15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Disappeared from the Limelight

It’s sad to know that Hollywood celebrities who rake in so much money to “pretend” for a living suddenly vanishes or decides to leave the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world for some tragic reason. Hard to believe? It can be for some. But it does happen more frequently than what many would think. Some would say “retirement,” others prefer seeing it as “taking a break.” But whatever issues these celebrities had to face publicly or behind closed doors, it catapulted them directly out of the limelight.

Here are 15 Hollywood celebrities who shocked the world by suddenly falling out the grid:

1. Randy Quaid

Batch 5- 15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Disappeared from the Limelight- Randy Quaid

Randy believes there are people in Hollywood who want to end his acting career, which is one reason why he’s no longer getting offers from Tinseltown since 2009. But he did make headlines last year, when he uploaded a nasty video with his wife online.


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