15 Heartstopping Creepy Stories

Have you ever experienced Deja vu? Heard a voice out of nowhere? Or had a dream that was so real you felt it actually happened?

These horrifying experience are the last thing you want to happen in your lifetime. But sometimes, creepy things do happen to us. Are you up for it? Then get ready to have your heart stop.

15. Haunted Fastfood
14. More Than We Know
13. War Veteran
12. Creepy Intense Dreams
11. Voice Out Of Nowhere
10. Worse Than Deja Vu
9. Freak Building 
8. Mind Illusion
7. A Reflection Or Unknown Creature
6. Someone’s Looking After Me
5. Mannequin Town
4. Camping Misfortune
3. Left Wondering
2. French Confusion
1. Saved Lives

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. These creepy stories are not just from the movies but happened in real life. What would you do if any of these happened to you? Do you have any creepy stories to share? Go ahead, we’ll listen.


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