A 13-Year-Old Girl Was Gang Raped And Two Years After She Did The Unexpected

Bullying always leaves a scar on the victim. It can sometimes paralyze a person that it does not only affect school life but the person’s whole identity. It leaves a scar so deep that sometimes the victim carries it until adulthood.

No loving parent would ever want their child to be a victim of bullying. But we can’t always control our child’s life. Sadly, this story got out of hand. Linda and Cassidy Trevan suffered from something that no one should ever have to go through.

10. The Victim

Cassidy Trevan was your typical 13-year-old. She was a good student and wasn’t a trouble maker. But she was targeted by bullies in her school. The bullying was unprovoked and brutal. In fact, it came in every possible way. Phone calls, social media, and she was even punched in the face several times, for no reason. It was obviously pure jealousy.

9. It Never Stopped

Because the bullying was so bad Cassidy missed the fourth term in school. She didn’t want to go to school every day and face any more of it. It was taking a toll on her. When she finally returned she went back two days a week. The girls that were bullying previously apologized to her. But it wasn’t the end. The situation got worse.

8. It Was All A Lie

The bullies invited Cassidy to a festival to make everything up to her. However, that was a lie to get her alone. Trusting them was the worst mistake. On February 15th, 2014, Cassidy went to the home of one of the girls. As soon as she went into the house she was attacked, beaten and raped.

7. They Tricked Her

Her mother, Linda Trevan, shared, “They were older boys that Cass did not know. The two girls sat and waited. Two boys shared her and even timed them. Another boy was holding the door while the other two were raping her.”

Linda and Cassidy met with the police but Cassidy wouldn’t give an official statement. She was in shock and afraid. Because of this, they could not make any charges stick.