18 Celebrities That Ended Up Marryi...

18 Celebrities That Ended Up Marrying Their Fans

FeaturedCouplesAll some people dream about is eventually marrying a celebrity. It’s not really that strange seeing as fans spend their time learning more about their favorite celebrities, watching their movies, listening to their music, and getting to know everything about them.

For the most part, those dreams remain as a pure fantasy, but sometimes they end up becoming a reality. History shows us that there’s a number of high profile celebrities that have ended up falling for their fans and eventually getting married.

Keep reading and find out which famous stars have picked a mate from their own fan club!

#18 Tobey Maguire

001--18-tobey-maguire-205374As is the case with many actors, Tobey Maguire has some really good movies and some really bad ones, but he has a forever fan in wife Jennifer Meyer. She was a big fan of his movies when they met and fell in love. At the time, Meyer was working as a jewelry designer. You would never have guessed this next celebrity married a fan…

#17 Matt Damon

002--17-matt-damon-591caea752fa2580e1ce404ab7826fbaIt’s not hard to believe that Matt Damon has many female admirers in his fan club, but only one actually stole his heart. Luciana Bozan Barroso apparently captured his attention while he was filming “Stuck On You”. She was a bartender at the time, so it must have been one hell of a drink she made him!

#16 Mariah Carey

003--16-mariah-carey-133072d3588b9d4bfc6c61670fdf4ea3Nick Cannon has a certain level of fame in his own right, but when he and Mariah Carey first met he was just a backup dancer and a huge fan of her music. After a brief 6 years of being married during which time they had children together, the couple sadly filed for divorce. We can’t say we didn’t see that coming, though.

#15 Christian Bale

004--15-christian-bale-205427It’s not hard to see why Christian Bale fell for his now wife Sibi, she’s gorgeous! Funny enough, before she met Bale, she was serving as Winona Ryder’s assistant and simply admiring Bale’s work from afar. We’d say that she got quite a nice upgrade! This next celebrity is one of everybody’s favorites…

#14 Anne Hathaway

005--14-anne-hathaway-205468From Catwoman to the Devil’s assistant in Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway has had some great roles in her career, and that’s only naming a couple. Despite her megastar status, she married well beneath that status when she wed Adam Shulman, a longtime fan whom she met through her friends. This next celebrity hunk’s wife will certainly surprise you…

#13 Patrick Dempsey

006--13-patrick-dempsey-205443How many hairdressers dreamed that Patrick Dempsey might one day sit down in their chair and then they’d fall madly in love with each other? A dream for many, but a reality for his now wife Jillian. They met when Dempsey stopped in a barber shop for a cut, and the rest is history.

#12 Nicolas Cage

007--12-nicolas-cage-205482You’d have to be a huge fan of Nicolas Cage in order to put up with his eccentricities and quirks, and apparently, his wife Alice Kim is the woman for the job. They met when she was a waitress at a restaurant he was dining at, and now they have children together. Not a bad life turn – from waitress to the wife of a celebrity.

#11 Steve Harvey

008--11-steve-harvey-205522Apparently, being funny really is a great way to get girls, and Steve Harvey can fully attest to that. He met his wife Marjorie when he was doing a stand-up comedy show, and they fell in love. The two have been married for years and Harvey speaks at length about their happiness. Speaking of a funny man in showbusiness…

#10 Conan O’Brien

NBC's Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien (R) and wife Liza Powell arrive at the 61st annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California September 20, 2009. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES ENTERTAINMENT)

Sometimes the magic force that is Cupid puts someone special right under your nose, and that was exactly the case with Conan O’Brien and his current wife, Liza Powel. They met when Powel became an assistant on his show, and clearly, she was a big fan of the comedian’s work. It seemed that assistant gig came with a great perk!

#9 Ruben Studdard

010--9-ruben-studdard-205538Remember that big, lovable teddy bear from the second season of American Idol? Ruben Studdard won first overall, and he’s gone on to have a reasonably successful singing career. He met his wife-to-be while he was signing autographs in a Walmart. Good thing he didn’t say no to that autograph!

#8 Tom Cruise

011--8-tom-cruise-205554Tom Cruise is a strange, yet charismatic dude, and he’s had an incredibly successful career spanning many decades. Katie Holmes was a self-confessed huge fan of Cruise’s work when they first started dating and eventually got married. After having a daughter together, the couple sadly was divorced. You’ll never guess who this next celebrity ended up marrying…

#7 Kelsey Grammar

012--7-kelsey-grammar-205572Kelsey Grammar was married when he met Katye Walsh, but apparently, the chemistry was too much to deny and Grammar divorced his then wife to be with Walsh. There was a lot of backlash when news of their marriage broke. Walsh was a huge fan of  Grammar’s popular television shows “Cheers” and “Frasier.”

#6 Elvis Presley

013--6-elvis-presley-205592The couple first met when Priscilla was only 14-years-old and she asked for an introduction to the great Elvis Presley, whom she was a huge fan of. A family friend introduced them, and they clearly hit it off. Unfortunately, their marriage ended badly with affairs and divorce but they enjoyed six years together as husband and wife.

#5 Julia Roberts

014--5-julia-roberts-205614Although beloved by many men, Julia Roberts only chose one, and that was her big fan, Danny Moder. They met when Roberts was working on “The Mexican,” and Moder was one of the cameramen on set. That’s a great case of right place, right time, and the right people. Check out who this Hollywood comedian ended up marrying…

#4 Adam Sandler

015--4-adam-sandler-205640Jackie Titone doesn’t have the same kind of stature within show business as husband Adam Sandler does, but perhaps it was the common ground of being in the business that led to their initial attraction. Titone was so in love with Sandler that she even converted to Judaism for him.

#3 John Travolta

016--3-john-travolta-205638Apparently, Kelly Preston can see the future. When she was 16 years old she had a vision that she would marry John Travolta, and that’s exactly what happened. Preston says that Travolta still teases her about the vision to this day, but it’s lead to a long and happy marriage.

#2 Russell Brand

017--2-russell-brand-205662Although an extremely famous singer and performer herself, Katy Perry was a fan of the popular comedian Russell Brand’s ever since they starred in “Get Him To The Greek” together during which their characters made out. That encounter led to them eventually being married, which then led to them getting divorced.

#1 Jessica Alba

018--1-jessica-alba-205687Jessica Alba and Cash Warren first met on the set of “Fantastic Four,” on which Warren was working as a Production Assistant. At least something good came out of that movie! The couple claimed that it was love at first sight, and they’ve now been married for five years and had two children along the way.

If you were hoping to someday marry a celeb then this was likely a nice confident booster! Although the chances might be slim, many celebrities before have dipped their toes in the fan dating pools and ended up getting hitched.

It seems like love really does trump all challenges, and the circles that celebrities travel in is only a small factor for some. Clearly, being a fan is not a dealbreaker.

Were you surprised by any of the celebs on the list? Do you think the stars should only marry other stars of similar status? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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