18 Of The Longest Celebrity Marriages



It seems like one of the hardest things to do is make a marriage last in the world of celebrities. We’re constantly barraged by the media with new of celebrity marriages lasting weeks or months, and even the ones that last years seem destined to end.

As discouraging as that might seem, there are still a quite a few celebrity marriages that have been long and successful, and we’re crossing our fingers that we’re not jinxing them by putting them squarely in the spotlight!

Take a look at 18 of the longest celebrity marriages out there. You’ll be shocked by how long some of these famous couples have been married!

#18 Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara

1473090209140-2d133f58791f53034609e76ba6c791df-1472753875327This amazing couple has been married for an incredible 67 years! They met in 1953 and married one year later, and since then they’ve worked together on many different comedic projects. They also have two famous children in their own right, Ben and Amy Stiller. That’s one funny family! This next celebrity couple will surely make you smile…
#17 Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft

1473090209759-0fc3b05e0ed276a05a3b474291f4c6a3-1472754329792Remember that feisty cougar in “The Graduate”? That was Anne Bancroft’s famous role, and Mel Brooks has enjoyed a prosperous career as a creator of film and comedy mastermind. They also shared a famous son in Max Brooks, writer of novel-turned-film “World War Z.” They were married 41 years before Anne died in 2005 due to uterine cancer.

#16 Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

1473090209987-b36387f92a4a49f37f48070970f0e386-1472754063664Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward met on the set of popular 50’s film “The Long Hot Summer” in 1953, and the rest is history. They worked together on a number of movies throughout their careers, and their number of years married hit the magical 50 before Paul died in 2008 due to lung cancer. I can’t believe this next celebrity couple has lasted this long!

#15 Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

1473090210294-af111f2079d767cf486bac9d36426dcb-1472754664633After knowing each other for only six months, Streep and Gummer decided to get married. Turns out it was a pretty smart decision as they’ve now been married 38 years. When giving advice on how to have a happy marriage, Streep shared that it’s a good idea to “shut up every once in awhile.” Some good advice I think we could all use sometimes.

#14 Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman

1473090210506-7325f7bd0d316507af4477a3dde4f427-1472755137205-1472820894437Many commonly think of Devito and Perlman as Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood in the beloved film Matilda, but it’s not as well known that this famous couple has been married for 34 years. They’ve had difficulties throughout their marriage with a year-long separation at one point, but they’ve battled through the tough times and remained together.
#13 Johnny Cash and June Carter

1473090210827-6f8aca30b8770bda23ee20e5aeab8439-1472754936888The famously talented musical couple met in 1956 and Cash claims he immediately fell in love, but he was already married to someone else at the time. Time passed and the couple officially married years later in 1968, a date which led to 35 years of marriage in total. Cash and Carter remained happily married until Carter died in 2003. Cash died a few months later due to diabetes.

#12 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

1473090211040-f7a65fac50c94b1c582c8d5b0b511a8e-1472755606895Sometimes love happens at the worst times, and Tom Hanks fell in love with Rita Wilson early in his career while he was married to someone else and raising two children. They met on the set of a TV show, and after Hanks sorted out his affairs with his wife at the time the couple married in 1988. Despite the complicated start, the two have been married for 34 years.

#11 Keith Richards and Patti Hansen

1473090211379-patti-hansen-and-keith-richards-1472763261557Rock and roll is usually followed closely by sex and drugs, but not so commonly is it paired with long and successful marriages. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen have gone against the odds while being married for 33 years, raising children together, and making names for themselves in music and fashion respectively. You may have forgotten about this next celebrity marriage…

#10 Denzel and Paula Washington

1473090212037-423ffc15bcd7c69701e0931d97e9e8d0-1472762719689-1472820966623Women everywhere know and love Denzel Washington, but there was only one that was able to go out and get him. Not only did Paula Washington get him, but the two have remained married for over 30 years. There’s been rumors of divorce and the couple have admitted to challenges, but they’ve managed to endure through the tough times and stay together.

