18 Surprising Celebrity Smokers

All the vices you could imagine could probably be found in Hollywood. Agree? There’s alcohol, drugs, women, gambling, smoking, you name it and it’s most likely in the city of stars. There are some celebrities who practice clean living and there are also some who have some unhealthy habits that the public is unaware of. Although celebrities are thought of to be the perfect role models of all things glamorous and health but it’s not always the case. Despite the strict diets, plastic surgeries, and other insane things celebrities do to look good they have some habits that they just can’t seem to quit. Specifically, smoking cigarettes. Yes, that not so pleasant cigarette smoke that lingers and clings to almost anything and everything. But these list of celebrities doesn’t seem to mind it at all, even the health risks associated with it. Money can’t buy good health. Several famous actors, musicians, models and other big personalities have been caught blowing their lungs off. You’d even be surprised to see your favorite stars here. Take a peek at our list of the shocking celebrity smokers and find out which of your favorites are potentially shaving years off of their lives by staying hooked on nicotine!

18. Hayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere

The all-American clean cut cheerleader has cheered her way to the hearts of audiences and has almost always played a cheerleader in films and TV shows. Little did we know that she’s a heavy smoker and not just a social smoker. As an evidence, paparazzi frequently photograph her smoking her lungs out. Hayden is also a new mother and has been open about her struggle with postpartum depression. During her latest treatment, she was spotted outside the facility having a smoke break. I guess bad habits die hard even for this new mom.

17. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

These former child stars have grown up right before our eyes. They started acting when they were just toddlers in Full House and have become a household name ever since. They were earning a huge amount of money at a young age which helped them retire early in life which is what they’re doing right now. They became super rich and famous that they’re set for life. These days they can be spotted chilling inhaling their favorite cigarettes. Their fashion choices are also criticized and has been dubbed as homeless chic.

16. Keira Knightley

The lovely actress doesn’t just look like someone who smokes but she’s known to swear like a sailor. That pretty face is doing a good job of giving her a wholesome look because who would have guessed that she had some unladylike habits. The adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” definitely applies big time to her. People will really surprise you. But Keira hasn’t just started with the nicotine habit as she has been smoking since she was a young girl. Now that she’s a mother she still smokes like a chimney and is often photographed with a white cloud around her. But despite the habit, she still looks flawless, for now. We all know what smoking does to us right?

15. Cameron Diaz

Cameron is known as one of America’s sweethearts and has a squeaky clean image on the screen. She’s bubbly, fun, and entertaining to watch. We rarely see her play a character that smokes or to even see her smoke when not filming. So she caught us off guard when she was snapped smoking. Who would have thought that she was a smoker in real life? We’re not sure how long she’s been huffing and puffing but its effects aren’t as evident on her, yet. She still has a nice set of chompers and a killer smile that she’s known for. Hopefully, she quits the habit before it shows on her skin and teeth. But for now, a breath mint would do.

14. Lindsay Lohanlindsay lohan

The former Disney child star has been in trouble for some time and had several stints in rehab and run-ins with legal matters. Who would have thought that this sweet, red-headed girl would turn out to be a bad girl? She’s struggled with addiction to a lot of vices but good for her now she’s left them except for one. Yes, except smoking. She’s finally sober and cigarettes may be her last vice, hopefully. We haven’t seen a photo of her partying like crazy for some time now but she’s often photographed puffing away on a cigarette.

13. Britney Spears

She may be toned and fit but smoking is a bad habit that she seems to be enjoying. The pop superstar has been spotted several times enjoying huffing and puffing her lungs out. Despite knowing that fact that smoking damages your voice the mega pop star can’t seem to ditch the stick. There are even rumors that she smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day! Oops, she did it again.

12. Katy Perrykaty perry

Katy Perry is known for hitting high notes and her energetic concert performances. She can perform and belt out high notes for hours without losing her breath which is surprising because she’s a regular smoker. She has been often photographed by paparazzi with cigars on her lips. We wonder how she keeps her voice and stamina in great shape despite her not so healthy habit? If she doesn’t quit now she’ll be feeling the effects sooner or later.

11. Johnny Deppjohnny depp

The veteran actor is known as a chameleon who can play any character effortlessly. From being a pirate to a mad hatter, we’ve all been hooked on the characters he’s played in films. Sometimes, the quirkier, the better. Who wouldn’t love him for all crazy characters he’s played, right? But despite his almost perfect acting skills, he has one habit that he can’t seem to cut off. Yes, he’s a heavy smoker and has been one for a long time now. He admits it and is often seen smoking his lungs off. He even joked about his addition in a 2013 chat for Interview magazine saying that he smokes a thousand a day and is working his way up to 10,000. We’ll just see how his lungs look like after that.

10. Kate Mosskate moss

Now this one is no secret. The whole world knows that this supermodel smokes like a chimney. But despite that, she still banks a lot posing for big brands. But for her own good she probably should ditch the stick to preserve what’s left of her good looks. We’re not sure if she tried quitting but rumor has it that she allegedly spent $3,000 to fly her driver from London to Spain just to get her her favorite brand of e-cigarettes while she was on vacation. Now how crazy is that?

