17 Most Hilarious 50 Cents Tweets Of All Time


Well who has not heard or knows the famous 50 cent. This great rapper has kept all of us,  music lovers’ on our toes since the day of his inception. His raps affect the masses. He is amazing and fiddly. Yeah! He is. This fall he released his 6th album, the Street King immortal. It has been a roller coaster and strange journey for him but definitely one of the most popular rapper of this era. But apart from his music career, his other off-screen activities have also kept him in the limelight. He has a habit of being in the public attention. Whether it is his recent relationship to Chelsea Handler or the 50 cent twitter account, he definitely knows how to keep being in the spotlight. Nowadays he has been using “Twitter” as a tool to get in touch with his fans and all. And boy has he been using his account like hell. It looks like he has taken up twitter with a storm. Posting some crazy stuff, trolling other celebs, and what not. Recently he too jumped in the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ mania and challenged Floyed Mayweather. There was quite a buzz about it too on the internet. Now we all know what happened with that challenge. Now this is exactly the stuff that he does on twitter. And it has been quite a while since he has been doing things like this.

50 cent twitter has posts about fellow celebs, on current issues, his routine, and some random stuff etc. Heck he hasn’t left his grandmother out this mayhem that he does on twitter. Now we will look at some of the craziest tweets that he has posted online. They are all not that pretty, but who can blame him for not hiring a geek or publicist for doing up his tweets.

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1- Pure Awkward Guy
Disrespectful Grandson

Here we come to learn that 50 cent is a disrespectful grandson as well. One time he even tweeted about trying to get his grandmother an abortion. Sick!

2- Ugly Cunnilingus
Decency Disrespected

Now he has become an expert on cunnilingus. But he tried to be a gentleman by self-censoring the word “pussy”.

3- Only He Can
He Can Do Anything

Being an expert on cunnilingus wasn’t enough; here he tries to teach the steps to stop masturbation. Community service!

4- Helping or Molesting
Helping is a Way to Molesting

That time when he thought it would nice to help a poor little girl from a third world country. Guess the words “helping” or doing something else.

5- What He is Upto
Careless and Rude Both

50 cent twitter plans on becoming a grammar Nazi. Beware!

6- Being a Boss
Foot Massage

He tweeted a picture of himself relaxing to a foot massage. But didn’t stop being sarcastic.

7- Not Sure What He Wants
Among His Rude Thoughts

As we said, he doesn’t stop trolling. This time it’s Kanye West at his target and apparently abusing his tweets.

8- Run America
Wants to Be The King

50 cent twitter is expressing his interest in getting into politics and running for President. Well, you can imagine the anarchy.

9- Abortion Clinic
The Abortionist

Here he is giving noble views of 50 cent twitter on population control and abortion. How Considerate!

10- The Dirty Drake
The Pure Jerk

50 cent twitter contradicting his own views on masturbation. That guy has to decide which sides he’s on.

11- Nothing to Do But to F**k
I am Here to F**k

50 cent twitter showing his Photoshop skills. But we don’t think that Eminem might be too happy about this. Watch out Cent!

12- Getting Rick
He Got His Things Done

50 cent twitter giving advices on how to get rich. When did he quit music and started being a Life Coach, I wonder.

13- Controversial
Wants to Be Responsible

Just when we thought he was being a responsible citizen, he posts this pot stuff.

14- Wild Thoughts
Anything is Expected

Now we know what he thinks of Justin Beaver…oh! Sorry—Justin Bieber. LOL.

15- Thinking Wild
Fat and Ugly

Don’t know what 50 cent twitter is and what to make of it….Just random stuff I suppose,  a part of 50 cent twitter, nothing more.

16- Hangout
He Found His Friemd

Floyd gotta find a new hangout buddy then. One of the bull shits and says Goodbye!

17- Controversies Again
Altogether Controversial

Making clear that he won’t stop posting stuff that he does. Good thing you can lie your age on the internet.

Well this was just a glimpse of the type of tweets that 50 cent’s twitter posts. As we had earlier told you and you have yourselves seen it now that he trolls celebs, discuss issues and other random stuff. We know how 50 Cent is or how can he be so this is exactly what was expected. There is some explicit content also but isn’t there any in his raps? So deal with it! But we should know is that no matter what he tweets, people will keep following his posts no matter what because he is an icon. He will tweet what he likes or what he feels. There was this one night where he went on a tweet frenzy and posted about 40-50 posts in that one single night. So if you follow him on twitter, be prepared for this type of situation. Because one day you might see your wall flooded with 50 cent twitter posts. These were just a few of the many tweets on twitter by 50 cent. With 50 cent twitter we have another way of connecting or keeping in touch with him. We don’t have to wait months for some album to drop by but just wait for s few hours and he will surely tweet something that will make you like him more. There are dozens of many crazy tweets out there. So we will try to come up another post sometime later in which we’ll look at the other tweets by 50 cent.

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