boy has been widely reported to have issues with alcohol, and it was said that while filming “24” he would often show up drunk and hang out in his trailer for hours, making the whole cast and crew wait on him. We all have seen how this next celebrity can be a jerk…

#6 Nicole Richie

013--6-nicole-richie-4ce4bbf6d09a88945343b392e7163205Being a big time fashion designer and the daughter of beloved singer Lionel Richie seems to make Nicole Richie act like she’s better than a lot of people. We have all seen how snobby she could be in “The Simple Life.” Journalists have reported on multiple occasions that she repeatedly gives short, clipped answers paired with a whole lot of attitude during interviews.

#5 Danny Glover

014--5-danny-glover-202964Danny Glover’s famous line from “Lethal Weapon,” was “I’m too old for this sh*t,” and perhaps that accurately describes his interactions with the media. He once showed a photographer his own lethal weapons by punching them in the face, and as annoying as those TMZ guys can be, that’s probably crossing a line.

#4 Mischa Barton

015--4-mischa-barton-202801If you saw Mischa Barton on “The O.C.” as the spoiled and generally miserable character Marissa Cooper, then you basically know what Barton is like in real life. The cast and crew claimed that she was a nightmare on the set of the teen television drama, and perhaps that’s why she hasn’t secured a lot of work for herself since then.

#3 Zooey Deschanel

016--3-zooey-deschanel-202971While Zooey Deschanel is considered by many of her fans to be the cute, quirky girl in Hollywood, the crew from her sitcom “New Girl” might disagree. Insiders from the staff and crew have claimed that she’s often moody, demanding, and generally rude to most of the people around her on set. This is definitely not the vibe she gives off to the public!

#2 Ryan Gosling

017--2-ryan-gosling-202984Not only is Ryan Gosling one of the leading heartthrobs in Hollywood, he’s also Canadian! While Canadian’s usually have the reputation of being overly nice, Gosling is known to be snarky. A New York writer was interviewing Gosling’s sister, and she suggested that the writer get a quote from her famous brother. Gosling simply rolled his eyes and walked away.

#1 Rachael Ray

ca. 2003 --- Television Cook Rachael Ray --- Image by © Eric Cahan/CORBIS OUTLINE

Rachael Ray is chatty and bubbly to the max, and almost to a fault, but she’s widely considered by viewers of “The Rachael Ray Show” to be kindhearted. Her assistants see her in an altogether different light as she’s reportedly obnoxiously rude at times and has a temper that can fly off the handle in a second.

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems like some of the most loved celebrities are jerks! It’s not all bad, though, there’s still enough good ones out there. In the end, it’s a lot like real life: there’s a lot of good people and a lot of jerks. Apparently, Hollywood isn’t so different from the average person’s world! Were you surprised by any of the stars included on the list? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to share the list with your family and friends!