18 Celebrity Prom Photos That Will Make You Feel Better

Prom is probably one of the most memorable events in a teenager’s life. Even some of the celebrities before they rose to stardom went through the awkward teenage stage. The acne, bad hair, big fashion boo-boos, you name it, they went through those. They had no stylists and glam squads during those years so they committed some fashion mistakes that made them look awkward and ordinary just like the rest of us. Those sparkly suits and dresses, caked on makeup and ill-fitting gowns are just some of the hallmarks of a teenager’s awkward stage transitioning to young adulthood. Just like every teenager, back then, we thought we had everything figured out but when we look back to those photos we just cringe or laugh our guts out seeing all those awkwardness. Take comfort and look at these photos that prove even celebrities had awkward teenage years. The 18 Celebrity Prom Photos That Will Make You Feel Better.

18. Ellen Degeneresellen degeneres

This is probably the first and last time we’ll see Ellen wear a dress. Her date was dressed appropriately but her dress was a disaster! Ellen actually admitted that this was a particularly low point in her life. We couldn’t agree more. We’re not sure if it was because of her date, her grown out mullet or drab plaid dress? But these days dresses is her least favorite attire.

17. Brad Pitt

brad pitt

The celebrity A-lister is one of the most good-looking actors in Hollywood. Even now that he’s aged a bit, he can still compete and win over the younger stars. He’s already an established name so he could do whatever he wants and probably get away with it. But before stardom, specifically prom in 1982, he already looked like a celebrity. He may be better looking but this one is not bad at all. He even taught his date how to dance Michael Jackson’s hit Rock With You.

16. Michelle Obamamichelle obama

Who knew that the First Lady was a fan of thigh-high slits? This is probably the most daring dress we’ve seen the First Lady wear or we’ll ever see her wear. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the gown, the slit it has is to die for! We wonder what the president had to say about her dress? Aside from the dress, we can’t help but notice that it looked like she hasn’t aged a bit. She may have a better hairdo now but her face hasn’t changed that much.

15. Jimmy Fallonjimmy falon

The comedian, television host, actor, singer, writer, and producer also had his fair share of awkward teenage prom moments. He has come a long way since that unfortunate blooming into manhood days. He has definitely come a long way and we can a laugh at these photo with him and at him. Sorry, Jimmy. This photo was actually taken only 6 years prior to his SNL debut!

14. Fergiefergie

It’s hard to believe the feisty singer used to dress up like this. But as a teenager, who can blame her? Even her bedazzled gown and over-the-top gloves were way too much for her generation. She looked way too old and outdated because of her get up. Despite the bad fashion, we can’t deny her picture perfect smile. And it looked like she had a good time so we can move on with that.

13. Jennifer Anistonjennifer aniston

Here is another A-list celebrity and Brad’s former flame. This ageless celebrity can do no wrong. Even way back during her prom, she was already keeping it classy and timeless. She looked simply elegant in a black dress with simple jewelry. One thing we wished looked better though was her hair. It needs a little taming but she still looks good nonetheless.

12. Jessica Albajessica alba 2

Jessica Alba is the epitome of perfection even after having kids. But even this perfect woman has had her fair share of awkwardness. After all, she too was a teenager. This prom photo proves this and we can’t get over her milkmaid-inspired gown. Jessica is known for her simple glam red carpet looks but this one didn’t quite make the cut. Sorry Jessica, but the florals went overboard. Her dress may be a fail but her date looks like he’s on cloud nine. With a gorgeous date like Jessica, who wouldn’t?

11. Ryan Seacrestryan seacrest

Even the radio personality, television host, and producer extraordinaire couldn’t escape his awkward past. Now we know that he always loved a slicked back hairdo which he continues to sport even up to now. The hairline is just a tad bit higher but aside from that he still looks good and who could resist that smile? His date sure couldn’t!

