15 Weird Billionaires You Have to See to Believe

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We all want to know what goes behind the lives of the richest people in the world. What made them rich? What makes them different? Or what do they do during their free time? Sometimes their unique eccentricities helped them become the person they are now. After all, who doesn’t have some quirkiness in them? They’re super rich and embraced their weirdness. Let’s take a look and learn from these billionaires and how they’ve embraced their quirkiness. Maybe if we do the same we’ll become billionaires like them?

15. Jocelyn WildensteinJocelyn-Wildenstein

The socialite became a billionaire for marrying Alec Wildenstein, he came from a wealthy family of renowned art dealers. But after finding out her husband cheated with a 19-year-old Russian model in their bedroom she immediately filed for divorce. She then received a settlement for billions of dollars. Her cosmetic surgery may look like a botched one but she intended to have a cat-like appearance according to her husband who loved big cats. Jocelyn is reported to be “ecstatic with her work. She feels beautiful. She looks in the mirror and she loves what she sees. She got exactly what she wanted.”


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