16 Kitchen Nightmares That Will Improve Your Culinary Self Esteem

How many times have you failed in the kitchen? I for one did so in occasion way too many to count. Most times our inadequacy in the kitchen leads us to poor self esteem when it comes to cooking. Most will agree that it takes time and experience to successfully navigate this domain. Some have given up hope and still others are just plain ignorant of what they are missing.

Cooking can be the most fascinating talent or skill you can delve into in this world. If you like good food, it would be fantastic to know how to prepare them yourself. But the kitchen is also one scary place. It has all the elements for  kitchen nightmares waiting to unfold. Do you see those sharp pointy knives, that too hot a grill or stove, the many confusing knobs of an oven, and the overwhelming number of equipments that you do not have a single clue how to operate? If this stuff is not problem enough, add to it the issue of recipes and actual handling of the ingredients. Panicky? Calm down, this article will prove to you that you are not alone, and best of all you are not the worst.

1 – Saggy is the operative word instead of Al dente.


Who among you have done this at least ones in their life? Pasta is a delicate ingredient; it needs constant tending and proper preparation. The trick is to put the pasta when the water starts to boil. Do not forget to add salt to the water and oil to give it taste and keep it from ending up like this. It needs your TLC, so constantly watch over it and toss the same to make sure all sides are cooking just fine.


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