17 Women Were Asked If They Spit Or Swallow And Their Responses Are Mind-Blowing

In the bedroom, every woman has different ways of pleasing their men or satisfying themselves. Some may be vanilla while others are too freaky for real life. You know what we mean right?

One question most asked of women in the bedroom is do they spit or swallow? There’s no rule when it comes to that. Read on to find out these women’s answers.

17. It’s Been A Long Time
16. Makes Me Wonder
15. It’s Part Of Him
14. A Big Fan
13. Not That Bad
12. Not My Cup Of Tea
11. Just Keep Breathing
10. Good Luck!
9. Just Hate It
8. Gag Reflex
7. Two Choices
6. Better Eating Habits
5. Understanding Hubby
4. Thumbs Down
3. Be Grateful
2. Better Than The Old
1. The Golden Rule

Next time you want your partner to swallow ask her first. Some may like it while some don’t so don’t be pushy when it comes to this. Like one woman said, be grateful your partner is even giving you head.


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