18 Co-Star Feuds That Are Incredibly Intense

FeaturedFuedsWhile actors get a ton of fame and fortune for their work, it is not always an easy job. While shooting they not only have long and stressful hours but a number of other potential stressors as well. They could be dealing with a tight budget or even a very limited timeline to deal with. While those in itself can cause actors to get worked up, dealing with the potentially sensitive egos and personalities of the other actors can put them over the edge. Here are 18 actors that have feuded with one another, with #4 on the list getting particularly dirty.

#18 Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard

001--18-robert-downey-jr-and-terrence-howard-264482This dispute took place on the set of Iron Man. It began once Howard was removed from the film, and questions began to come up as to why. Howard claimed that their offer to him was incredibly low, while Downey’s pay went through the roof. Howard claimed Downey pushed him out. Howard ended up getting replaced in the Iron Man movies by actor Don Cheadle.

#17 Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj

002--17-mariah-carey-and-nicki-minaj-264489“American Idol” is a show that has seen a lot of feuds between judges and even contestants, but none bigger or more volatile than Nicki and Mariah. Their feud exploded all over the media and viewers even got to see the tension on TV. Off-screen, the two said some truly horrific things about one another that will probably mean they won’t working together again very soon.

#16 Bill Murray and Lucy Liu

003--16-bill-murray-and-lucy-liu-264493Bill Murray is such a lovable guy it is hard to think of him being in a feud. But in Charlies Angels, he and Liu feuded throughout. Murray was apparently unhappy with her acting talents and there were rumors Liu punched him. Both said the physical aspect never happened and that the whole thing was blown out of proportion. For another feud that was reportedly blown out of proportion, check out the 10th entry on this list.

#15 Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre

004--15-charlie-sheen-and-chuck-lorre-264495The creator of Two and a Half Men and Sheen had a mutually amazing agreement for years. But once Sheen had his breakdown, things went south. Sheen called Lorre a “contaminated little maggot” with Lorre responding that he would be pissed if Sheen outlived him.Make sure to check out the 12th entry on this list, where two more co-stars shared some rather unflattering words about one another.

#14 Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere

005--14-sylvester-stallone-and-richard-gere-264497During the filming of The Lords of Flatbush, things got so bad that Gere actually had to be replaced. After Gere dropped some grease on Stallone, Stallone respected with an elbow to the head, and the tensions could not be eased without removing one of them. The next feud on the list is one where the two co-stars also came to blows.

#13 Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J

n99pacinofox_20000529_09794.jpgDuring a scripted fight in Any Given Sunday between these two actors, things got a little too real. After the director called cut, the two continued to fight and this led Foxx to end up calling the police. However, this isn’t the only Hollywood fight to come out of a scripted fight, check out number 14 on this list to see what I mean.

#12 Will Smith and Janet Hubert

007--12-will-smith-and-janet-hubert-264510That’s right, the first Aunt Vivian in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” wasn’t exactly a fan of Will Smith. Not only has this feud lasted years and decades, but she has said some pretty damning things towards him. She called him an a**hole on numerous occasions and said she would never work with him again.

#11 Shannon Doherty and Alyssa Milano

008--11-shannon-doherty-and-alyssa-milano-264513Doherty had a history of being difficult to work with, and that carried over to her work in Charmed. Her and Alyssa Milano didn’t see eye to eye and she even refused to work with Doherty ever again. This feud could’ve also been why Doherty didn’t last on the show for very long.

#10 Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett

009--10-harrison-ford-and-josh-hartnett-264515While filming Hollywood Homicide in 2003, Josh Hartnett had a problem with Ford. According to him, Ford would often go off in his own little world when they were supposed to be acting. In fact, Ford has sort of developed a reputation for various different feuds. Check out number 11 for another of these apparent feuds featuring Harrison Ford.

#9 William Shatner and George Takei

010--9-william-shatner-and-george-takei-264517These two acted on Star Trek together and this feud has seemingly been going on for decades and decades. Even though both men are much older now, they still trade jabs with each other from time to time, but with Takei saying there is largely no beef and Shatner just references the feud to get more publicity.

#8 Harrison Ford and Sacha Baron Cohen

011--8-harrison-ford-and-sacha-baron-cohen-2dde9cc270896634f4118f478ab72db9While these two never did co-star in a movie in the traditional sense, Harrison Ford did appear in Bruno. While acting as Bruno in the film, he apparently agitated Ford so much that the Indiana Jones actor told him to “f* off”. I guess he wasn’t aware of the fact Bruno was a character in a movie.

#7 Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

012--7-julia-roberts-and-nick-nolte-264523The chemistry of these two actors on the set of their 1994 film I Love Trouble is allegedly one of the worst of all time. But off-screen, things weren’t much better. Roberts called Nolte a disgusting human being and his response was that she simply wasn’t a nice person and that everyone knows that.

#6 Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin

M8DSLIV EC004While their chemistry on screen was decent, there were rumors that the two simply couldn’t work together at all. Off-screen, they were constantly arguing and spatting with one another. In a film where romance and passion are of the utmost importance, being enemies off-screen doesn’t make for the best film. But somehow they pulled it off.

#6 James Franco and Tyrese Gibson

014--6-james-franco-and-tyrese-gibson-264531On the set of Annapolis, things got heated between these two stars as they literally got into a fight. Franco gets really into character in his films and this was no different. So during a boxing scene between the two, Franco ended up slugging Gibson several times in the face, which Gibson felt was personal and was taking things too far.

#4 Faye Dunaway and Roman Polanski

015--4-faye-dunaway-and-roman-polanski-264540During the filming of Chinatown in 1974, these two apparently fought non-stop. The bickering and arguing got to a fever pitch when Dunaway once threw a cup of her own urine at Polanski after he wouldn’t let her use the bathroom on set. In an unsurprising pattern, our next entry also features an actor vs. director feud, but this time with less urine.

#3 Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith

016--3-bruce-willis-and-kevin-smith-264542These two allegedly have two of the biggest egos in Hollywood and as a result, it was no surprise when they had issues on the set of Cop Out. Willis called Smith a whiner and Smith claimed that Willis could not be directed and working with him was soul crushing. I don’t think anybody ended up seeing Cop Out so in the end, they both lost.

#2 Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

017--2-bette-davis-and-joan-crawford-264551This one is throwing it way back but is one of the most famous feuds ever. The feud began when the bisexual Crawford hit on Davis, which Davis didn’t like very much. Even though the fact they were enemies was public knowledge, they were still brought together to star in a film in 1962. That film did well, but studios kept trying to bring them together and it became too much and they would never work with each other long term again.

#1 Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds/David Goyer

018--1-wesley-snipes-and-ryan-reynolds-david-264553While this was originally thought to be a feud with Snipes and Reynolds, it also included director David Goyer just as much. The acting of Snipes was so cold that Reynolds often had to improvise. His relationship with the director was no better, as Snipes would rarely be in direct contact with Goyer and actually tried to strangle him once.

As you can see, some of the most famous actors on the planet have had some major issues with another actor throughout their careers. Now, this doesn’t mean they are a bad person or anything like that. Oftentimes the stress of acting on set can cloud people’s judgments and make them agitated. While we think of movie sets as this amazing place where movies get created, that’s not always the case. Set involve actors, producers, directors and a large film crew working in close proximity, and often getting on the nerves of one another, which is a recipe for hostility.


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