18 Celebrities Who Are Struggling With Severe Illnesses


FeaturedCelebgsWhen they are on our TVs or on the big screen at the theatre, celebrities and actors seem bigger than life. They are often paid millions and millions of dollars to play interesting or cool characters and oftentimes, they seem like a different species than us. But the fact is, they are all humans just like us and go through various problems in their lives. Included in these problems are serious illnesses, and celebrities aren’t immune to them. In this article, you will see 18 celebs who are struggling with major illnesses, and number 15 will blow your mind.

#18 Morgan Freeman

Science ChannelOne of the most beloved actors (with one of the greatest voices) in Hollywood is none other than Morgan Freeman. And while Freeman has been in Hollywood for years and continues to work in film, he has also been a longtime sufferer of fibromyalgia. He constantly deals with agonizing pain in his left arm, but still manages to work in the business.
#17 Alec Baldwin

002--17-alec-baldwin-f6f67f66714cf259e3166d71936c92d4While it is not a secret that Alec Baldwin is a sufferer of Lyme disease, he does keep his struggles with it fairly quiet in the public eye. His problem leaves him very fatigued at given times while he has been suffering from the issues since he was diagnosed with the disease back in 2007. You may recognize this next celebrity from his hit show on Showtime…

#16 Michael C. Hall

003--16-michael-c-hall-246199Michael C. Hall is without a doubt best known for his role as Dexter on the show of the same name. But in real life, Hall was dealing with something much more frightening than anything in the show. Michael C. Hall had Hodgkins Lymphoma, a type of cancer, and was undergoing treatment. Thankfully he is currently in remission.

#15 Nick Cannon

004--15-nick-cannon-245838Nick Cannon has been an actor, host, and entertainer for years. But Cannon has actually been hospitalized numerous times for his illness, which is Lupus. This is an autoimmune disease that isn’t life threatening it does require careful management that is hard when your schedule is busy. Cannon isn’t the only star to be currently suffering from Lupus, check out the number 11 spot.

#14 Catherine Zeta-Jones

005--14-catherine-zeta-jones-af7052330b4fcd1d166f62a7158bd5ebZeta-Jones is one-half of one of the biggest couples in Hollywood with Michael Douglas. She has appeared in a number of movies and is a huge star, but isn’t without her problems as well. Zeta-Jones suffers from bipolar disorder, which she came public about in 2011. You will be surprised to hear about this next celebrity’s illness…
#13 Pamela Anderson

006--13-pamela-anderson-0c66e158e9b25df13a396e4c5f15549dThis one may be surprising to you. When Anderson announced that she had Hepatitis C, she became a poster child for not sharing needles. She got the disease when she was sharing a tattoo needle with Tommy Lee, who too had the disease. Another famous actress who got her break in the 90s also appears on this list, at number 12.

#12 Sarah Hyland

007--12-sarah-hyland-245844Sarah Hyland is without a doubt best known for her role in the hit show, Modern Family. And while a ton of people knew of her, few know that she has been dealing with kidney disease her entire life. And doctors even told her family that she would never have a normal life, but she went ahead and proved those doctors wrong.

#11 Daniel Radcliffe

008--11-daniel-radcliffe-245846Radcliffe became famous for his portrayal of Harry Potter, but actually, shares more with the character than you thought. Like Potter, Radcliffe also suffers from severe headaches. He suffers from cluster headaches and they are among the most painful type of chronic headaches a person can experience. They usually come in clusters and in episodes, so are fairly easy to predict.

#10 Lil Wayne

009--10-lil-wayne-7ba5b6c16a4b048c881224aff116b3bfWhile Lil Wayne has been selling out stadiums for concerts for years, but what you may not have known about him is that he has been having seizures for almost his entire life. He came forward with the fact he has epilepsy in 2013. Wayne is also not the only rapper that suffers from a severe illness, which you will see at our number 13 spot.

#9 Montell Williams

010--9-montell-williams--2b966be5e4bf13bd5cd3c7dd06fd7a01Montell Williams is an extremely popular host and TV personality and has been struggling with MS for over 30 years. He had numerous flair ups and episodes before he was finally diagnosed with it. Now, he is an advocate for the disease and looks to educate others about it, and has continued to work through his diagnosis.

#8 Toni Braxton

011--8-toni-braxton-245852Braxton is a musician and singer that has won a number of different Grammy awards in the 1990s. But in 2010, she revealed she was diagnosed with Lupus. The disease has already taken the life of one of her uncles, but she continues to fight and work with doctors to make sure she lives the best life she possibly can.

#7 Shannon Doherty

012--7-shannon-doherty-a94d1be5cda73f4cf10cd701c4ca9abcShannon Doherty’s claim to fame was being a star of 90210 in the 1990s. But throughout her career, she has been vocal about her struggles with Crohn’s Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation in the bowels. While it hasn’t been cured, she can control it by living a healthy lifestyle.

#6 Missy Elliott

013--6-missy-elliott-245856Missy Elliott is a rapper who achieved the peak of her fame in the 2000s but is still active in the scene. But Elliott knew something wasn’t right with her health when she couldn’t press her brakes in her car and almost crashed. It turns out she has Grave’s disease, which is an autoimmune disorder.

#5 Bret Michaels

014--5-bret-michaels-915fce3de7db689f6a3deab860c4104fMichaels is a former rock star and television personality, but 2010 was probably the worst night of his life. He not only suffered from a brain hemorrhage, but also a stroke, both in the same year. He suffers from heart disease and also had a hole in his heart, and tries to live as healthy a life as possible.

#4 Nick Jonas

015--4-nick-jonas-61c2c8d4b45efdc240efcd8bf47fbbc8When you think of someone who suffers from diabetes, you probably wouldn’t think of Nick Jonas. When Jonas was on tour at 13, he lost a ton of weight and knew something was wrong. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He works closely with doctors to keep it under control. You would have never known about this next celebrity illness…

#3 Cher

016--3-cher-245862Cher has been a major star for decades and may seem indestructible as she hasn’t lost a step. But what you may not know is that she has been suffered from ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) for almost 30 years. The disease causes chronic fatigue in people that can be extremely intense for some. This next celebrity will probably not surprise you that they have an illness…

#2 Charlie Sheen

Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen has been an extremely successful actor, but in recent years, has become known more for his very public mental breakdown. But when this all subsided, he came back in the headlines last year as he announced he was HIV positive and had been for years. And our next and final entry is among the most famous and well-known examples on this list.

#1 Michael J. Fox

018--1-michael-j-fox-245866Michael J. Fox definitely is one of the celebrities who is most vocal about his disorder. He was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991 and worked in show business for as long as his disease would let him. Since the diagnosis, he has been a vocal advocate for the disease and spreading awareness.

As you could see by the many examples here, celebrities don’t always have it easy. While yes, they can afford the greater things in life, diseases still hit them as hard as everyone else. These individuals have extremely busy and stress-filled lives, which becomes even harder when dealing with an illness that needs constant monitoring and attention. Thankfully, these celebrities can afford the top flight care to keep this very severe illnesses on the back burner. In fact, there is a pretty good chance you didn’t even know many of these celebrities even had an illness in the first place.