#9 Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest

1473090212367-9eba3c0b5f94c816c41a91efe6dab7d5-1472818594879Known for her roles in classics like Halloween and newer films like Freaky Friday, Curtis is one of American’s favorite funny ladies. Guest is no stranger to the show business either as a screenwriter and composer. Together they’ve adopted two children and been married a total of 32 years. I didn’t know this next celebrity marriage was still going on!

#8 Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn

1473090212669-807b228ad4faa067e8fcd58ebc887263-1472763576083-1472821023720Hollywood’s Golden Couple aren’t technically married, but they’ve been together 30 years and are beloved by everyone that knows them (and even people that don’t), so we’ll make an exception! They’ve raised three celebrity children together in Kate and Oliver Hudson, Wyatt Russell, and another child Boston Russell. It’s always great when a celebrity marriage provides us with celebrity children.

#7 Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall

1473090213018-brad_hall_julia_louis-dreyfus_2012_shankbone-1472818922292A love of theater and laughter first brought Brad Hall and Julia Louis-Dreyfus together, but it’s been love for eachother that’s kept them together for 32 years. They first met as cast members on Saturday Night Life from 1982 to 1984 and Louis-Dreyfus went on to great success in “Seinfeld”.

#6 Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

1473090214337-bb41aa6cf95f68277b75ae0cf0444f1c-1472819377263The adorable couple first met when they played boyfriend and girlfriend on the television show “Family Ties”. Fox and Pollan had no idea at the time that this was foreshadowing their eventual marriage in 1988. They’ve had tough times such as Fox being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1999, but they’ve fought through and stuck together for 28 years and counting.

#5 Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

1473090214523-bbb1c660942fd6912a153e5c72973f7e-1472819170619Bacon and Sedgwick first met on the set of Lemon Sky, a PBS play being turned into a television show in 1988. A short time later in 1988, the couple was married and then had children shortly after. They’ve co-starred in a number of films since they’ve been married, a good sign that they still enjoy being together after 28 years of marriage!

#4 John Travolta and Kelly Preston

1473090214743-3b3e36f21f6d054035e9cd94da28f009-1472819746554-1472821113009John Travolta and Kelly Preston seem to have had their fair share of troubles. Since they married in 1991, they’ve had one of their children struggle with autism and then die from a seizure, they had an unexpected pregnancy and child in 2010, and Travolta has faced constant rumors of being gay while having lawsuits for battery and sexual assault was thrown at him. Despite it all, they’ve stayed married and been together 25 years.

#3 David Bowie and Iman

David Bowie has been in the news plentifully in recent months for his passing from liver cancer, but we’re fully confident that if he were still alive he and wife Iman would still be together. They were married 25 years and she was there to support him till the day he died. You’ll love to see that this next celebrity marriage is still going on…

#2 Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley

The first “Catwoman” Pfeiffer and her producer husband Kelley have accomplished much in their individual professions but possibly even more in the fact that they’ve been married for 23 years. The quarter century mark tends to be a tough one to get past, but these two are staying focused on their careers, their family, and each other.

#1 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Sometimes life is a happy country song, and for McGraw and Hill, that sure does seem to be the case. The couple first met when they toured together in the spring of 1996, and it only took a few short months for them to decide they were right for each other as they married in October of the same year. They’ve kept their names in the country charts and had three daughters along the way, and they’ve almost reached their 20th year of marriage.

The common perception would be that celebrity marriages are always short lived, but there you have it: celebrities are just like everyone else in another way, they can have long and happy marriages!

Maybe the reason we think so many marriages fail is that the tabloids are always there to remind us, and they’re a lot less likely to focus on a couple that’s been happily married for 20 plus years.

We’re wishing all of these couples many more years together, and we hope that the next time we talk about the longest celebrity marriages they’ll all still qualify!