15 Odd Looking Animal Species You Probably Never Heard Of

It is well known that any living being adjusts to live in its environment. Though most of the creatures you happen to see in your environment have the shape and the appearance that you expect, there are certain animal species that have odd looking shapes and appearances. This is mainly due to the fact that they have evolved to be so for thousands of years. Evolutionary changes have enabled them to live in their peculiar environments. In case humans don’t disturb them they will exist for future generations to see despite the fact that they have their natural predators to escape from.

Natural environments they live are such that these bizarre creatures have developed their own defense systems to thwart the efforts of their predators to attack them. At the same time, they have very special ways of attacking their prey. There are some herbivorous creatures that have the ability to camouflage themselves to live among trees by acquiring shapes and colors of leaves. There are other animal species that are able to hide and wait their prey to come close to them in order to catch and feed on them.

There certain creatures that have venom in their stings. While they are able to control and kill their prey with venom, humans kill these animals due to the very presence of their venom as they get scared on sight that these animals will sting them. With all these considerations in mind it is interesting to look at these odd looking animals and to study their behavior. Animal lovers have been able to take a few snapshots of some of these animals as well. While some of these animal species have not been easy to capture with cameras there have been others that could be photographed easily. The following are some of the odd creatures we are able to describe for you along with their pictures.

1- Ankole Watusi
Long Horns from Africa

Ankole Watusi is a breed of cattle that lives in Africa. They are also called the Ankole long horns due to their massive horns that could grow up to a length of 8 feet. These horns are used by this animal species for its defense as well as for cooling its body in the warm habitat where it lives. These animals are reared in certain African countries for milk but they are rarely killed for meat.


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