14 Cute & Uncommon Baby Names...

14 Cute & Uncommon Baby Names

The moment we find out we are having a baby, all we think about is the name of our child. We all want our children to be different yet cute. We want a name that is unique and not “just like everyone else” but also one that has good meaning and looks cute as well. You wouldn’t want any other person in your neighborhood with the same name as your child, would you? If that is what you want, here are some uncommon baby names that have good meaning and look really cute.

1- Hopper
Babies with cute names
Babies with cute names

You must have heard the name from the famous bad guy of Speed, Dennis Hopper but how many times have you heard it as a first name? Hopper means “hop grower or seller” in Dutch.

2- Abra


Babies with cute names
Babies with cute names

Abraham would certainly be your favorite name for a boy child but what about a girl name, which is similar to Abraham? Abra is the female version in Hebrew of “Abraham”. How about naming twin boy and girl, Abraham and Abra. Cute, isn’t it?

3- Auden
Babies with cute names
Babies with cute names

Meaning “old friend” in English, this cute and uncommon baby name is good for both genders. talk about  uncommon baby names ! 

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