9. Kate Winslet

Yes, the English beauty is a smoker. We were surprised too because she looks like your typical next door neighbor who would shame you for smoking chimneys and littering cigarette remains. But she’s been smoking most of her adult life and have played some characters who smoke. Like Rose, so playing that character wasn’t a far stretch for her. Actually, she can be seen taking smoke breaks while filming or when she is out casually strolling. Even having kids is not enough for her to ditch the stick.

8. Rihannarihanna

The wild singer is not shy about her smoking habit. She likes to light up especially while on vacation or partying. She started out in the industry with her good girl looks but when as she gained fame, she stripped off that image and fully embraced the bad girl rebellious persona, which we can only assume is her real personality. She is not only often photographed smoking but also in her music videos or relaxing with a cigar. Not only that, the Barbadian singer also like to smoke grass on a regular basis which can also be seen in her videos.

7. Gwyneth Paltrowgwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a declared health nut and publicly talks about being health conscious and keeping toxic chemicals out of her body. She even has a lifestyle website that discusses healthy living choices. But she’s a known smoker so we’re not sure where she’s going with that. There’s obviously no organic cigarette if that makes sense so all the chemicals in that cigarette are dumped into her body. She claims only to smoke one cigarette in a week and keeps fit the rest of the days. Well, she’s not fooling anyone because all those chemicals will always be there. No amount of undoing will remove all those chemicals.

6.  Adeleadele

The grammy-winning singer has admitted in many interviews that smoking cigarettes is her greatest vice. Even after a slew of canceled shows, losing her voice, advice from the world’s best doctors and eventually a surgical procedure, the singer hasn’t managed to quit smoking. There was even a point where she was smoking up to 25 cigarettes a day. Most singers in Adele’s league take great care to protect their voice, after all, it’s their money makers. Maybe Adele is just really addicted to the stick that she cannot part with it even if it costs her her voice. Hopefully, it won’t be anytime soon, though.

5. Mila Kunismila kunis

The feisty actress has been turning heads since her rebel character on That 70’s Show. But her character isn’t too far off from her personality off screen. Mila is also a bit of a rebel off screen as she is a regular smoker. She is frequently photographed taking a cigarette break during filming and even off cam while relaxing. Even as a new mom that didn’t stop her from quitting the chimney habit. It’s likely not a surprise because his hubby Ashton Kutcher is also a big smoker. Hopefully, they huff and puff without their child in sight.

4. Lana Del Reylana del rey

The highly-acclaimed singer, songwriter, and model is known for her songs dripping in racy lyrics and free-spirited lifestyle. Her music has been known for its cinematic style, its engrossment with themes of tragic romance and melancholy, and its references during the 1950s and 1960s Americana. Some examples of these songs are “Body Electric,” “Born to Die,” and “Dark Paradise”. Part of her whole image is the bad girl type so knowing that she’s been a longtime smoker probably isn’t shocking as the other stars on the list. How do these singers smoke chimneys and still retain their amazing voices? Maybe the effects would be seen and felt 5 to 10 years from now but fo the meantime Lana enjoys huffing and puffing and still manages to kill it every time she’s on stage.

3. Katherine Heiglkatherine heigl

The blonde actress is one of America’s many sweethearts. She often portrays quirky characters in movies so it’s surprising to know that she picked up the smoking habit. But she wasn’t a smoker before stardom came sh picked it up somewhere along the way to stardom. Maybe it’s a way for her to release some stress as we all know Hollywood is a cutthroat industry. It would take an arm, leg, and sometimes your soul to reach superstardom. Katherine is a known smoker in tinsel town and has some other bad habits as well.

2. Kate Hudsonkate hudson

As the daughter of the great Goldie Hawn, Kate got her mother’s good looks, acting talent, and carefree lifestyle. But it looks like she’s picked up more than that. Specifically, a taste for cigarettes. Yes, despite her active lifestyle, she’s made some room for smoking cigars. It’s pretty ironic for a co-founder of fitness clothes, Kate is the co-founder of Fabletics. She is often seen and photographed working out as almost equally huffing and puffing her cigars. Hopefully, she won’t pass the habit to her sons.

1. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt enjoys coffee and cigarettes with a friend outside La Conversation cafe in West Hollywood Los Angeles, California - 08.12.08 Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 08 Dec 2008 Credit: WENN/Apega/Agent47

The British actress who’s known for her roles in The Young Victoria and The Devil Wears Prada has been photographed smoking on several occasions and she’s been thought to hang out with other smokers for big nights on the town. Now she’s married to American actor John Krasinski and is expecting baby #2 and looks like she’s keeping from the sticks. She’s following doctor’s orders and keeping away from the cancer sticks, hopefully for good.

Some of the celebrities on the list may have surprised you while others didn’t. Well, Hollywood is Hollywood. Everything and anything can be found there even the badest of the bad habits so it’s not surprising that these stars smoke like a chimney. As a matter of fact, smoking is probably the least evil of all the vices if you know what I mean. But the chemicals and toxins the body has absorbed and the damage done is irreversible. Let’s not forget the stinky breath and stained teeth that’s totally unattractive. So we’ll all better be off without the cancer sticks.


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