16 Unforgettable Celebrity Wardrobe Mishaps that Shocked the World


Celebrities are often regarded as goddesses dressed in glamorous outfits when walking the red carpet. But they step back as human beings when their wardrobes go beyond their control and show more than it should.

Wardrobe misfortunes are often referred as scenarios where these celebs have accidental exposure of the should-not-be-seen parts of their bodies. Maybe because their clothes can’t handle their oozing beauty and body parts. But as the time goes by, there is a thin line between an accidental exposure and intentional flashing of those parts to gain attention. Go on and take a look at these 16 unforgettable and most embarrassing celebrity wardrobe misfortunes.

1. Anne Hathaway


Even the critically-acclaimed actress experienced wardrobe malfunction on the premiere night of her movie Les Miserables, where she played the role of Fantine. All cameras were focused on her and she was wearing a black bondage-inspired dress. As she got out of the limo, she accidentally flipped her skirt. Then the world knew that she skipped wearing something that night.

2. Mariah Carey

Songbird supreme Mariah has reigned the music industry for decades. No doubt that many of this generation’s top singers around the world have been inspired by her five-octave range, whistle register, and melismatic style. And I am sure we won’t mind seeing a bit of her silver-studded underwear during her performance at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

3. Emma Watsonemma

From playing Hermione that we’ve loved, Emma has successfully broken out of that image and blossomed as one of the most beautiful British faces the world adores. Even though there have been numerous slips (yes, not just this), showing of undergarments, double-sided tapes and other cases of fashion disasters, she still looks effortlessly gorgeous on her outfits.

4. Nicki Minajnicki

Nicki Minaj rose to fame as one of the best female singer-rapper of her generation. In contrary to the usual get-up of the rappers, Nicki comfortably expresses herself as an empowered woman wearing whatever clothes she wants – usually in colorful and revealing outfits. In one of her performances, she had a wardrobe disaster. She lifted her legs as part of her dance routine and it revealed what seemed like a padding inserted in her shorts. Or was it an implant?

5. Iggy Azaleaiggy

Singer and model Iggy Azalea attended an event wearing a black dress with sheer and waist-high slits. Looks like the title of her second album, Digital Distortion, fits the description of what she seems to be doing there. Are her thoughts a bit distorted when she lifted her sheered skirt revealing something missing that night?