18 Shortest Lived Hollywood Marriages


FeaturedCouplesMarriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment to the love of your life. For many, however, divorce usually follows that short-lived happily every after. Some people just aren’t supposed to be together, and that’s ok. But for celebrities, the weddings, as well as their relationships in general, get so built up that it all seems to crumble when they split. A lot of celebrities can go on to easily find a new spouse and end up starting a completely new family and a new life. Some, on the other hand, never quite pull back. From years to days, here are the shortest Hollywood marriages that were doomed from the start.

#18 Ryan Renolds & Scarlette Johansson

64th Annual Tony Awards - Audience and Green RoomScarlett and Ryan used to be a favorite couple before Ryan and Blake got hitched. The two were married for two pretty short years. Scarlett opened up in an interview and claimed the split happened because the two were in a very “competitive” marriage. What was the competition? Who can be the more attractive human being? They’re both now happily married to new partners.
#17 Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd

002--17-jennifer-lopez-cris-judd-225186You might not remember, but before Jennifer Lopez divorced and married Marc Anthony, she was briefly married to Cris Judd. Their relationship was just a short lived steamy romance, as Judd was Lopez’s choreographer. But the two fell hard away from each other and split after only 13 months of being married. I have shirts  I have kept for longer than that.

#16 Drew Barrymore & Tom Green

ShoWest Awards 2000A lot of fans of both celebs might not have known that at one point Drew and Tom were married! They met on the set of Charlie’s Angels and decided to get married on a whim. However, they soon got out of the honeymoon phase and decided they no longer wanted to be together. The couple divorced after only 4 months of marriage.

#15 Charlie Sheen & Donna Peele

004--15-charlie-sheen-donna-peele-225177Before Charlie Sheen was the crazy, tiger blood drinking man he is today, he was briefly married to Donna Peele. She and Sheen had decided they wanted to get married after only 6 weeks of dating! They rushed into things a little bit quicker than they should have and ended up divorcing just 5 months after they tied the knot.

#14 Chad Michael Murray & Sophia Bush

005--14-chad-michael-murray-sophia-bush-225171Chad Michael Murray & Sophia Bush were at one point the ultimate dreamy couple that teen girls everywhere fantasized about being in. They had a pretty brief marriage and split after only a couple of months of marriage. They still had to work on set together but were able to keep things civil. That’s a big contrast to what one ex-wife had to say about her past husband! Click ahead to slide 9 to see what she said!
#13 Shannen Doherty & Ashley Hamilton

006--13-shannen-doherty-ashley-hamilton-54dc909690e30296fa5658b5caab1f1bAshley Hamilton was mostly known for just being a movie star’s son. He was even more well known after marrying actress Shannen Doherty at just twenty years old! Unfortunately, the couple did not make it very long at all and ended up splitting after only 5 months of marriage. We all could have predicted this next relationship would never last…

#12 Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson

007--12-kid-rock-pamela-anderson-225157Though their marriage was over pretty quickly, a lot of people definitely remember the marriage between Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson. They got married in bathing suits, something little girls dream of. They didn’t make it very long, though, and ended up splitting after just 4 months of marriage. This next couple was definitely doomed from the start…

#11 Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Esposito

008--11-bradley-cooper-jennifer-esposito-225155Bradley Cooper quickly became every woman’s dream man. He seems so sweet and definitely handsome. However, the two apparently had a pretty nasty marriage and Jennifer was not afraid to talk poorly about him. She stated that he was manipulative and cold, two things that all his lady fans did not want to hear!

#10 Nic Cage & Lisa Marie Presley

009--10-nic-cage-lisa-marie-presley-330ef5777e15460ef0bbb229e8fd02bfNicolas Cage Fell in love with Lisa Marie Presley after locking eyes with her at a Hollywood party. The two quickly fell in love and got married. Unfortunately, the split after only 3 and a half months together. Nic said it was because they both were so stubborn and had very strong personalities.

#9 Nicki Hilton & Todd Meister

TMeisterNHilton_061504.jpgNicki Hilton and Todd Meister tried to play the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” card, but couldn’t quite get away with it. The two got married at a chapel at 2:30 in the morning. They called it quits after 3 months and were able to get their marriage annulled.

#8 Elizabeth Taylor & Conrad Hilton

011--8-elizabeth-taylor-conrad-hilton-225145Elizabeth Taylor was briefly married to Conrad Hilton. Conrad didn’t send a great message to his future grandchildren and divorced after 200 days of marriage. This marriage was the first of 7 for Elizabeth Taylor. The first marriage ended because she stated Conrad was cruel and abusive after the honeymoon. This next celebrity couple is almost laughable at how quickly they got divorced…

#7 Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

012--7-kim-kardashian-kris-humphries-225143Before Kim Kardashian became Mrs. West, she was very briefly Mrs. Humphries. The two aired their marriage and preparation on television, but the honeymoon lasted only 72 days! The two had split for a while, but their divorce wasn’t finalized until Kim was already 9 months pregnant with her first daughter with Kanye West.

#6 Chris Kattan & Sunshine Tutt

013--6-chris-kattan-sunshine-tutt-225352Chris Kattan is known best for being the funny and crazy guy on “Saturday Night Live.” He found himself in a not so funny divorce after only 8 weeks of being married to Sunshine Tutt. This was actually surprising, as the two had been in a serious and committed relationship for 3 years before tying the knot.

#5 Sinead O’Connor & Barry Herridge

014--5-sinead-o-connor-barry-herridge-225350Sinead and Barry are the second couple on the list to make a bit of a mistake in Las Vegas. The two had a much shorter marriage, however, that last 16 days, just a little longer than two weeks! Sinead blamed her fame and pressure from her then in-laws to end the marriage.

#4 Mario Lopez & Ali Landry

015--4-mario-lopez-ali-landry-225356Mario Lopez has always been known for being a hunky womanizer. It’s no surprise then, that even the gorgeous Ali Landry wasn’t able to keep him from his flirty ways. The two divorced after just two weeks of marriage when Ali received numerous phone calls from women telling her that Mario had been unfaithful.

#3 Eddie Murphy & Tracey Edmonds

016--3-eddie-murphy-tracey-edmonds-247616858f273a39ebef562ffa30cf0eEddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds were insanely in love when they first met, and Tracey was relieved to find love again after a nasty divorce. Instead of a happily ever after, however, the couple found themselves divorced after just two weeks of marriage. Apparently, there was a lot of drama building up to the day that caused tension between the two.

#2 Cher & Greg Allman

017--2-cher-greg-allman-225363Everyone knows Cher for being part of Sony and Cher, but she soon remarried Greg Allman. The two had a quick romance and were divorced after just 9 days of marriage. Cher blamed Greg’s drug and alcohol abuse. The two ended up getting together again later on and had a child together. They spent two years in just a relationship but never remarried.

#1 Britney Spears & Jason Alexander

018--1-britney-spears-jason-alexander-225115Britney and Jason hold the record for shortest Hollywood marriage. The two went on a whim and decided to get married in a chapel in Las Vegas. Britney soon regretted her decision after and filed for divorce ASAP while Jason claimed he was actually in love with the pop singer. We all know she should have ended up with Justin anyway.

Some of these marriages didn’t even last as long as a gallon of milk. Others actually stood a chance, but ultimately;other plans got in the way. It’s devastating for anyone to fall out of love in a marriage or realize their spouse isn’t who they thought they were. But these celebs also had to endure the crude backlash from the media and their fans. For many, they were able to move on to new lovers and start new families. Hopefully, they’ll serve as a reminder to anyone who might be interested in getting married quickly or spending thousands of dollars on a day that might just end up as a sour memory.