17 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Muslims

4. Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens

British singer-songwriter and humanitarian Cat Stevens had a largely Christian upbringing but began questioning his religion early on. After exploring other religions, he settled on Islam and has never looked back since. A devout Muslim, Cat – or Yusuf Islam post his conversion – is Islamist in his political views and believes Islam to be the true religion.


5. Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle

No seriously, the comedic genius is a Muslim, but not a strict practitioner from the looks of it. Chapelle smokes, drinks and eats bacon, which are all forbidden in Islam. We know that he converted to the religion in 1998 but he hasn’t been very vocal about his faith except calling it a ‘beautiful thing’ and confessing that he is too flawed to be a poster boy for Islam. We love his talent and classy attitude, regardless.


6. Akon

Akon is one of the richest hip hop entertainers in the world. Akon is also a Muslim who has mentioned Allah in his lyrics. But he considers himself more spiritual than religious, which is easy to believe given the un-Islamic nature of his sexually explicit videos. Taking a cue from wealthy sheikhs, Akon is also believed to have fathered six children with three different women.


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