15 Reasons “Long Island Medium” Is A FRAUD


FeaturedMediumEach week, millions of viewers tune into TLC so that they can watch the hit television show “Long Island Medium.” The show focuses on Therese Caputo, a supposed psychic from the state of New York. But, who is Caputo really? What’s her story?

Plenty of people have raised questions about whether or not Caputo is as talented as she claims to be. So, we decided to comb through all the rumors. What we found was shocking, but pretty interesting! So, without further ado, check out the 15 reasons that “Long Island Medium” is fake, and its star, Therese Caputo, is a FRAUD!

#18 Therese Caputo

001--18-therese-caputo-449090Therese Caputo looks like the average Long Island mom. She has a family, a beautiful home, and a job. But, beneath the surface, she is anything BUT average! She has her own television show on TLC called “Long Island Medium,” and she has traveled the country to “bring peace to those who are suffering after losing a loved one.”

But, is the comfort she provides real? Or is all just a big scam?

#17 Trick or Treat

002--17-trick-or-treat-449094On her show and at her events, The Long Island Medium seems to recall details about audience members’ loved ones with uncanny accuracy. But, experts on the spiritual world say that Caputo is actually using a number of “tricks” that are meant to trick viewers into believing she is actually channeling their dead relatives!

#16 Cold Reading

003--16-cold-reading-449096 copyCaputo starts all her sessions with a “cold reading.” That is, she makes general statements about the person she is talking to (like their ethnicity, rough age, and general appearance), and uses their reactions to guide the conversation into a very vague and general area. Once she does this, pretty much everything she says could apply to anyone who is listening!

#15 Leading Questions

004--15-leading-questions-449092She also asks her audience general, leading questions. For example, she says something like “Who in the audience has lost a grandmother to breast cancer?” Then, she can use that information to guide her conversations with that person.

Curious about what other tricks the Long Island Medium uses? Check out slide 10!

#14 Doubters

005--14-doubters-449098Kirby Robinson, an acclaimed author, has even published a book about why he believes the Long Island Medium, and her show, are nothing more than big SCAMS! Clearly, for someone to go through all the trouble of conducting the research and writing a book, they must really believe in something!
#13 Howard Stern

006--13-howard-stern-449100Talk radio host Howard Stern has made it clear that Caputo is NOT welcome on his show! She was meant to make an appearance last year, but he turned her down due to her “ridiculous demands” to spend an hour alone with the audience before going live.

What was she planning to do during that hour? Slide 7 has the answer!

#12 Andy Cohen

007--12-andy-cohen-449102Bravo television star Andy Cohen also has his doubts about “Long Island Medium.” After he appeared on the show, he reported that Caputo’s remarks on his late best friend, Natasha Richardson, were offensively incorrect. Cohen certainly knows a lot about show business, so we think his comments are worth paying attention to!

#11 Anderson Cooper

008--11-anderson-cooper-449107Newscaster Anderson Cooper also thinks there’s something fishy about Therese Caputo. He conducted a one-on-one interview with her, and then immediately stated “I’m pretty skeptical about this Long Island Medium stuff. There’s a lot you can say to a room of 300 people… Somebody here has ashes of a loved one, there’s a pretty good chance somebody has a piece of jewelry with some ashes in it. People so want to believe in things… but I want to see actual proof.”

#10 Forced Readings

009--10-forced-readings-449109People who have attended Caputo’s live shows say that a lot of her readings seem “forced.” One audience member said, ““She seemed off and almost every reading was like pulling teeth to match up info… For the most part, readings were forced and uninspired.” That definitely doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement!

#9 Do-Over

010--9-do-over-449111Other audience members have said that Caputo often has to re-film certain segments of her show because her “readings” are so wildly inaccurate. They report that some scenes are filmed over and over again until the Long Island Medium correctly guesses how someone’s loved one died. Apparently, most of her success is based on dumb luck- not actual talent!

#8 An Attitude Problem

011--8-an-attitude-problem-449113Those closest to Caputo say that she has a SERIOUS attitude problem! She is rude to aides and film crew members and doesn’t even acknowledge fans when she sees them out in public. That certainly doesn’t sound like someone who is in this to do good! We smell a money scam here!

#7 Pre-Screening

013--6-oops-449117People who have had Caputo attempt to contact their deceased loved ones say that the film crew conducts EXTENSIVE interviews before allowing them on stage with her. They ask for explicit details about the person’s death, and, though they claim Caputo is not told any of this information, the odds don’t seem to be in her favor!

Does this pre-screening process work, though? We’ll tell you on the next slide!

#6 Oops

014--5-ritzy-449119No matter how carefully she pre-screens her guests, it doesn’t seem to help! There are countless reports of audience members having their loved ones be “channeled” on the show, only to find out that Caputo was getting the details TOTALLY wrong! We can imagine that having that happen would be more than a little bit upsetting!

#5 Ritzy

015--4-a-list-of-demands-449121Typically, mediums are associated with all things natural and spiritual. But, Therese Caputo reportedly insists on staying in five-star accommodations at all times- no exceptions! That certainly makes it seem like her talent to channel the dead may be nothing more than an elaborate show or an attempt to make some money.

#4 A List of Demands

016--3-liar-449123Not only does Caputo demand to stay in nice hotels, she reportedly has a long list of demands that must be met before she will attempt to channel the dead or appear at a function. These include first class flights and picky food requirements. That certainly doesn’t sound very “spiritual!”

#3 Liar

017--2-all-for-the-show-449125Therese Caputo is also known as a liar in her personal life. This has been well-reported, especially by Jaime Franchi in “The Long Island Press.” If her friends and family can’t trust her, can the country? She’s dealing with real human emotion on her show- that’s not something to mess with!

#2 All For The Show

018--1-way-off-c7f9df62b9a3d9494e22649980e29f0fThose close to Caputo have reported that she is nothing more than a talented actress. Apparently, before the opportunity to have her own show arose, Caputo never talked about being a medium or wanting to channel the dead. It certainly raises the question… Is she REALLY a psychic? Or is she just in this for the fame and fortune?

#1 Way Off

003--16-cold-reading-449096 copyIn addition to all sorts of shadiness, the Long Island Medium isn’t even that good of a guesser! Pamela Weinstein appeared on the show, but she said that Caputo’s statements about her dead son were “so far off that they were upsetting.” That’s not a way to treat a bereaved mother!

Well, we’ve given you the facts, so now it’s up to you to decide. Is Therese Caputo a fraud? Is “Long Island Medium” a scam?  Has she made her fortune off the pain of others? We think so, but you have to figure that out for yourself!

From the outside, she looks like a normal Long Island mom. But, there is so much more to her story than that! Does she have a real talent, or is she just a good actress?

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