15 Funny Signs From Around The World You Have To See

funny-signsSigns are everywhere. Wherever we look we are bombarded with things being sold or told us that it’s hard to know where to look. So advertisers do their best to stand out and catch our attention. The world of signage has never gotten this competitive before.

Sometimes bigger is not better. Your sign has to be cleverly written with a catchy photo in order to stand out. But these signs we’ve collected is not only catchy but funny as well. There’s no effective sign than making people laugh. Check these 15 funny signs for your viewing pleasure.

15. Toilet Etiquettetoilet-etiquette funny signs

Using the public bathroom dreads most of us. Let’s not get into details but we all know what I’m talking about.

This establishment knows what we’re talking about so it made extra precautions and reminders even before you enter their bathroom. Clever, no? It hits the target yet still very tactful.

14. Auto Correct


Auto correct, the struggle is real. We can all relate to that. And looks like the person who made this sign needed to be rescued by auto correct. Maybe the person putting up the sign was think or feeling something else. Enema, anyone?

13. T-errorist


Let’s admit it, writing and editing can sometimes be boring. Plus you have to be a grammar nazi or else you’ll never hear the end of it. This clever sign is a reminder though that a typo is not allowed. Plus, who wants the errorists to win? It would be such terror.

12. Traffic Sign


This traffic sign openly mocking you will make you lose your temper. Or make you laugh. You decide. But whoever put this on the road is definitely up to no good. Hopefully, nobody saw him put that up, or else..

11. At the Dentist


A trip to the dentist is not everybody’s cup of tea. We’ve all had our sugary treats and missed flossing once or twice. Or even more. So your dentist may not be thrilled to see what’s happening inside your mouth.

Who says dentists doesn’t have a sense of humor? This one definitely does and he wants those chompers to be clean and healthy too. No floss? No parking. So you know what to do next time.

10. Slow Down


Who doesn’t care about foxes? The people in this town sure does. Maybe foxes in their area keep being run over by cars. They even made an exclusive sign for their special animals. It’s quite simple but catchy. Don’t you think?

9. Great Deal


So you’re on a road trip with your friends or family and suddenly felt hungry. You spot a restaurant nearby with a drive thru. You’re thinking, perfect! They even have a blowout. But when you get nearer it’s just a deal breaker. Yeah, what a great deal! We’ll probably just skip this deal.

8. Church Sign


This church sign is spot on. Every church has its stand on gay marriage and this is one is not shy about letting the whole world know their stand. We can hear the LGBT community cheering on. It says it all.

7. Good Morning


Looks like the one who made this sign has an enemy he wanted to get rid of. But unfortunately, they failed. Looks like it’s a good day to be alive. Feeling like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Let this sign cheer you up.

6. Fire Hazard

forest-funny-signJust when you thought you’re free to do anything in the forest you suddenly see this sign. It’s hilarious! Just when you thought you could be one with nature.

Unfortunately, the forest here is a fire hazard. A forest fire could start. You know farts contain methane which is known to be combustible. Just hold the beans before coming here.

5. Homeless


Just one look at the sign and you already know the past of this poor man. He used to be happily married but then their marriage turned sour and eventually they split up. Too bad for this guy. Next time you better hire a good lawyer or else you’ll end up like this man.

4. Campaign Ad


What better way to promote yourself than to make a campaign ad. And Ann Collins have mastered it. This aspiring treasurer addresses every voters concern and with a smile. After all, the treasurer handles all the money and we definitely want someone who’s good in math.

3. Mosquito Problems


Here is another sign outside the church. And it looks like this guy was having some serious issues with the mosquitoes. We wish too that it was those guys who got extinct. But for now, a mosquito repellant would do.

2. All About Grace


This hip church surely knows how to preach. Who doesn’t like grace? We all need it. So this church attracts outsiders by posting this sign. Maybe you can dance to the tune while going inside the church because the sign sure is catchy. The pastor and people might be as hip as their sign.

1. Local Bar


Husband, planning on going to the bar? Then better be prepared. This friendly local bar will keep you from trouble just choose your options. Just don’t forget to keep some extra few dollars in case of emergency and you’re good to go. Just hope that your wife doesn’t know about this.

These 15 Funny Signs From Around The World You Have To See is definitely one-of-a-kind. Sometimes people can be so funny ad witty. In case you’re having a bad day, just look around you and you’ll never know you might read a funny sign that will help perk you up. Or better yet, prepare to snap a photo and share it to the world. Everybody love a good laugh.


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