17 Celebrity Best Kissers in Hollyw...

17 Celebrity Best Kissers in Hollywood

Hollywood is full of gorgeous and talented people. That’s why celebrities gain millions of adoring fans around the world. We love to ogle at them for their seemingly perfect appearance and divine good looks. But there are some qualities that cannot be measured just by looking, it has to be experienced. Just like kissing skills. We all know that it is very common to have a lip-locking scene in every Hollywood film and it can range from mild to torrid. So let’s go on to the 17 Celebrity Best Kissers in Hollywood.

17. Taylor Lautnertaylor lautner

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were in the popular romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day and shared a few lip locking scenes then they started dating shortly after that. Even after their breakup, Swift kept gushing about his fabulous skills.

16. Nicholas Hoult

He is Jennifer Lawrence’s ex-boyfriend and X-men co-star. The couple broke up recently after almost five years of dating. I guess his lip-locking skills were not enough to make a girl on fire stay.

15. Kristen Stewartkristen stewart

The compliment surprisingly didn’t come from her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattison but from Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner. Guess Robert has a different standard.

14. Madonnamadonna

Remember the infamous three-way kiss between Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera? The younger pop stars were impressed with Madonna’s skills. They both said that she had “a great kissing style” and “very soft lips.”

13. Will Ferrellwill ferrell

This funny man may not look like he’s got the skill, but his Land of the Lost co-star Anna Friel says otherwise. She said that he was an expert kisser!

12. Selma Blairselma blair

The 1999 flick Cruel Intentions was one of the hottest movies during its time. Co-stars Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar had a steamy lip locking scene together and Gellar praised Blair’s kissing skills after that.

11. Ethan Hawkeethan hawke

Back in 1997, when he and Uma Thurman, now his wife were filming the movie Gattaca, she confessed that she enjoyed her lip-locking scene with him. She said, “The best kiss I ever had for a movie was with the guy I married because I was really hot for him back then.”

10. Megan Fox

One look at this sizzling woman and we can tell that is a great kisser. Her co-star Amanda Seyfried confirmed this when they both had a kissing scene in the film Jennifer’sBody. She said, “We kissed really well together. We have similar kissing styles.”

9. Oprahoprah

It may be surprising to see her on this list but we’ve got Forest Whitaker to testify for that. Back when Oprah and Whitaker were filming the movie The Butler they had a lip-locking scene and he raved about her skills.

8. Chase Crawfordchace crawford

The Gossip Girl and Glee star have been labeled a great kisser by his Gossip Girl co-star, Madchem Amick. We’ll take her word anytime!

7. Scarlett Johanssonscarlett johanson

The A-list actress was nominated for MTV’s Best Kiss Award for her lip-locking scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Don Jon. During the awards, Sandra Bullock surprised everyone when she gave Scarlett a passionate kiss. She confirmed and said that the kiss was amazing.

6. Zac Efronzac efron

Way back when Zac dated Vaness Hudgens (and they still had that “good girl/boy” image), Hudgens used to constantly praise his kissing skills. Too bad, one of the most loved Disney pairs split up.

5. Natalie Portmannatalie portman

On the set of Garden State, Portman and co-star Zach Braff had a steamy lip-locking scene. After that, Braff raved about Portman’s skill all over the place. I guess that’s how impressed he was!

4. Shia LaBeoufshia lebouf

The former child star, is now all grown up. His Transfromer’s co-star (who is also in the list) gushed about his kissing skills. Coming from her, that definitely means a lot!

3. Kirsten Dunstkirsten dunst

Kirsten and Toby Maguire’s kissing scene in Spiderman may be one of the most memorable lip locking scenes in Hollywood. I’m sure we all remember that, Tobey was hanging upside down while Kirsten slowly peels off his mask and haves a quick, passionate kiss. They even got a Best Award for it!

2. Johnny Deppjohnny depp

The A-list actor received compliments for his kissing skills. Like his female co-stars, Keira Knightly and Marion Cotillard who gushed about his skills. In Jimmy Kimmel’s late knight show, Depp showcased his skills on Kimmel himself just for laughs. The host responded saying he lost his train of thought. I guess that’s how great Johnny Depp is!

1. Elizabeth Hurleyelizabeth hurley

She’s probably more well known for her impressive bosom but according to her Double Whammy co-star, Dennis Leary she has wonderful lip locking skills as well.

There you have it, the 17 Celebrity Best Kissers in Hollywood. Not only are they good-looking but they’ve also got that tongue action going on.


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