15 Odd Looking Animal Species You Probably Never Heard Of

It is well known that any living being adjusts to live in its environment. Though most of the creatures you happen to see in your environment have the shape and the appearance that you expect, there are certain animal species that have odd looking shapes and appearances. This is mainly due to the fact that they have evolved to be so for thousands of years. Evolutionary changes have enabled them to live in their peculiar environments. In case humans don’t disturb them they will exist for future generations to see despite the fact that they have their natural predators to escape from.

Natural environments they live are such that these bizarre creatures have developed their own defense systems to thwart the efforts of their predators to attack them. At the same time, they have very special ways of attacking their prey. There are some herbivorous creatures that have the ability to camouflage themselves to live among trees by acquiring shapes and colors of leaves. There are other animal species that are able to hide and wait their prey to come close to them in order to catch and feed on them.

There certain creatures that have venom in their stings. While they are able to control and kill their prey with venom, humans kill these animals due to the very presence of their venom as they get scared on sight that these animals will sting them. With all these considerations in mind it is interesting to look at these odd looking animals and to study their behavior. Animal lovers have been able to take a few snapshots of some of these animals as well. While some of these animal species have not been easy to capture with cameras there have been others that could be photographed easily. The following are some of the odd creatures we are able to describe for you along with their pictures.

1- Ankole Watusi
Long Horns from Africa

Ankole Watusi is a breed of cattle that lives in Africa. They are also called the Ankole long horns due to their massive horns that could grow up to a length of 8 feet. These horns are used by this animal species for its defense as well as for cooling its body in the warm habitat where it lives. These animals are reared in certain African countries for milk but they are rarely killed for meat.

2- Irrawaddi Dolphins
Dolphins with Short Beaks and Bulging Foreheads

One of the animal species, dolphins that look strange with their short beaks and bulging foreheads are found in South Asian and South East Asian coastal areas. They certainly look different from other dolphins. These animals could be seen in the ocean as they need to come out of water to take fresh air as they cannot stay under water for more than one or two minutes.

3- Pacu Fish
Full Jaws Shaown

When Pacu Fish open its mouth it resembles the smile of a human. Male fishermen in South America which is the native region of this fish are scared to swim in areas where this fish is present calling them the “ball cutters”. Its appearance also is a bit strange for a fish. Though this is a vegetarian fish it has mistaken human male reproductive organs for nuts when it has attacked humans. This is an opinion expressed by scientists.

4- Eastern Long Necked Turtle
Neck is Like 10 Inch Long

This turtle with a long neck has an appropriate name among animal species. Their necks could be as long as 10 inches and they are native to Australia. Also called the snake neck turtles, they use their necks to catch their prey the same way snakes do.

5- The Flying Snake (Chrysopelea)
The Snake That Flies

The strange thing with this snake is that it could fly. It will climb up trees and glide through the air to land where it wants. They are venomous but not deadly and are found in South East Asian mainland and in China, India and Sri Lanka. They pray on bats, frogs, birds and lizards. It is able to flare its ribs and flatten its body in order to glide through air.

6- Sarcastic Fringeheads
They Are As Big As One Foot

Despite what its name suggests this fish is a ferocious animal species. It could be seen off the western coast of North America. They grow up to a length of around 12 inches and have acquired specialty for their abnormally large mouths. They often fight with other fish of the same species for territorial dominance.

7- Bearded Vultures
The Beautiful Vulture

Though they are vultures they are beautiful birds. However, people in the mountainous regions of Everest as well as Himalayas where they live people are scared of them thinking that they will attack their children and lambs. Only a few of them are surviving due to this reason. However, it is not known that these vultures have attacked living human beings.

8- Saiga Antelope
The Nose Filters Dust

This antelope with a funny looking nose is one of the endangered species of antelopes. It is found in Eurasian Steppes and its nose is able to filter dust that is being created when the herds are migrating. Though there was a population of one million of these animals 20 years ago, presently there are only 50,000 of them living.

9- Ring Tailed Cat
Cat from Arid Zones

Though it is called a cat this animal found only in arid zones of North America is a member of raccoon family. During early days of mining these animals have been domesticated and kept in cabins by miners to hunt vermin. Therefore, they are also still called the miner’s cats. It is a nocturnal animal species and could be found in many states of the United States in the US.

10- Enypniastes, , One of the Animal Species

Can you believe that this sea cucumber lives in depths of 16,400 feet? It eats mud from the sea bed that is edible and the food ends up in its gut straight away. Tentacles located around its red mouth helps the process of taking in food in.

11- Gerenuk
Somalian Giraffe

Gerenuk in the language of Somalia means Giraffe. This is an animal species that is able to stand on its hind legs in order to reach the leaves of tall trees other animals are not able to reach. They rarely do grazing and very often they feed on leaves of trees.

12- Star-Nosed Mole
The Blind That Lives Underground

This blind animal cannot be seen easily as it lives underground. North America is where it could be found. The tentacles that could be seen around its nose are highly sensitive to electrical currents emitted by its prey which are minute in power.

13- Barreleye
Beautiful Fish with Transparent Head

This peculiar fish that could be found in depths of 2000 feet in Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans has a transparent head. The two lenses above its eyes help it to locate its pry by focusing on the little sunlight that falls on it. This is yet another animal species that lives in deep sea.

14- Gharials
Lizard That Grows Up To Twenty Feet.

This lizard that once dominated almost all river systems grows up to be 20 feet in length. Full grown one of this animal species will weigh approximately 300 pounds. Its long jaws are able to hunt fish quite efficiently but they are nearing extinction due to their food sources are depleted due to over fishing by humans.

15- Frilled Shark
Old Species from Pacific & Atlantic Oceans

This beast that belongs to pre-historic era is still living in Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It has 300 teeth and they are trident shaped. They are located in 25 rows and are able to tear through any prey. Its gestation period of three and a half years is a record among sharks according to scientists.

Though there are many different animal species that have peculiar ways in this list, only their appearances are considered. They come from different parts of the world and live in a variety of habitats. Many of them live in the sea and only those who have the interest and the resources to see them are familiar with them. Marine life shown in this list is picked up from the rarest out of those that live in the sea. There is one animal species out of the lot that predominantly lives under ground. Others live in forests and arid areas. Therefore, it is not impossible for you to have seen some of them.

Since it is our responsibility to let these animal species to live for future generations to see, it is the duty of every one of us to help these animals to survive. Overfishing and the pollution of waterways are two of the common ways humans pave the way for the extinction of some of the animals, especially those live in waterways and the oceans. Therefore, knowing about these animals alone is going to be useful for any one.

Some of the animal species described here are peculiar due to their habitats and there are others that have odd defense systems. Still others have peculiar ways of hunting their prey. While only a few are listed here there are many more to be found. It will be interesting to explore their ways and to study their food habits, habitats and defense systems.





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