15 Dressing Room Demands That Show How Crazy Divas Really Are


There’s no getting away from the contractual rider in today’s showbiz world. It allows stars to specify their requirements of a venue before they arrive. The rock group, Van Halen, is famous for having a clause in their rider which required a bowl of M&M’s to be placed in their dressing room but with a single catch – all the M&M’s had to be brown. It wasn’t diva behavior; it was done to make sure the contract had been read properly. That’s very much unlike these 15 dressing room demands which show just how much of a diva a star can be today.

#15 Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is one of the world’s biggest stars and don’t venues just know it? Her rider demands a personal attendant – to dispose of her used chewing gum! She also requires Cristal champagne to be served and plastic straws to drink it with. Oh and 20 white kittens too.

#14 Prince


Prince passed away tragically in 2016 but we wonder if the venues he visited will miss him very much? His first demand was that they provide a physician to give him B-12 shots before he went out on stage. Then he needed them to shrink wrap every single thing in his dressing room…

#13 Britney Spears


It’s clear that even as a young girl, Britney had delusions of grandeur. When she went on tour everywhere had to provide a framed photograph of the British Royal, Princess Diana, in her dressing room. She also has a clause which requires the venue to pay her $5,000 if the phone rings in her dressing room.

#12 Justin Bieber


At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking Justin Bieber’s requests were quite normal in the scheme of celebrity demands; he expects white socks and white t-shirts (lots of them) in his dressing room. What’s strange about that? He expects them to be in a huge range of sizes.

#11 Justin Timberlake


The megastar, Justin Timberlake, seems to have a certain nervous condition when it comes to the cleanliness of venues. His requirement of venues is that they must send someone to thoroughly disinfect every door handle that he might come into contact with, every two hours until he leaves the venue.

#10 Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga seems so down-to-earth and then you read her rider. It needs 56 bottles of water of which half must be chilled and the other half kept at room temperature. That’s not the strangest thing on her, substantial, list though – that’s the mannequin which must have pink pubic hair.

#9 Janet Jackson


Who’d have expected anything less from a member of the slightly bonkers Jackson family? Janet Jackson, when she’s not flashing her nipple at the unsuspecting public, expects a chaise longue to be provided everywhere she goes. She also needs 10 black roses to be placed in her dressing room.

#8 Paul McCartney


Paul McCartney’s obviously forgotten his humble roots and gone for jungle roots instead. He expects a dressing room to contain “four times six-foot tall regular plants” and “nineteen times six-foot tall leafy, green plants”. He also has a total ban on meat and meat related products in the backstage areas.

#7 Katy Perry


Perhaps, the most demanding star of the all is Katy Perry. Whose rider requires a driver that doesn’t speak to her at all but who must ask if they are unsure of anything (contradictory much?). She also needs two egg chairs both of which must be cream and one must have a footstool to go with it.

#6 David Hasselhoff


All of these insane demands seem to stem from an over-inflated sense of self-worth from our celebrities. In David Hasselhoff’s case, he once took this to the ultimate extreme by demanding that a life-sized cutout of himself was placed in his dressing room before the show.

#5 Kanye West


The self-styled king of pop has a reputation for diva-like behaviour anyway so it won’t come as a surprise that he has a rather long list of wild demands. The oddest thing on the list is “imported and recut” Versace towels, though; we have no idea what that’s supposed to mean at all.

#4 Jennifer Lopez


J-Lo has pop’s most delectable posterior but that doesn’t stop her from making insane demands of people. Her room must be maintained at exactly 25.5 degrees centigrade and everything in the room must be white. Tomato juice and grape juice are also banned from the room while she’s there.

#3 Cher


It seems to be the ladies that are the most demanding in the world of pop and Cher is no exception. She needs a personal masseur and massage room and any cup she drinks from must be black. Then there’s the little requirement for an entire room to be dedicated to housing her wigs.

#2 Madonna


The original “material girl” lives up to her reputation by demanding ridiculous things from the places where she performs. Before she arrives the venue must replace every single toilet seat in the building. Then they have to install 20 international capable phone lines – just in case she grows 20 extra mouths we assume.

#1 Barbra Streisand


Barbra Streisand is a diva and it shows in her ridiculous requests in her contracts. She expects the venue to prepare her toilet bowl by gently scattering rose petals on the water within. She also likes the room to be well lit by 10 “torchiere style” lamps in the dressing area.

Not every celebrity makes ridiculous demands as part of their rider. In fact, many celebrities have taken to mocking this trend such as Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters who have a friendly cartoon style rider which explains what they like to eat and drink (all things that can be found easily in a supermarket). However, it says something about the rising power of the talented that they can get away with this kind of behaviour. When you examine Katy Perry’s rider, for example, you have to ask whether celebrities have simply become too big for their boots or not?


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