18 Duggar Family Secrets That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!


It doesn’t take an expert to know that the Duggar family is one of the strangest families to grace television in a while. Even before all the scandals, any sane person can see that certain parts of their life are absolutely absurd. Some people admire them for their wholesome values, and while they do have some normal or admiral practices, a lot of what they are about is extremely strange and weird.

The shows that they’re on won’t always show their creepy side, but they never fail to make themselves look weird no matter where they are.

Here are 18 of the creepiest Duggar family secrets that are sure to send chills down your spine. You’ll never believe #9!

18. At One Point, They Did Use Birth Control

18. At One PointIf you couldn’t already tell from how many children these people have, the Duggars are very against birth control. They believe that nothing should stop the impregnation process, because if God wants you to have a baby, you should have that baby. Hopefully, none of the girls ever have any female related health issues that birth control might actually help.

17. Michelle Had A Miscarriage

17. Michelle Had A MiscarriageUnfortunately, Michelle suffered a miscarriage in her first pregnancy, before she had all the kids. It’s quite inspirational to know that she went on to have so many completely healthy children, as many women feel discouraged to continue trying after having a miscarriage. They blame it on the fact that Michelle was taking birth control not too soon before that.

16. No Touching!

16. No TouchingAs it can be assumed with any extreme religious family, the Duggars believe in saving your virginity for marriage. But it goes way beyond just sex. You also aren’t allowed to have your first kiss until you’re married. You aren’t allowed to hold hands until you’ve become engaged, and the only form of touching that is allowed when you’re “courting” are side hugs only!

15. Science Isn’t Real!

15. Science Isn’t RealLike a lot of religious nuts, the Duggars reject a lot of very real parts of science, and many scientifically proven facts. Michelle has been known to state in an interview that overpopulation is a complete myth, and it’s clear she really doesn’t believe in it. One of the daughters has also stated that the earth is only 6,000 years old, because, you know, the bible said so.

14. No Pants Allowed

14. No Pants AllowedThe Duggar females are definitely not allowed to wear pants, shorts, trousers, or anything else with two legs. The only things they can wear are skirts or dresses that go past the knees. They also have to be sure to cover up their chest and their arms. Anything else is too form fitting, and might be too tempting for any males that are around.

13. No Kids Have Birthdays In February Or June

13. No Kids Have BirthdaysEven with all of the kids, somehow none of them have birthdays in June or February. The month with the most birthdays is December. Let’s do the math real quick; that must mean October and June are inactive months, with April being the most active in the Duggar bedroom. That might not make too much sense, but let’s try to not to think too hard about it.

12. Group Texts

12. Group TextsAs we know, the Duggars are pretty strict about what goes on in their children’s relationships before marriage. It makes sense then, that they are involved in every texting conversations the children have when dating someone in a group chat. Not only do they watch over what the children are texting, but they also hire their children to chaperone each other’s dates. It helps keep the women out of any “moral danger.”

11. No Beaches

11. No BeachesThe Duggars like to keep things pretty modest in their everyday wear, so why wouldn’t they in their swimwear as well? All of the Duggar girls have to wear a sort of dress-like suit to go swimming, and they don’t frequent beaches very often. Beaches are full of half naked women just waiting around to tempt all of the Duggar boys.

10. Right To Bear Arms

10. Right To Bear ArmsAlthough the Duggars are conservative in just about every aspect, they are not shy when it comes to pronouncing their love of guns. They often defend their right to bear arms and support the second amendment. They love guns soo much, they don’t seem very concerned at all about their young daughter walking around a gun lying unattended on the ground.

9. They Oppose Gay Marriage

9. They Oppose Gay Marriage
Surprise, surprise, the Duggars hate gay people. It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, right guys? They are never afraid of voicing their thoughts opposing the union of same-sex couples. Michelle fears that if men are allowed to marry other men, they might start using bathrooms of the opposite gender as well, resulting in women being in more moral danger! This was said before the bathroom bill controversies as well, so we can assume how she feels about that, too.

8. Home Schooling Only

8. Home Schooling OnlySince the Duggars have so many conservative thoughts about pretty much everything, it’s not surprising that they choose to homeschool all of their kids. They have enough kids to have their own school anyways. When it comes to college, the kids attend online school as well, though the women don’t really need a college education anyway since the Duggars believe women are made to be baby making machines.

7. No Alcohol

7. No AlcoholAlcohol is definitely a huge no-no in the Duggar household. Alcohol leads to poor choices and bad moral judgment. One of the daughters did say that she tried alcohol once, but only on accident. They attend many political events as a family and at one point she mistakenly drank alcoholic punch thinking that it was just regular punch. She claims the disgusting taste was enough to turn her off for good. We’ll see about that!

6. Michelle Is Always Pregnant

6. Michelle Is Always PregnantMichelle Duggar has been pregnant for 171 months after having 19 kids. This means that out of her 49 years of life, she has been pregnant for over 14 years. That is a lot of hormonal mood swings, back aches, and cravings! It seems she barely had time to rest in between pregnancies, but ultimately it’s God’s decision when Michelle has to be pregnant. Most of her children carry her thoughts on pregnancy as well.

5. Boys And Girls Can’t Play Together

5. Boys And Girls Can’t Play TogetherThe Duggars have very strict rules on their children playing with each other as well. Girls and boys aren’t allowed to play hide and seek together, boys can’t babysit girls, and girls aren’t allowed to sit on any of the boy’s laps, besides their fathers. This is to help prevent any sort of temptations from the boys. It’ll make sense why they might have come up with those rules when you get to number one.

4. Michelle Was A Cheerleader

4. Michelle Was A CheerleaderEven though all skirts have to be past your knee, at one point, Michelle had no fear sporting around a mini skirt as a cheerleader while she was in high school. She also suffered from an eating disorder around this time as well. Jim Bob found out about Michelle after hearing about a cheerleader who was also a Christian, a true dream according to him.

3. No Fun Allowed

3. No Fun AllowedNo touching, no short skirts, and no alcohol aren’t the only fun things the Duggars aren’t allowed to partake in. They’re also not allowed to celebrate Halloween or listen to any music besides gospel. Anything besides these promote ideas of sexuality and drug use, things much too tempting for the strict religious family.

2. Submissive Wives Only

2. Submissive Wives OnlyOne of the most disturbing aspects of the Duggar’s views is that wives are supposed to be submissive. This isn’t just in the sense of making sure your husband makes all the financial decisions or has the last say, it means wives have to be sexually submissive as well. Michelle Duggar has said in interviews that when your husband wants sex, you have to give it to him regardless of if you want to or not. We’re not sure what the daughter’s thoughts are on this, but we’re sure Michelle has taught them similar values.

1. Multiple Sex Scandals

1. Multiple Sex ScandalsIf you haven’t heard by now, the Duggars have been caught up in not one, but two sex scandals involving their son. The first came after it was released that Josh molested five girls, two of them being his own sisters. Shortly after that information was released, he was also found on the Ashley Madison email list, a website where people can find other people to cheat on their spouses with. Since the scandals, he’s been in rehab treating sex addiction and pornography addictions.

Since the airing of their original show 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars have never failed to stay out of the spotlight. They were canceled after a petition was made to end the show due to their unpopular thoughts on marriage. But have no fear, a spin-off revolving around the marital lives of the daughters, Counting On, still airs on TLC. Josh is still being treated for his addictions and is doing his best to stay out of the limelight. With all of the children quickly aging, we’re sure we haven’t heard the last from this large family.


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