14 Reality Stars Who Took Their Own...

14 Reality Stars Who Took Their Own Lives

Everyone is hiding a secret. Not everyone who appears to be happy is truly happy. They may be struggling with something that they’ve been hiding for a long time. Just like these reality stars. Tragically, they ended their own lives.

14. Nathan Clutternathan clutter

In 2008, the sales manager appeared on Fox Reality Channel’s Paradise Hotel 2. At the age of 26, he committed suicide by jumping from a cell tower before the show aired. His family and producers decided to keep his scenes in the show.

13. Ryan Jenkinsryan jenkins

In 2009, the real estate investor appeared in Megan Wants a Millionaire, a spin-off of Rock of Love. In August of the same year, he was discovered dead in a hotel room in British Columbia where it appeared that he hung himself. Five months prior, his wife, a swimsuit model, had been found dead inside a suitcase in California which prompted a manhunt for Jenkins that led to his flight to Canada.

12. Najai Turpinnajai turpin

He was a contestant on NBC’s short-lived boxing reality show, The Contender. Disturbingly, Turpin shot himself in the head while in the car with his girlfriend and 2-year-old daughter. The show was set to air after his death but was cancelled just two months after it premiered.

11. Gia Allemandgia allemand

The pretty actress and model appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad in 2010. Disturbingly, she hung herself 3 years after in her new home in New Orleans. She was 29. During a 2014episode of The Bachelor, ABC made a tribute video for Allemand.

10. Joseph Cernigliajoseph cerniglia

In 2007, Cerniglia’s restaurant was featured on Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Then in 20120, the 39-yrear-old husband and father of three took his life by jumping into the Hudson River. His grim death occurred days after he sold his restaurant. The leading question now is who the beneficiary of his life insurance should be.

9. Simone Battlesimone battle

In 2011, she appeared on The X Factor and was eliminated from the show after making it to the Top 17. Fatally, she hung herself in 2014 at 25-years-old. Her representative said that she was battling depression. Nine months after her death, her singing group disbanded.

8. Rachel Brownrachel brown

In 2006, the chef became a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen. A year after, she devastatingly shot herself. Brown was the first openly gay contestant to appear on Hell’s Kitchen.

7. Joshua Marksjoshua marks

Joshua Marks was the 2012 runner-up on the Gordon Ramsay show Masterchef. He had been struggling with bipolar disorder, and sadly took his life in 2013. He was just 26-years-old then and had been working with a non-profit group that seeks to use music to raise awareness to suicide-related issues.

6. Russell Armstrongrussell armstrong

He was the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong. He appeared on the first and second seasons of the show. Shortly after their divorce, he killed himself in 2011, and before the premiere of the second season. The second season was edited before airing to make sure it was respectful to him.

5. Julien Hugjulien hug

In 2009, the restaurateur appeared on Jillian Harris’ season of The Bachelorette. The following year, he shot himself after driving out in the desert in Southern California. He left a note requesting it to be read at his funeral saying that he suffered from severe depression for years.

4. Mindy McCreadymindy mccready

In 2009 and 2010, the country singer appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. She has been battling a mental illness along with drug and alcohol abuse. In 2013, she shot herself at 37-years-old.

3. Mark Balelomark balelo

The wholesale dealer appeared a few times during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th season of Storage Wars. Then shortly after the 4th season was filmed, he was found dead in his car with evidence of self-slaughter. He had been arrested for Meth possession two days before the event.

2. Paula Goodspeedpaula goodspeed

The American Idol superfan changed her name to Paula in honor of Paula Abdul. Luckily she got to audition for the show on its 5th season. In 2008, she was found dead outside Abdul’s home and is believed to have taken her life by drug overdose. Days before that, she sent Abdul flowers with a note, signed ‘J.T.’ with her cell phone number. Abdul thought the flowers were from her boyfriend – but they were actually from Goodspeed.

1. Cheryl Kosewiczcheryl kosewicz

She was a district attorney from Reno, Nevada and had a stint on CBS’s short-lived pirate reality show Pirate Master in 2007. She took her life a month after being eliminated from the show. She was 35-years-old. Her boyfriend took his life first before Kosewicz took hers.

Hollywood isn’t all glitz and glamour. Who knows what pushed these stars to take their own lives. It’s just sad to see people leave this way.


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