15 Couples Share Embarrassing, Hilarious Details From Their Wedding Night

wedding couple on a bed

A wedding is a beautiful thing, but can cause major stress for the newlyweds. Therefore, it is no surprise that once the cake has been cut and grandma has been put in the car for her ride home that couples look forward to that first night alone. Whether it is spent at home, in a hotel room, or a Walmart parking lot (seriously it happens), that first night can come with a ton of pressure and hype to live up to.

It’s important to remember that not every first night is a fairy tale filled with sex and champagne. For some couples (like #5), that first night is underwhelming, exhausting, or an outright total disaster.


15. Every Bride Needs Their Beauty Rest

001-15-every-bride-needs-their-beauty-rest-778951It’s a hard, long day when you’re the bride. Waking up early, getting ready, and marrying the love of your life can take a lot out of a girl. The last thing you want to do is more work.

No offense hubby but it’s been a long day.

14. Sometimes The Best Things In Life Are Worth Waiting For

002-14-sometimes-the-best-things-in-life-are-779053Some brides will spend the entire day getting ready for their wedding. The hair, makeup, and dress are all important and it can take a long time to get the look just right. Something that takes so long to set up will take just as long to break down, but they say good things come to those who wait, right?

Except for those people who are too tired to wait.

13. Two Is Fun But Three Makes A Party

003-13-two-is-fun-but-three-makes-a-party-779564What could possibly be better than climbing into bed with your loving wife at the end of the night? Climbing into bed with her and a friend. If you’re into that kind of thing.


Sounds like these three found their perfect match. Sounds like they know how to keep the spark alive.

12. The Couple That Eats Together

004-12-the-couple-that-eats-together-779627It is notoriously known that the bride and groom will never eat at their own wedding. After a full day of pictures, small talk, and dedicating your life to someone else it makes sense to hit up the drive-thru.


Sounds like the next couple should have made food a priority.

11. Cheap Champagne Will Ruin Any Occasion

005-11-cheap-champagne-will-ruin-any-occasio-780029Nothing makes a girl feel fancier than sipping on a glass of champagne. Unfortunately, if those bubbles go straight to your head you’ll be seeing stars all night instead of drinking them.

Keeping with the classy tone, not every bride gets the chance to sip champagne on their wedding night. Others find themselves in more daunting situations.

10. Not Always The Finest Accommodations

006-10-not-always-the-finest-accomodations-778939Not every couple finds themselves in a 5-star resort surrounded by family on their wedding night. Some couples end their night just the two of them and a national super center.

On the bright side, the marriage had nowhere to go but up.

For some couples, the night can be so amazing but can end on an extremely awkward note.

9. Mom? I Need Help!

007-9-mom-i-need-help-778961Moms always know what’s best and how to fix any problem, but maybe it is not always the best time to reach out for help. Some things you just need to figure out on your own.

Pretty sure the only way the night could get more awkward is if someone was playing the third wheel.

8. Most Awkward Slumber Party Ever

008-8-most-awkward-slumber-party-ever-778942It’s okay to be nervous the night of your wedding, especially if it’s the first night you are spending together in more ways than one. However maybe try to power through the moment without inviting more awkward into the room?


Sounds like an uncomfortable way to end the night.

7. Too Excited For That Minnie-Moon

009-7-too-excited-for-that-minnie-moon-780098Nothing like ending the most magical night of your life by heading off to the most magical place on earth. Nothing says relaxing honeymoon like screaming kids and giant turkey legs.


No matter what a couple does together the key is that they are enjoying the same things. That’s what the wedding night is all about, spending time together. Unless you’re the next groom.

6.Love Is Just A Game

010-6-love-is-just-a-game-778988During the wedding a couple stands together and promises to be there for each other no matter what. To love each other, help each other and conquer through life together, but sometimes in a marriage those vows are foregone especially when something more fun to do comes up.

Maybe they had better snacks?

5.Cleaning Can Be A Crappy Time

011-5-cleaning-can-be-a-crappy-time-780583Nothing screams romance more like coming home from your own wedding to a giant gift on the carpet from the dog. Be grateful, not everyone brings a present to the bride and groom, so he was only being polite.

Sorry mom and dad, but when ya gotta go ya gotta go.

4.Can We Get A Benadryl Over Here?

012-4-can-we-get-a-benadryl-over-here-780486Talk to anyone about saving yourself for marriage and you are bound to be smacked in the face with opinions from both sides. For some couples the idea of waiting to be each other’s one and only is important. For others, sowing some wild oats and life experience trumps all.

No matter what was on the list, it is safe to assume fear of allergies never crossed their mind.

3.The Fear Of Paper Thin Walls

013-3-the-fear-of-paper-thin-walls-780539Out of all the hotel rooms in the entire place getting put in the room next to the new in-laws on your wedding night has to be up there as worst coincidences ever. Luckily if you married someone pretty cool making the best of the situation isn’t so bad.

2. A Real Family Man

014-2-a-real-family-man-780576When a couple gets married one of the greatest hopes is that they will make a great parent. It is safe to safe to say this guy is not going to win any father (or husband) of the year awards.

That’s okay, 2016 was tough on all of us.

1. Bringing Two Families Further Apart

015-1-bringing-two-families-further-apart-778970Alcohol is not always the best mix for these big family affairs. Instead of bringing out the laughable and fun side of a person alcohol has the ability to bring out the worst in someone. There is always one at every wedding, it’s just a little worse when it’s the groom.


The moral of the story is each couple is different and each wedding is different. It is impossible to go into the first night together assuming it will be perfect because odds are it won’t.

Whether it is family making it more complicated, the alcohol hitting the groom hard, or machinery breaking down life does not give a pass just because it is a special day. Don’t worry about the pressures and the hype do what makes sense and have the best time.

Make the most of the day and embrace every imperfection, it could make a great story someday.