17 Unknown Creatures That Were Wash...

17 Unknown Creatures That Were Washed Up On The Beach

The underwater world still remains to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Even though we are now using advanced technology and high quality equipment, we are still not able to uncover each and everything that the underwater world contains.
Here are some animals that have been washed up on the beach that prove that there are still lots of things to discover under the sea:

1. Giant Creature with Bird-Like Beak

Giant Creature with Bird-Like Beak


Is this a bird? It looks like it but it is definitely not one! The carcass of this weird looking creatures has been washed up along the shores of the Russian far east. It has a beak like a bird but it has the size of a dolphin.

2. The Dinosaur-Like Turtle

The Dinosaur-Like Turtle


Do you believe in dinosaurs? If not, then what is this animal with a turtle-like shell? When this photo was posted in social media, they thought that the photo was fake. No, it is not. Further studies confirmed that this is an alligator-snapping turtle.

3. Giant Eyeball

Giant Eyeball


This seemingly large giant eyeball appeared along the shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2012. They thought that there is a monster living under the see. As it turns out  this eyeball belongs to a 14-pound swordfish.

4. Montauk Monster

Montauk Monster


This one have created lots of noises in the science industry. Known as the Montauk Monster, They thought that this was a decaying body of a raccoon but this theory has been abolished based on some factors.

5. Unknown Sea Monster with Sharp Teeth


Unknown Sea Monster with Sharp Teeth

This one was found along the shores of the Philippines. This monster has been washed up on the shore after the Typhoon Haiyan has devastated the country. Up until now, they have no idea what kind of animal it is.

6. Freaky Fish

Freaky Fish


This unusually large and very scary creature was found along the shores of South Carolina. After studies, it has been discovered that it is the decaying body of a very large sturgeon fish.

7. Dog-Like Monster

Dog-Like Monster


This mysterious creature was found in Santa Barbara and from its face, it is very easy to say that it is a dog. However, it has long claws and short arms which defeats the theory.

8. A Relative of the Dog-Like Monster

A Relative of the Dog-Like Monster


Another dog-like creature was found along the shores of a certain San Diego beach. But it has a pig-like body and very long claws. No one knows what it is until now.

9. Temuka Monster

Temuka Monster


Found along New Zealand’s Southsland is this sea monster. For many, it looks like an alien with a white blob (or tentacle, is it?) coming out from its face. It really shook the quiet small town.

10. Roch Ness Monster

Roch Ness Monster


Found in a place near Loch Ness, this beast or monster is quite scary. This monster is about 5-foot long and its mouth is covered with sharp teeth. This creature made people afraid as to what lurks beneath the lake.

11. Megamouth Shark

Megamouth Shark


This is found in Masbate as well as Albay, both destinations in the Philippines. They call this the megamouth shark which is about 15 feet long and has about 50 rows of teeth.

12. St. Augustine Monster

St. Augustine Monster


This creature was found in St. Augustine Florida in 1896. Known as the St. Augustine Monster, this creature is 18 feet long and weights about five tons. After some tests, it was determined to be a sperm whale.

13. Trunko



In 1924, it has been reported that there is a big white blob found along the shores of Margate in South Africa. This has been washed ashore for 10 days before the scientists had the chance to study it.

14. Hebrides Blob

Hebrides Blob


This was discovered by Louise Whitts in 1990 at the Benbecula Beach in Scottland. The back of this white blob is lined with fin-like structures. Up until now, this creature remains unknown.

15. The Chilean Blob

The Chilean Blob


This creature was found in the shores of Los Muermos, Chile. It is about 39 feet and weighs 14 tons. Based on its DNA, it looks like a sperm whale.

16. New Zealand Globster

New Zealand Globster


In 1968, another blob was found washed up ashore the North Island in New Zealand. According to experts, they do not know any animals that have the same features that this creature has.

17. Alien-Looking Fish

Alien-Looking Fish


This creature may look like a fish with its fins and tail. But the upper part of its body looks like an alien! It seems like the Long Nose Batfish but in a twisted way. This was found in a Santos beach near Sao Paolo Brazil.

So you see, we still have no idea what other types of creature is under the sea. The pictures of these creatures are quite weird  and some are just downright scary and it will surely make people wonder what creatures are still down there.


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