16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian F...

16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family

Some love them, some feel like they’re trying too hard to command attention from the world. Others think they’re a group that exists to make today’s natural disasters less painful. Some have followed their every move; others believe they’re nothing but a huge glitch in Hollywood and a pain in the butt in their lives.  Regardless of what people think, the Kardashians have definitely captured the public eye. In a way, they’re examples of what some America’s spoiled are like inside and out today.

Like any ordinary family, they have their share of dark and ugly secrets.  Here are just some of the dirty laundry the Kardashians felt the world has already let go (but never forgotten):

1. Sweatshop Scandal

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Sweatshop Scandal

A majority of the stuff we see today are manufactured for cheap in sweatshops in Asian countries where labor conditions are atrocious. The Kardashians know this when it comes to some of their products, but they claim to have no knowledge of such things. Yeah right.

2. Khloe May Not be Family

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Khloe May Not be Family

Khloe is unlike her Kardashian siblings: she’s more grounded and more human than any of them. This difference has spelled rumors she may not be the biological daughter of his late father, Robert Kardashian. Even Robert’s ex-wives and past acquaintances agree.

3. Kim’s Divorce Mania

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's Divorce Mania

Kim, who tied the knot with now ex-husband and NBA player, Kris Humphries, was made clear the marriage wouldn’t last a year. After endless rumors of being impregnated by another guy, Kim decided to call it quits shortly after. Poor Kris. He didn’t see that coming.

4. Kim’s Explicit Tape Scandal

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's Sex Tape Spill

Kim was nothing but a friend of Paris Hilton who rarely made headlines. But since her explicit tape leaked online, she rose to fame considerably. Plus her multi-million dollar deal with an adult agency to distribute the video kept her in the media loop ever since.

5. Kris’ Abusive Allegations

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kris' Abusive Allegations

Kris was accused by Ellen Kardashian (third wife of the late Robert Kardashian) of consistently beating her daughters (Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim) when they were little. Several more accusations followed and shortly thereafter, lawsuits were filed.

6. Kris’ Troubled Father

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kris' Troubled Father

Kris may be the matriarch of the current Kardashians, but she took a tough path growing up. According to rumors, her dad, Bob Houghton, was so abusive and an alcoholic that his mean character rubbed off his bad influence to her ambitions and willpower.

7. Kris’ Pen Bribe

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kris' Pen Bribe

Kris seems to want everything to go her way even if it would mean bribing someone with a pen. One incident points her trying to persuade a columnist’s negative review of her new show. In the end, of course, her bribe failed embarrassingly.

8. Kourtney’s Testament Complaints

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kourtney's Testament Complaints

Khloe had problems when it came to dealing with her late father’s testament. She was suspicious about the statement saying there was no way her father would leave specific possessions to his third wife, Ellen. That’s one dumbfounded analysis not worth proving.

9. Kim’s Move with Kanye

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's Move with Kanye

Kim felt it was a good idea to move to in with her mother (Kris) when she was pregnant with Kanye’s baby. The thought of living under one roof with the Kardashians proved too much for Kanye. So he bought a mansion to derail Kim’s move. Nice one, Kanye.

10. Kim’s Cosmetic Hopes

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's Cosmetic Hopes

Kim admits to not having gone under the knife despite numerous before-and-after pics of her. She did have surgical plans after giving birth. But husband Kanye didn’t seem to approve the move given how his mother died of surgical related complications.

11. Kim’s “Slob” Status

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's Slob Status

Kim’s (most likely ex) assistants revealed that she’s from being a woman who tries hard to be her normal self. According to different reports, Kim is said to be a spoiled slob in so many ways that she blames her assistants for just about anything.

12. Kim’s Boyfriend-Snagging Ways

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's Boyfriend-Snagging Ways

Kim certainly has talent when it comes to snagging celebrity boyfriends. It’s one of the few main reasons why she became a household name. And she started all this when she was at the tender age of 13. Her first boyfriend? Michael Jackson’s nephew, T.J.

13. Kim’s Housewife Dream

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's Housewife Dream

Kim always wanted to be a role model for today’s young women by accomplishing a lot of things. But sources are saying otherwise. When she was a kid, she didn’t care about education or getting a job. So her goal of being an “entrepreneur?” A total fluke.

14. Kim’s Early Bikini and Diet Regimen

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's Early Wax and Diet Regimen

Kim is always known for flaunting her body in public in so many ways. We figured it only started when she shot to stardom. Turns out, she began experimenting with bikinis, bikini wax, and dieting when she was 13 years old. Maybe she wanted to be a model? Not.

15. Kim’s First Job

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's First Job

Kim never aspired to be a career woman and often spends her time on her phone and with friends. Since school was hardly her interest, she decided to make her “professional” jump in fashion. Basically, her job was as a shop assistant in a local boutique.

16. Kim’s First Marriage

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Kim's First Marriage

Kim has made a lot of mistakes and it’s one reason why the world hated her for who she is. One of them involved dating Joey Lawrence when she was 19 (five years her senior). They secretly married a few months later. And then divorced a short period after.

The Kardashians definitely have a pile of skeletons stashed in their closet. From controversial media spills to questioning their family ties and integrity to steamy issues about their relationships with other parties, many assume their overwhelming problems will simply go away and never come back to bite them. But what many failed to realize is that for every new issue they face, the dots seem to connect back to their haunted past. Even worse, the juiciest scandals back in the day would end up becoming another hotbed for controversies, wild theories, and never-ending media backlash. It’s one of the many reasons why some celebrities today try to dissociate themselves from the Kardashians: to avoid the media hoopla they’re naturally known for.


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