13 Women Describe What Semen Tastes Like

Research say that semen has health benefits, that’s why some women swallow it. Despite that, there are still some women who loathe it. They say the smell or taste is off-putting.

But what does semen really taste like? These women give exact descriptions of their partners’ semen. Read on to find out.

13. Not Into It
12. Can Do Without It
11. Loving It To Bits
10. Tasteless Jibber
9. Slimy Water Pool
8. Returning The Favor
7. Like Salty Seawater
6. Nothing I’ve Ever Tasted Before
5. You’ll Never Know Until You Try
4. Black Truffle
3. Old Pennies
2. Not Worth Tasting
1. Raw Oysters

That wasn’t as appetizing as we thought, right guys? Semen taste different for every guy every time so you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.

So guys, now that you have an idea how semen taste. The next time your girl spits you know what it means. Or better yet, taste it so you’ll understand. But we doubt you’ll do it.


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