10. George Clooneygeorge clooney

Even way back in 1978, we can see that George Clooney already exuded that ladies man vibe. Although he looks better with age, which is a compliment, he’s still that appealing, easy going guy. We’re sure he didn’t have a hard time snagging a date for his prom. His date even looks ecstatic to be with him. Just look at her wide, wide smile.

9. Demi Lovatodemi lovato

This is definitely not an awkward or embarrassing prom photo. Demi was already a Disney star here, so that explains her picture perfect and red carpet ready glam look. She had also been dating a Jonas brother during this time but she was just fulfilling a promise she made to her childhood friend. The Disney star escorted her date in her hometown in Dallas, Texas.

8. Lebron Jameslebron james

Lebron James and ex-girlfriend, because she’s now his wife, Savannah Brinson were high school sweethearts. Their relationship stood the test of time and they’re now happily married and going strong despite rumors and accusations of infidelity from the athlete. During their prom, Savannah was five moths pregnant with their first child, Lebron Jr.

7. Will Ferrellwill ferrell

Funny man Will Ferrell had always been a comedian ever since so this photo is not surprising. He had always been true to himself and the tiara is a killer. A great touch for a big guy, not embarrassing one bit. And his date is a pretty gal. Looked like Will had a blast during his prom.

6. Kellie Picklerkelly pickler

The country music artist and TV personality sure was in great shape during her teen years. Maybe she was a fan of belly dancing that’s why she chose this belly-baring dress. Or is it even called a dress? She was channeling her inner belly dancer back in 2003. She may have a flat belly but what was she thinking? We’re hoping she didn’t freeze her belly off during prom.

5. Beyoncebeyonce

Lyndall Locke is one lucky guy. Dating Queen B is probably one of the highlights of his life. But too bad they didn’t end up together. Maybe Lyndall couldn’t handle the young diva? When Beyonce rose to stardom Lyndall shared in an interview that even before Beyonce was already a diva. Only Jay-Z could handle a woman like her.

4. Taylor Swifttaylor swift

Before she became ultra rich and a worldwide pop sensation, she was an average suburban girl living an ordinary life. No paparazzi and publicity. During her prom, she and her date decided to pair in white. It was somewhat of a trend in proms, to go matchy-matchy with your date. Let’s admit it, some of us even did that. Their attire was almost perfect when they decided to throw up some gang signs and his date wore his cap in a very gangster fashion. It’s okay Taylor, the past is past.

3. Rihannarihanna

Okay, the princess of reinvention looks stunning here. We doubt she even had an awkward moment. She was already a fashionista way back her teenage years and we can definitely see how pulled together she looked. That deep plunging blue gown showed her great figure and her makeup wasn’t caked on. We can still see her natural beauty. But we think it’s just her date that’s a little awkward. Maybe he’s a little bit intimidated by her dress?

2. Danielle Fisheldanielle fishel

Danielle was already a famous star by the time her senior prom came around. She was known as the star of Boy Meets World. And just as it is appropriate for a star, her date was none other than N’SYNC’s Lance Bass. They were probably the talk of the night. They didn’t look as awkward but the only weird part was that now Lance Bass changed his gender preference.

1. Blake Lively

blake lively

Before she became a trendsetter, she also became a fashion victim and went through some awkward stage. Her glitter bomb dress and the small tiara was way too much. We all know that she comes from a famous family even before she found fame herself, so we had higher expectations. But just like every ordinary teenager, fashion is a process that is learned even up to adulthood. But we can forget that stage now because she’s always a hit on the red carpet.

So how did your prom attire look like? If it’s too embarrassing to look at then don’t worry, you’re not the only one. These celebrities also had the same memorable mistakes that are cringe worthy. The bad hair, cakey makeup, horrendous dress, you name it we’ve all been there. But don’t just throw that photo yet it could be a gem when you become famous one day. Just like these celebrities’ throwback prom photos. Who doesn’t want to look at other people’s bad photos? Especially celebrities’, right? We’re human, it’s part of growing up.


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