18 Real Life Princesses You Should Know About

FeaturedPrincessWe’ve all seen the Disney movies where the girl meets the boy who just happens to be a member of a royal family, and the rest is history. But, stories like this happen in real life all the time! Though not every little girl can grow up to be a princess, some are lucky enough to do so! We put together a list of eighteen real life princesses with impressive stories and careers so that you can learn a bit about what royalty is REALLY like!

Check out these 16 real life princess who deserve more popularity than they get!

#18 Princess Madeline

001--18-princess-madeline-307319Princess Madeline of Sweden was born into the Swedish Royal Family in the House of Bernadotte. She owns several horses and is an accomplished equestrian, with several international awards under her belt. In 2009, she was engaged to Jacob Bornstein, though their wedding was later called off. She now lives in New York with her financier boyfriend.

Another equestrian princess is on slide six!


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